orientation for prof haynes on line aj 101 aj 105 aj 110 aj 222 courses n.
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Orientation for Prof. Haynes’ On-Line AJ 101, AJ 105, AJ 110 & AJ 222 Courses PowerPoint Presentation
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Orientation for Prof. Haynes’ On-Line AJ 101, AJ 105, AJ 110 & AJ 222 Courses

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Orientation for Prof. Haynes’ On-Line AJ 101, AJ 105, AJ 110 & AJ 222 Courses - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Orientation for Prof. Haynes’ On-Line AJ 101, AJ 105, AJ 110 & AJ 222 Courses

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  1. Orientation for Prof. Haynes’ On-Line AJ 101, AJ 105, AJ 110 & AJ 222Courses

  2. General Requirements Online students must be highly motivated, organized and responsible for their own performance. Online students must be self-disciplined and have good time management skills Online students must be familiar with a web browser (only Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are supported by the TalonNet system); using email; word processing and how to properly negotiate a discussion board. Students must complete the general online tutorial at www.cerritos.edu/de (even if completed before); this online course orientation and quiz; and the first assignment by the end of the first week. Students who do not meet any one of these mandatory requirements will be dropped from the class. It is also recommended that students complete the TalonNet tutorial located on the course webpage.

  3. Assignments • Written or discussion assignments will be posted each Tuesday morning by 12 noon (Pacific Time) and are due no later than 10 PM (Pacific Time) the following Saturday. • There are no make-ups permitted for any missed assignment. • There are no extra credit opportunities available for the course.

  4. Written Assignments • All written assignments must be sent as an attachment, written in Microsoft Word, using the TalonNet “Attachment” button located at the bottom of the “Assignments” page. • Written assignments must be submitted using only 1” margins (top, bottom and sides), without any headers or footers, no bold type, 12 point Times New Roman print and double spaced. • The first line must be your name, student #, the course and topic – for example: John Smith, 1234567, AJ 101, Supreme Court

  5. Written Assignments (Cont.) • Written assignments are worth a possible 10 points each. • Written assignments are scored based upon their content, structure, grammar, paragraphing, spelling and punctuation. • Content – Does your response reflect a thorough research and understanding of the assigned material and concepts and are opinions supported by factual data? • Structure – Is your work presented in a concise, coherent and logical manner with appropriate paragraphing? • Grammar, spelling, etc. – Does your work reflect the use of proper, college level, English grammar, spelling and punctuation? • Late submissions will not be accepted. 7. Written assignments submitted as an attachment to an email will not be accepted.

  6. Discussions • Do not post any comments on the Discussion Board unless instructed to do so. • Discussions are scored on the same basis as written assignments and are worth a possible 10 points each. • Students are expected to post comments, reply and respond to one another as if they were engaged in a conversation with a group of people. • You may agree or disagree with one another but you must, at all times, be courteous and respectful of others opinions.

  7. Email • Students may email the instructor at any time with questions or issues regarding the course at dhaynes@cerritos.edu • The subject line in the email must contain your name, student # and the course. For example: Jane Jones, 1234567, AJ 222. • Emails that do not have the required information in the subject line will not be read or responded to. • It is recommended that you cc yourself.

  8. Exams • The first three exams will be posted on a Tuesday morning by 12 noon and must be submitted no later than 4 PM the following Friday. • The final exam will be posted on the Monday morning of the final exams week and must be submitted no later than 12 noon the following Wednesday. • All exams must be completed within the time period permitted. Exams will automatically be submitted when the time expires. • If you quit, exit, log off or press the submit button at any time the exam will be submitted and you will not be able to re-access the exam. • No make-ups are permitted for a missed exam.

  9. Important Information • All hardware, software, connectivity and technical problems or issues should be addressed with the Academic Support Center personnel at 562.860.2451 ext. 2404 or by email at academic-support@cerritos.edu. • The Academic Support Center hours are: Monday – Thursday 9AM to 8PM Fridays 9AM to 3 PM Saturdays 9AM to 4 PM • A failure of your computer and/or internet connection is not an acceptable excuse for late or missed assignments or exams. • Make sure that you read and understand the course syllabus. If you have any questions contact the instructor.

  10. Quiz 1. After completing this orientation go to the course webpage, click on the test &quizzes tab, and complete the orientation quiz (yes, even if you have completed it for a previous class).