Diary of a wimpy kid by jeff kenny
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Diary of a Wimpy kid by Jeff Kenny. A Book Report by Jonathan. Characters.

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Diary of a wimpy kid by jeff kenny

Diary of a Wimpy kidby Jeff Kenny

A Book Report by



The characters in this story are Gregory ( or Greg for short ) a kid that thinks that middle school is the dumbest place ever. The second main character is Rowley ( that’s Greg’s best friend ). He usually goes somewhere exotic like Mexico's vast desert. Manny , his mom and dad and Rodrick are the people in his family that makes his life even harder (he sometimes hates them).


There are at least two main settings in this story, the Heffly’s house and the middle school.

The Heffley’s house is Greg’s house wear most of the things happen. For example, that’s wear Manny ( Greg little brother ) started calling him bubby ( witch Greg thinks is very annoying ) .

The middle school is where Greg goes to school. In his last year in elementary school, Greg and Rowley did a skit and it HAD to be in Espanol ( es-pan-yowl or Spanish to be exact ). When they were doing their skit. Rowley asked Greg what he would do for a candy bar and Greg said “ I will stand on my head”. When he did that he accidently fell over and now his butt mark is in display in his old teachers room in elementary school.


This story is about the first book in the series Diary of a Wimpy Kid. In this story Greg , a normal kid, has his first weeks at middle school with a bunch of kids that haven't hit their growth spurt yet mixed in with thesis gorillas that need to shave two times a day. Most of the time Rowley gets in the way and Greg gets in trouble because of him. Greg’s schoolwork is sloppy , but he dose not care about school so much.


The conflict in this story ( or journal to be exact ) is that Rowley and Greg’s friendship is falling apart. It all started when Greg asked Rowley if he could borrow his coat because he left his at home. When he was walking he thought it would be funny to chase the kindergartners around with a worm on a stick. Rowley got in trouble instead of Greg because Greg was wearing HIS JAKET !


When Greg found out that the teens that attacked Rowley and Greg found them and when they were running from the teens Greg said that they were going to call the cops on them when they squirted them with a fire hydrant . Then they found them on the playground. They thought of something to do to them ,but when Greg looked over at the cheese the teen caught his eye and made Rowley eat the cheese then they were about to make Greg eat the cheese but Greg said he had dairy allergies and said that he ate the other kids.

Critic s corner
Critic’s Corner

The highlight of the book was Greg’s first weeks in middle school.

I did like it but sometimes I did not.

Yes I would recommend this to a friend.