why do individuals value sport n.
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Why Do Individuals Value Sport?

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Why Do Individuals Value Sport? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why Do Individuals Value Sport? . By: Michael L. Moser. Sport’s Meaning in American Society . Why do we play sport? Is there a deeper meaning for why people play sports? Does sport bring some people freedom where other things cannot? Freedom from what?

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sport s meaning in american society
Sport’s Meaning in American Society
  • Why do we play sport? Is there a deeper meaning for why people play sports?
  • Does sport bring some people freedom where other things cannot? Freedom from what?
  • Do sports carry a higher meaning of space and time? Can this be seen as sacred to the athlete?
questions for the class
Questions for the Class
  • How many of you played on a sports team or club in high school?
  • How many of you continue to play on an organized sports team in college? (club team, athlete team, intramural team)
  • How many of you use a Rec Sports facilities at least once a week? (RPAC, ARC, J.O. South, Fred Beakman Park, etc…)
  • Now think back to those past experiences. Why did you play sports or exercise? For instance, was it intrinsic or extrinsic factors that made you participate?
a brief summary of phantom pains
A Brief Summary of Phantom Pains
  • Marc’s life at the beginning of the movie.
    • His life was falling apart (love life, family life, work life)
    • Only thing you really knew was that hecared a lot about biking
  • The tragic accident that happened to Marc.
  • Marc by the end of the movie
    • Putting his life back on right track (girlfriend, writing, daughter, etc…)
    • Marc biking at the end of the movie. Why is biking so important?
the nature of play by johan huizinga
“The Nature of Play” by Johan Huizinga
  • Johan Huizinga (1872-1945)
    • Dutch Historian
    • Professor of History from 1905 until his death
  • Main arguments why Huizinga thought individuals played sports
    • “non-seriouness” of sport
    • Freedom of play- no one is making you do it
    • Not real life- seen as a escape from reality
the classification of games by roger caillois
“The Classification of Games” by Roger Caillois
  • Roger Caillois (1913-1978)
    • Frenchmen who studied philosophy of sport
    • Literary critic of sport
  • “The Claaification of Games” can be used to see why individuals may play sports
    • Agon- competition
    • Alea- chance in games
    • Mimicry- acting or role playing
    • Ilinx- feeling of free fall
sacred space sacred time by michael novak
“Sacred Space, Sacred Time” by Michael Novak
  • Michael Novak (1933- to present)
    • Degree from Harvard University
    • Long-time writer
  • “Sacred Space, Sacred Time’s” importance to why individuals may play sports
    • Compares places like Gettysburg to sports arenas like Madison Square Garden
    • Importance of time in sports (final seconds of a basketball game can hold more meaning then the first whole half)
    • Time allows the chance for a “hero” to be made
how do these three scholarly works relate to marc in phantom pains
How do these three scholarly works relate to Marc in Phantom Pains?
  • Huizinga’s “The Nature of Play”
    • Ideas of freedom and escape
    • Intrinsic motivation in comparison to extrinsic motivation
  • Caillois’s “The Classification of Games”
    • Agon- idea of competition (Marc competing vs. himself)
    • Ilinx- feeling of free fall (biking)
  • Novak’s “Sacred Space, Sacred Time”
    • Importance of space
    • The places Marc bikes and final scene of where Marc is biking… sacred
further look into why i play sports
Further look into why I play sports
  • I see sports as a an escape from ordinary life.
  • I play sports and exercise for both intrinsic and extrinsic purposes.
  • I see what I do as an art just as an painter can look at their painting. I have the chance to create something beautiful or spectacular.
  • The rush of free fall in downhill skiing.
  • The importance of remote sport to me.
why do you play sports
Why do you play sports?
  • Most individuals do not look into why they really play sports or exercise.
  • It is important to understand why since ancient civilizations like the Greek and Roman cultures they have built massive areas and we continue to today.
  • Why children play games or sports without being told to?
  • Think further into why you play sports.
threats to modern sport
Threats to Modern Sport
  • Is sport still accessible to everyone? Increasing price of gyms, stadium seats…
  • Commercialization of sport (more of a business then ever before)
  • Mass Media overtaking sport
  • Violence in sport
  • Cheating/ scandals in sport
  • Professional vs. Amateur debate
  • More spectators then participants
  • Can you list more…