Cribmaster advantage client aka cribmaster admin
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CribMaster™ Advantage Client aka: CribMaster Admin.

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Cribmaster advantage client aka cribmaster admin

CribMaster™ Advantage Clientaka: CribMaster Admin

Cribmaster advantage client aka cribmaster admin

CribMaster Advantage Support - Support 1-855-CRIB-CMS 1-855-274-2267CribMaster Support portal –

2011 slide template

2011 Slide Template

To be used on corporate presentations

July 11, 2011

Distributor implementation plan concepts

Distributor Implementation Plan Concepts

All data is stored in one database.

Cost Centers (User Defined Fields)

Default Fields vs. Override Fields

Four major data components in order for CribMaster Advantage to function.

Supplier(s), Employees, Items, Cribs/Bins

(Used throughout the remainder of class.)

Cm client navigation

CM Client Navigation

Notice the Tabs: Home, System, Actions, Purchasing, Reports and Help

Navigation add edit properties and delete

Navigation – Add, Edit (Properties) and Delete

All major screens navigate the same way.

Navigation edit screen properties

Navigation – Edit (Screen Properties)

Data source click system data source

Data-Source Click SYSTEM – DATA SOURCE

CribMaster Advantage will always use a Web Service to connect to the data-base.

Add a new site id click the plus sign include site id name and addresses

Add a New Site ID Click the “Plus Sign” Include Site-ID, Name and Addresses

Employees click home employee


Add a new employee

Add a New Employee

Click CHECK MARK to Save

Click HOME / EMPLOYEE then the Plus Sign.

Add Employee ID, Site ID, Name (Badge Number, Password)

Add a new employee1

Add a New Employee

Click CHECK MARK to Save

Click HOME / EMPLOYEE then the Plus Sign.

Add Local-ID – Used for Duplicate EmployeeIDs

Employees logging into multiple sites site groupid

Employees Logging into MULTIPLE Sites (SITE GROUPID)

Click Purchasing / Site Profile

Add the same SiteGroup-ID to both sites.

Click CHECK MARK to Save

Items click home item inventory


Add a new item

Add a New Item

Click CHECK MARK to Save

Click HOME / ITEM INVENTORY then the Plus Sign.

Add Item Number, Description1, Primary Supplier

Add a item restriction craft code


Add a Item Restriction (Craft Code)

Build Craft Codes between Items and Employees.

Cribs click home bins


Add a new crib

Add a New Crib

Click CHECK MARK to Save

Click BIN / then the Plus Sign.

Add Crib Number, Name, (Crib) Type, Site ID

Add a new bin

Add a New Bin

Click BIN / then the Plus Sign.

Add Bin ID, Item, Bin Type, Bin Capacity?

Click CHECK MARK to Save

Default fields vs override fields


Default Fields vs. Override Fields


“Issue Price” and “Default Issue Quantity” values at the Item Inventory screen are Default. “Issue Price” and “Default Issue Quantity” at the Bin Screen override the Item Inventory screen.

Cost centers user defined fields

Cost Centers (User Defined Fields)

Cost Centers are used to apply specific customer request information at the time of item issue.

Ex: Lets say that your customer wants to know why a product is being dispensed. They usually have specific needs such as: the product will be used on LINE #2 or Vehicle #6 or Project “C” or GL Account or Shift “3” Etc.

These specific values can be entered by the employee at the time of product issue.

Cost centers user defined fields1

Cost Centers (User Defined Fields)

Cost Centers at the Vending Machine -ATR

Cost centers setup


Cost Centers Setup

Required “Cost Centers” can not be used with CribMaster Advantage

Cost centers selection list setup

Click HOME; Click COST CENTER; Click + to add an Entry; Note Site ID

Cost Centers selection List Setup

Advantage and gauge calibration

Advantage and Gauge Calibration Site ID

Gauge Calibration Schedules must be setup in CribMaster Client.

An employee using CribMaster Client will determine by list (check mark) when and what Gauges to send to Calibration. This list would have to be sent to the on-site distributor to remove from the vending machine.

Items are calibrated and returned to the vending machine however, someone using CribMaster Client would have to change the item status from in Calibration to Active.

Gauges must be serialized.

All of these tasks have to be processed on an on-going basis by the distributor.

Best practices

Best Site ID Practices

KIS (Keep it Simple – when you can)

Suggest that you treat all items as EACHES. (At least to start with)

Suggest that you do populate “COST” and “ISSUE PRICE” with the same values. “COST” is the distributor Cost. “Cost” could be unknowingly published on a report. Issue Price and Cost are not the same field.

Suggest that you define SITE-ID as customer abbreviation.

Suggest that you name CRIBS with Customer and Location.

Suggest that you add a prefix to all Employee IDs.

Cribmaster advantage client aka cribmaster admin

Methods of Employee Authentication Site ID

Prox Badge Reader

(includes I-Button)

Barcode Reader

Mag-Stripe Reader

  • Password – Defined in CribMaster Client

  • Employee Badges

  • Badges and Passwords