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English III AP/IB PowerPoint Presentation
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English III AP/IB

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English III AP/IB - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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English III AP/IB

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  1. English III AP/IB Ms. Gallen841-1611 Room 346 vgallen@austinisd.org

  2. Teacher’s Website: • http://www.andersononline.org/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=372417&type=u • http://archive.austinisd.org/schools/staff.phtml?teacher=65

  3. International Baccalaureate Curriculum Advanced Placement Curriculum Successful SAT scores Stacked Class working towards a common goal:

  4. International Baccalaureate this year: • One Individual Oral Presentation- Completed in the Fall Semester. 25% of IB score, 10% of Fall Final Exam Grade • One Written Assignment – Completed in the Spring Semester. 25% of IB score, 25% of 6th six week Grade

  5. Advanced Placement this year: • Working towards successful completion of the Advanced Placement English Language Exam Friday, May 9, 2014 • Analysis of Non-Fiction Texts • Argumentation • Synthesis of sources

  6. Curriculum/Syllabus: • Tentative Syllabus • Purpose: To enjoy literature and reading with new perceptive eyes; to empower students with the language and skills to formally address the purpose, tone, and effect of an author’s or speaker’s words (to read all words and images as rhetorical transactions); to establish complex and lasting relationships through the intimate understanding of words and characters; to recognize cultural and historical informants of a work; to offer choice in written analysis; to write and deliver a clear yet complex argument with full and insightful support; to discover the human truths of works read; to recognize the connected literary worlds; to fulfill IB, AP, and TEKS standards; to prepare for or exempt college level English work…and later to apply these skills to the world as text.

  7. First Six Weeks • 1st 6 weeks- When is war justified? How does language inform war and/or our ideas of war?: O’ Brien’s The Things They Carried; war poetry, prose, movies, propaganda; political speeches, AP prompts and other non-fiction selections. Begin Frankenstein. • Some Assignments: commentary with quotations/embedding, purpose, attitude; writing, speaking, and breaking down others and your own arguments; reading, vocabulary, and grammar tests; timed writing; editing and revising; presentations and discussions: fiction and non-fiction.

  8. Second Six Weeks • 2nd 6 weeks- What does it mean to be human? How does language inform our sense of others?: Shelley’s Frankenstein; multicultural readings and non-fiction selections. • Some Assignments: recognize credible, logical, deceptive and/or faulty modes of persuasion; understand word origin; evaluate and critique persuasive messages; rhetorical terms tests; presentations and discussions: fiction and non-fiction.

  9. Third Six Weeks • 3rd 6 weeks- How do we distinguish truth and fiction? How does language inform our understanding of prose other than fiction? Capote’s In Cold Blood; film study; AP Prompts. • Some Assignments: reading quizzes; AP practice; narrative writing; developing personal voice; presentations and discussions: fiction and non-fiction.

  10. Fourth Six Weeks • 4th 6 weeks- In what ways do we interact with our families?: Kafka’s Metamorphosis and other works by Kafka; poetry: Neruda, Plath; art: Kahlo, Dali, the surreal. • Some Assignments: SAT practice; motif and device charts; response to poetry; Socratic discussions; reflective statements; World Literature essay.

  11. Fifth Six Weeks • 5th 6 weeks- How do we interact with society and the global family? Garcia Marquez’s Chronicle of a Death Foretold; poetry; Magical Realism • Some Assignments: motif and device charts; poetry; AP Practice; Socratic discussions; reflective statements; World Literature essay.

  12. Sixth Six Weeks • 6th 6 weeks- How do setting and the natural world echo humanity? McCarthy’s The Road; art: Ansel Adams; characterization of setting (land/nature). • Some Assignments: reading quizzes; college prep items; AP practice; major writes; tests; college essays and applications; Socratic discussions and reflective statements.

  13. Grades: • Daily Grades= 25% • TTTC Test = 15% • Non-Fiction/Grammar Test = 15% • TTTC Paper = 30% • Argument Write = 15% • Some changes each six weeks

  14. Important Websites: • http://www.collegeboard.com/ • AP Exam information • SAT Exam information • http://www.ibo.org/ • IB Diploma and Certificate Information • http://turnitin.com • Online database used to prevent plagiarism • http://gradespeed.austinisd.org • Gradespeed to check student progress • http://www.andersononline.org • General School information, Teacher websites, etc.

  15. Contact Information: • vgallen@austinisd.org • 512-841-1611 • Room 346