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As You Enter…. Please pick up all handouts, Fill in seats down front first, and Do a quick write on your index card about what “Strategic Teaching” means to you. The Strategic Teacher. Stoney M. Beavers Susan Horton Donna Martin. Thank You. State ARI-PAL Team Mitchie Neel

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as you enter
As You Enter…
  • Please pick up all handouts,
  • Fill in seats down front first, and
  • Do a quick write on your index card about what “Strategic Teaching” means to you.
the strategic teacher

The Strategic Teacher

Stoney M. Beavers

Susan Horton

Donna Martin

thank you
Thank You
  • State ARI-PAL Team
  • Mitchie Neel
  • Susan Horton and Donna Martin
  • Kelly Morton
  • Session Facilitators
  • Teachers will leave the session with a useable strategic lesson plan that includes purposefully chosen before, during, and after literacy strategies.
cognitive dissonance
Cognitive Dissonance
  • Please stand if…
  • You feel that all of your students are reading and working to their highest potential.
  • You feel that your special population students such as ELL and SPED are performing at their highest levels.
please stand if
Please stand if…
  • You think that you are already the best teacher that you can ever become.
  • You feel that it is important to continue learning and growing in order to help all students be successful learners.
alabama quality teaching standards
Alabama Quality Teaching Standards
  • Alabama Continuum for Teacher Development (1. Content Knowledge, 2. Teaching and Learning, 3. Literacy, 4. Diversity, and 5. Professionalism)
  • Formative Tool
  • PEPE Revisions
why continuous improvement
Why continuous improvement?
  • Only 11% of Blount County students meet all four college readiness indicators in English Composition, Algebra, Science, and Biology. (ACT Report, 2007)
34% of Blount County students entering Wallace State had to take remedial courses.
  • 61% of Blount County students entering Jefferson State Community College were required to complete remedial courses.
40% of students entering Snead State Community College were required to take remedial math courses, and 73% were required to take remedial English and/or reading courses.
  • Only 66% of 6th graders, 51% of 7th graders, and 57% of 8th graders are proficient in math. (2008 AYP Results)
  • Why do you think so many of our students are not fully prepared for work and post-secondary education?
  • What does your data say, and how can you improve this year?
so what can we do
So, what can we do?
  • Consider the characteristics of adolescent learners, and
  • Teach strategically using explicit instruction with these characteristics in mind.
adolescent learners
Adolescent Learners:
  • Prefer active to passive learning;
  • Enjoy interaction with peers;
  • Engage in strong intense interests, often short lived; and
  • Can generally only retain 5 to 7 bits of information at one time.
activities compatible with adolescent attention and memory
Activities Compatible with Adolescent Attention and Memory
  • Using peer collaboration
  • Having students write reflectively every day
  • Posing problems that require higher order thinking
  • Project-based units of study
  • Simulations that involve students in complex situations which require problem solving
how do we teach strategically
How do we teach strategically?

As educators, we are ineffective when our students are actively engaged in a meaningless task or passively involved in a meaningful one.

Strategic teaching is the process of incorporating purposeful planning, connected strategies, and explicit instruction to maximize the understanding and retention of content material.

the strategic teacher19
The Strategic Teacher…
  • Plans engaging lessons with standards-based outcomes in mind.
  • Provides students with the opportunity to Talk, Write, Investigate, Read, and Listen (TWIRL) everyday.
  • Builds assessment into every lesson that identifies which students have and have not met the stated outcomes.
  • Review of “before” reading activities
  • Reading chunks (“during”-X marks the spot)
    • X beside things you currently do
    • N beside things you notice might be good to do
    • ? Beside things that you do not fully understand
    • (7 Minutes)
turn and talk
Turn and Talk
  • Discuss with your partner how these three scenarios differ and where you would place each of these teachers on the Alabama Continuum for Teacher Development and why. (3 minutes)
strategic model
Strategic Model
  • Moving to the plan…
    • Standards-based (COS Provided)
    • Purposeful selection of strategies
    • Issues Specific to Content-Area Reading
    • Planning Strategic Lessons: A Step By Step Guide
when selecting strategies
When selecting strategies…
  • Be sure to consider the purpose and examples for before, during, and after strategies (introductory activity, developmental activity, culminating activity).
  • Access a Strategic Teaching Resource Binder at your school or Resource Center.
before activities


    • Predictions
    • Movie Clips
    • Brainstorms
    • Essential Questions with Think/Pair/Share
    • Quick Write
Before Activities
  • Purpose:
    • Engage
    • Build prior knowledge
    • Gain attention
    • Make connections
    • Identify missing concepts
during activities


    • Manipulations
    • Demonstrations
    • Lectures
    • Turn and talk
    • 3-2-1
    • Grand conversations
    • Coding the text
    • TWIRL
    • Think/Pair/Share
During Activities
  • Purpose:
    • To acquire knowledge
    • To engage students with the text
    • Turn and talks
    • To provide the bulk of the lesson
after activities


    • White boards
    • Review games
    • Exit cards
    • Did they achieve the outcome?
    • Reflection
After Activities
  • Purpose:
    • To measure learning (informal formative assessment) and make re-teaching decisions
purpose for the planning stage
Purpose for the Planning Stage
  • Have a standards-based, useable strategic lesson ready to implement in your classroom.
  • Assess your lesson using the Strategic Lesson Observation Guide.
grouping instructions
Grouping Instructions
  • Quietly move to the back of the auditorium and form groups according to the content-specific facilitator cards.
  • Based on perceived need, you will have 30 to 45 minutes to complete your lesson outline.
  • We will reconvene as a whole group for processing and wrap-up.
observation guide
Observation Guide
  • Using the Strategic Lesson Observation Guide, quickly assess your lesson as if you were watching yourself teach it.
wrap up

What will be your theme song for this school year?

  • “Whistle While You Work,” Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs
  • “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction,” The Rolling Stones
  • “We are the Champions,” Queen
  • "I Will Survive," Gloria Gaynor
  • "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now," Jefferson Starship
  • “Celebration,” Kool & The Gang
  • “We Are Family,” Sister Sledge
  • “Take This Job and Shove It,” David Allen Coe
  • “I Feel Good,” James Brown
  • "Theme from Rocky"
  • "The Impossible Dream"
  • "Don't Worry, Be Happy," Bobby McFarin
  • Walking on Sunshine, Katrina and The Waves
  • Ain't No Stopping us Now, McFadden and Whitehead
  • Lean On Me, Bill Withers
  • "Imagine"
  • "You Can't Always Get What You Want"
exit cards
Exit Cards
  • Name
  • School
  • Email Address
  • List three specific literacy strategies you will use this school year!
  • Have a wonderful school year and please call or email if we can support you in any way!