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ORCHIDEE’s Evaluation

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ORCHIDEE’s Evaluation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ORCHIDEE’s Evaluation. Objectives. To gather all the contributions on a wiki page, that may serve to each of you for information on ' who has done what ’ To benefit of these contributions for the development of a ' systematic ' evaluation chain. Session’s plan.

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  • To gatherall the contributions on a wiki page, thatmay serve to each of you for information on 'who has donewhat’
  • To benefit of these contributions for the development of a 'systematic' evaluationchain
session s plan
Session’s plan
  • Presentation of the on-going effort towards a systematicevaluationchain
  • YOUR Contributions
    • the observation datasetsthatyou use for evaluationpurpose
    • the variables you are evaluating
    • the temporal/spatial scale(s) thatyou focus on
    • whatkind of scores/metricsyouworkwith
    • and what are the toolsyou have developped
towards an evaluation chain
Towards an evaluationchain
  • Evaluation of a version against
    • Data
    • A Referenced version of ORCHIDEE (benchmark)
  • Both simulations and diagnostics willbefreely and easilyavailable
    • Simulations available for yourownanalysis
    • Diagnostics will serve to evaluate the model’s versions and to benchmark them

Set of referenced simulations

Set of diagnostics

Set of scripts

steps towa rds an evaluation chain
Stepstowards anevaluationchain
  • To define the set of referenced simulations
  • To build and version easy-to-use, portable and generictoolsused for evaluation of any version of ORCHIDEE
  • To produce and distributethe diagnostics - produced by thesetools- thatanyORCHIDEE user can look at, for differenttagged versions of ORCHIDEE
set up of the referenced simulations
Set-up of the referenced simulations
  • 3 types of simulation
    • Forced and Local simulations (FL)
    • Forced and Global simulations (FG)
    • Coupled simulations LMDZ-OR (CL)
  • Activated flags:

ok_stomate=y ; fire_disable=n ; ok_routing=y ; land_cover_change=y ; cwrr=y/n

  • Standard outputs : CMOR, ALMA
  • Output frequency: daily (except for FL, 30 min)
the fluxnet chain
The Fluxnetchain
  • Objective: Evaluation of modeled LH, SH, NEE, GPP and TER against in-situ data for different time frequencies
  • The chainisfullydevelopped, fromlaunching to post-processingsteps. Makes use of 50 sites (150 sites available)
  • The Fluxnet configuration isversionedwithsvnunder /trunk/ORCHIDEE_OL/FLUXNET
  • It isdocumented on the wiki, under : /Scripts/FluxnetValidation
  • Diagnostics are accessible from a dods server :


And from the wiki Evaluation’s page

the fluxnet data
The Fluxnet data
  • A new set of meteorological ORCHIDEE forcing files for in-situ FLUXNET sites (~150 sites)
    • Data Gaps filledusing ERA-I forcing
  • Available on the sharedrepositoriesat IPSL from the /IGCM/BC/SRF/OOL/OL2/FLUXNET directory.
      • For Gaya: /u/rech/psl/rpsl035/
      • For Curie: /ccc/work/cont003/dsm/p86ipsl/
      • For Obelix: /home/orchidee01/mmancip/
      • For Ciclad: /ipslfs/igcmg/    
the fluxnet diagnostics
The Fluxnet diagnostics
  • Time-series, taylordiagrams for different time-frequencies (hour, day, month, year)
  • Scripts developed in Ferret, making use of the atlas program (P. Brockman)
remote sensed global products
Remote-sensed global products
  • Objective: Evaluation of modeled variables (LAI, water content, …) againstremote-sensed data in terms of variability
  • A generic Ferret script has been written for generatingcorrelationmapsbetween observation and model outputs (and map of differences of correlationfor 2 versions)
  • Outputs are accessible from a dods server :


example of a diagnostic generated by the correlation script
Example of a diagnostic generated by the ‘Correlation’ script
  • Correlationbetweenmodeled LAI and obs. FPAR (MODIS)
  • Monthly time stepfrom 2000 to 2008 for trunk version 195 and revision r988
perspectives for the evaluation initiative
Perspectives for the ‘evaluation’ initiative
  • To conclude on the set of suitable simulations (length, meteorological forcings, PFT map)
  • To developpredefinedlibigcm-based configurations for the referenced simulation
  • To develop diagnostic scripts making use of new observation datasets
  • To define and use sharedrepositories for the observationaldatasets and the produced simulations
  • Jan Polcher / Agnès : Hydrology
  • Catherine Ottlé: Snow
  • Camille Risi / Francesca Guglielmo : Isotopes
  • Fabienne Maignan: Vegetation Index
  • Ben Poulter: Biomass
  • Philippe Peylin : [CO2] at stations