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Bani and Bana

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Bani and Bana. WALT: Understand the timings and meanings of Nitnem. Understand the significance and power of Nitnem. . Greeting Task: Pair share your half term homework- A3 Sikh Identity collages. . Prayer Time - ismrn. Close your eyes, Breathe in, Breathe out, Sing along

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bani and bana
Bani and Bana

WALT: Understand the timings and meanings of Nitnem.

Understand the significance and power of Nitnem.

Greeting Task: Pair share your half term homework- A3 Sikh Identity collages.


Prayer Time - ismrn

Close your eyes, Breathe in, Breathe out, Sing along

Enjoy the experience

11 guru sahibs
11 Guru Sahibs

Each one of the ten Gurus represents a divine attribute:

1. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee - Humility

2. Sri Guru Angad Dev Jee - Obedience

3. Sri Guru Amar Das Jee - Equality

4. Sri Guru Ram Das Jee- Service

5. Sri Guru Arjan Dev Jee - Self-Sacrifice

6. Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Jee - Justice

7. Sri Guru Har RaiJee - Mercy

8. Sri Guru Har KrishanJee - Purity

9. Sri Guru Tegh BahadurJee - Tranquility

10. Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee - Royal Courage

11. Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee- the embodiment of all ten Guru Sahibs and attributes

bana and bani
Bana and Bani?

Hands up: What does Bana and Bani mean?

The “Bana" or form, the personal appearance of a Khalsa, is one of the foremost ways that a Khalsa maintains his or her consciousness as Sri Guru Gobind Singh intended.

The word "Bani" refers to their utterances and writings of the Gurus. So the combined word "Gurbani" means the writings of the Gurus as found Dhan Guru Granth Sahib Jee.

The Sikh uniform means nothing without Bani which provides the essence of the Bana.


Hands up: What is Nitnem?

Nit Nem: literally means "Daily routine or habit“ of Naam.

Nitnem is a collaboration of different banisthat were designated to be read by Sikhs every day.

nitnem bania and timings
Nitnem Bania and Timings

TASK: Draw up the above table and in the columns write which Bania should be read at these times.

Clue 1: There are 5 Bania in the morning. 1 in the evening and 1 before bed.

Another clue: These are the names of the 7 Bania but can you guess the right order? Kirtan Sohila, Jap Jee Sahib, Anand Sahib, Rehraas Sahib, Jaap Sahib, Chaupai Sahib and Tav Prasad Swayias.

power effects significance of the nitnem bania
Power, effects & significance of the Nitnem Bania.

Now we know what the 7 Nitnem Bania are, let’s find out about the power, effect and significance of each one.

GROUP TASK : Let’s read through each statement together.

HANDS UP: Which Bani do YOU think it is? You must give a REASON too.

why do nitnem
Why do Nitnem?

TASK 1: In pairs write down as many reasons as you can to explain WHY we should do daily Nitnem.

Please number each individual reason as there will be prizes for the longest lists!!!

TASK 2: As we watch the video add more reasons to your list.

biggest problem i don t understand the meanings
Biggest problem: I don’t understand the meanings??

Sri Guru HarRai Jee was once asked whether there was any benefit gained by reading the Guru’s Bani without understanding it. "Yes," he replied, "as grease sticks to the pot even when it is emptied, so does the Guru’s Word stick to the heart. Whether you understand it or not, the Word bears the Seed of Salvation. Perfume persists in the broken pieces even after the vase that contained it has been shattered."



This week try to overcome one or two of your personal Nitnem barriers using the ideas we generated today.

Feedback next week on how you got on. If it helps you perhaps keep a journal or log.