Reapportionment timeline
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Request for reapportionment by board of directors. Request for reapportionment by petition. Commissioner determines a district is not apportioned to the principles of one man, one vote. Reapportionment Timeline. Commissioner determines necessity for reapportionment.

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Reapportionment timeline

Request for reapportionment by board of directors

Request for reapportionment by petition

Commissioner determines a district is not apportioned to the principles of one man, one vote

Reapportionment Timeline

Commissioner determines necessity for reapportionment

Notification must occur within 7 days of days of determination

Commissioner notifies Superintendent of Schools

Superintendent notifies municipal officers and school directors to establish a reapportionment committee including time & place of 1st meeting

1st meeting must be held no later than 20 days after notification

1st meeting of reapportionment committee

Reapportionment committee adopts a plan

Within 90 days of the 1st meeting the committee must approve a plan and submit it to the Commissioner

Reapportionment committee submits a plan to the Commissioner for approval

Commissioner approves plan

Commissioner disapproves plan after 90 day period OR

Committee fails to submit a plan within the 90 day period – Commissioner prepares suitable plan

Commissioner disapproves plan within 90 day period – committee may submit new plan

Within 30 days of the receipt of a plan the Commissioner must approve or disapprove the plan

February 2011