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Going for the Gold

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AHS. Going for the Gold. Incentives for ACT, PLAN & EXPLORE PBIS. Facts about ACT, EXPLORE & PLAN Tests. All AHS students can score at least an 18 on ACT. A score of 18 or better can help you qualify for TOPS.

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Going for the Gold

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going for the gold

Going for the Gold

Incentives for



facts about act explore plan tests
Facts about ACT, EXPLORE & PLAN Tests
  • All AHS students can score at least an 18 on ACT.
  • A score of 18 or better can help you qualify for TOPS.
  • All students can meet or exceed their highest predicted score on PLAN and EXPLORE.
  • AHS is rewarding students for trying their best and scoring well on the ACT, PLAN & EXPLORE.
who takes the act plan explore
Who takes the ACT, PLAN & EXPLORE
  • Seniors – Any 12th grader who hasn’t yet scored an 18, will be given the ACT test in March at AHS.
  • Juniors - All 11th graders will be given the ACT test at school in March.
  • Sophomores – All 10th graders will take the PLAN test.
  • Freshmen – All 9th graders will take the EXPLORE test.
what s in it for you
What’s in it for you?
  • $$$$ - TOPS pays for Technical Schools as well as College
  • Juniors and Seniors 18 or better by the time the spring ACT results are reported will have FREE dress for the rest of the year!
  • Sophomores who meet their highest predictor on PLAN from the Explore test will get a week of FREE dress
  • Freshman who improve 3 or more points on the EXPLORE test will also get a week of FREE dress
  • Morning Treat for everyone who is present on ACT test day!
senior bling going for the gold
Senior Bling – Going for the Gold

Criteria –

  • Must be in attendance on ACT test day
  • Graduation Bling
    • Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for ACT scores of 18 or better
      • Gold 36-27 - Silver 26-23 – Bronze 22-18
    • Silver Honor Cord if your ACT score meets or exceeds your predicted PLAN score
    • Red & White Honor cord if you took and passed a dual enrollment course, IBC
    • Red & Black Honor Cord for Academic Endorsements
    • Other opportunites to earn Graduation Bling may arise during the school year.
what can you do to boost your act score
What can you do to boost your ACT score?
  • ACT.org – has test prep and practice test
  • Remember ACT is a TIMED test!
  • Try www.march2success.com to take ACT practice test.
      • These are timed just like the ACT!
  • Use online test preparation – Google has a bunch of sites
  • Study Island – at school or at home has ACT prep work
  • ACT practice questions in ALL classes
  • Use your spare time wisely
ahs rewarding excellence
AHS – Rewarding Excellence
  • PBIS Incentives
  • ROAR Parties
  • ROAR time
what is pbis
What is PBIS?
  • PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention Support. It is a system designed to reward and encourage positive behavior. Several school activities have been implemented to reward students for following school expectations: Wildcats ROAR (They are respectful, orderly, attentive, & responsible).
  • Specifically, PBIS is responsible for the following activities and opportunities:
    • PBIS Thursdays
    • Nine Week rewards
    • End-of-year ROAR Pizza Party
    • Top 25
pbis thursdays
PBIS Thursdays
  • Every Thursday morning students can redeem their pawpoints for prizes. Students should enter the school through band hall and have their pawpoints easily accessible, with their name already printed on them. (You may only use pawpoints with YOUR name on them—you CANNOT use other students’ pawpoints.) The following prizes are available for purchase:
  • Free Dress Day Pass—400 pawpoints
  • Any Shoe Day Pass—150 pawpoints
  • Free Sports Admission Pass—250 pawpoints
  • Non-uniform Shirt Pass (includes jackets)—250 pawpoints
  • Free FRIDAY Jean Pass—200 pawpoints
  • Front of the Line Pass—100 pawpoints
  • Locker Pass—100 pawpoints
  • Homework Postponement Pass—500 pawpoints
  • Wildcat Card—500 pawpoints
  • Extra Bathroom pass—750 pawpoints
  • The rules regarding these prizes are posted in your classrooms, on the class bulletin boards, and in your student handbook.
nine week rewards
Nine Week Rewards:
  • Each nine weeks the following rewards will be given to students who have “ROARed”.
    • 1st Nine Weeks: Free dress week pass (Oct. 21-25)
    • 2nd Nine Weeks: Free dress week pass (Jan. 13-17)
    • 3rd Nine Weeks: Talent Show (April 17)
  • Students are eligible for nine-week rewards based on the following criteria:
    • No OSS, No ISS, No Noon Detentions, and No Unexcused Absences
  • In addition to the above rewards, every nine weeks you can turn in your unused bathroom pass for a money pull. Students can win up to $20 for not missing any instructional time because of bathroom breaks.
end of the year roar pizza party
End-of-the-Year ROAR Pizza Party:
  • New this year, at the end of the school year, eligible students will be invited to a ROAR Pizza Party. Students are eligible for the pizza party based on the following criteria:
    • Never had an OSS or ISS
    • Met the nine week reward requirements 2 out of 3 nine weeks (this allows students one slip-up regarding noon-detentions or unexcused absences)
top 25
Top 25
  • At the end of the school year, PBIS rewards the Top 25 ranking students of each class with a water fun day. There’s water games, water balloons, a dunking booth, jousting arena, rock wall, food, music, and tons of fun! The winning class of the competitions gets to pie their favorite willing teacher! Students are eligible for Top 25 based on the following criteria:
    • No OSS
    • Current year GPA rankings for freshmen
    • Cumulative GPA rankings for sophomores, juniors, and seniors
    • Students may not have more than 12 unexcused absences for the year
    • Seniors must be enrolled in at least 4 Carnegie units
roar fridays
ROAR Fridays
  • New this year
  • Held every other Friday
  • Free time during Wildcat time – Gym & Concession Hall
  • To be eligible
    • Student is not failing any courses, has no makeup test or homework outstanding
    • Student has not missed an Intervention Class
  • List will be posted the Thursday prior to ROAR time.
  • Club meetings and other activities can be held during ROAR time
  • Automatic ISS if a student attends ROAR time when not eligible
ahs students are the best

AHS students are the BEST

Continue striving to do your best in everything that you do!