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Class Discussion 1

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Class Discussion 1
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  1. Class Discussion 1 MeryemLuleci Turkish-English Translation Dr. IsilGunseliKacar Topic: The problems of translation and translators in Turkey

  2. CevirmenMakine mi? Is Translator a Machine? What do you think first when you read this title?

  3. The role of the translator in Turkey • What can you say about the translators in Turkey? • Do you have a chance to observe a translator? • Do you have any experience with a translator? • What are the translation studies? Do you have any idea about them? • Do these translation studies reflect the theories of translation?

  4. In this article; UlkerInce (she is writer of the article) discusses the using of “translation” word means. She does not want to be discussed the problems under the the approaches of translation, the problems of translation, poetry translation etc. According to her when this word is used a lot, translators will be unimportant position.

  5. She interrogates the perception of translator in Turkey. • She says, “translation” word makes translator a machine. • This word makes translator just a worker who serves for the sake of others. • Turkish society try to deactivate the translators’ position on issues.

  6. She points out an interesting topic; She says, translators their own perception of their job is important since how they evaluate themselves, how society evaluate them. Before the establishing of Turkish Republic, translators werethe parts of writing world. They had active roles on writing. They werelike writers. They couldexpress their thoughts and people respected them. They weresophisticated person. However, Recently, they are perceived as a machine.

  7. Translators did their best • They wrote very clear translation • They wrote consciously, they shaped the society’s culture. But now, • Translator produceunreadable production. • They translate the exact equivalence because they are worried to translate all words in their meanings.

  8. She asks, How do recent translators deserve regard, prestige if they do their job like that? That’s why; Teaching the theory of translation science is a key role. This is not enough to produce good work. They need to work a lot to take an Important role in society.

  9. Translation is not just translate a text by using exact words meaning. • Translation reflects the feelings of the text Thus; Knowing the language is not enough to translate • Translator needs knowledge in terms of the text, linguistic, strong language, culture, history, and geography.

  10. In conclusion; A person who knows writing and the language does not mean that s/he translate something. Translation is an intellectual work which needs effortsand knowledge

  11. Turkiye’deCevirmenOlmakBeing a translator in Turkey • When you buy a book, if it translates into Turkish, do you look at the translator of the book? • Do you care about the translator of the book that you read? • When you buy a book, is the translator’s name important for you?

  12. In this article; • Writer MehmetMorali discusses the translator name is as important as the writer of the book. • He says that even the writer is very good if the translation is bad you do not like the book. You do not want to read it.

  13. He asks who is the translator? He says: • a translator knows foreign language perfectly. • s/he knows the culture of foreign language. • s/he knows daily life of society who speak in the language. • s/he should know his/her own language very well. • s/he has an idea about the topic that s/he translates.

  14. He points out the financial problems of trasnlators • He uses funny language while explaining the problems “karnifazlaacikmayanbiriolmalidir” he says. • Translators’ income about 600 TL monthly • This income is determined according to the rate of edition. • There is social security for translators.

  15. There are many reasons for getting low salary of translators. • It is related to mostly the economy. • There are a few press in the market. • They do not compete with each other so the prices are always the same in them • There are lots of people who know foreign language. • Although they do not have the quality of professional translator they work as a translator so the price, salary and extra charge are the same.

  16. In Turkey, • So few people read book. • Many of books are sold in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir. • Pirate books (korsan), when legal sales decrease…. • Press companies make manipulation because of the pirate sales

  17. Due to the financial problems, Press companies do not want to work with experienced translators, They work with unprofessional ones. After they translate the text, if it is not good enough to publish experienced ones revise and correct their work. It is time consuming and revising does not provide a good work it is already bad translation.

  18. Other problems; • translators are not careful while signing contract. • they do not follow their works’ publishing right. (promotion of newspaper, film scenario) • translators cannot protect their rights since there is no legal committee • translator do not know under what conditions their work is acceptable or unacceptable

  19. While a translator is struggling many hardship, according to his/her work s/he has to know; for example, an idiom used by street people in France, the techniques of Italian renaissance drawing picture. S/he has to research about them to be able to translate his/her work. If s/he translates literature or history, s/he should have knowledge about them.

  20. His/her first work may be about history, his/her second work may be about sociology, so s/he tries to learn terms and topics about sociology before starts his/her work. ( It takes time, s/he needs money)

  21. Publishing companies should change their perspective toward translators. This job is perceived as professional job. To be able to it you need to be qualified on this field. • To make much more money, companies should not manipulate the translators’ rights. • The most important one is that translators should aware of their rights. • Legal regulations should be followed by the companies and translators.

  22. Thanks for your listening What is your own ideas according to your readings?