unique fundraising ideas the impact of social n.
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Unique Fundraising Ideas: The Impact of Social Media PowerPoint Presentation
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Unique Fundraising Ideas: The Impact of Social Media

Unique Fundraising Ideas: The Impact of Social Media

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Unique Fundraising Ideas: The Impact of Social Media

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  1. Unique Fundraising Ideas: The Impact of Social Media in 2012

  2. Unique Fundraising Ideas • In the world of unique fundraising ideas, social media takes the prize in 2012. • According to a study completed by MDG Advertising, social media proved effective for raising money for many different types of organizations, including non-profits. • For example, the study concluded the average donation through social media was $38 in 2010. That figure jumped to $59 in 2012. • Also during 2012, a whopping 98% of nonprofits use Facebook®. • It’s clear nonprofit organizations consider social media one of the most successful and unique fundraising ideas around. • Given its impact, social media in fundraising isn’t going away any time soon.

  3. Unique Fundraising Ideas • Does Social Media Carry any Risk for Nonprofits? • Often when a new technology surfaces, everyone jumps on the bandwagon before really evaluating whether the results warrant participation. • Although social media offers unique fundraising ideas for nonprofits, it does come with some inherent dangers. • The very nature of fundraising is personal. And, although social networking is supposed to be social, it can create an impersonal digital world. • To avoid losing the personal connections with donors, nonprofits must not rely totally on a social media outreach. • Traditional, face-to-face fundraising, such as events, is still very much needed. • Another characteristic not built into a social media campaign is trust. • Donor trust is developed through a wide range of unique fundraising ideas prior to the nonprofit ever showing up on Facebook. • Social media is used to supplement the hard work the nonprofit has done through the previous campaigns building social interaction, relationships and trust.

  4. Unique Fundraising Ideas • How to Maximize Social Media’s Unique Fundraising Ideas • Social media is best leveraged when it’s coupled with established, offline programs. • It should not be used as the only channel for raising donations. • When it’s used with other unique fundraising ideas, social media gains greater momentum. • The Facebook page, Tweet or YouTube® video have real people attached to them. • And when people associate the hearts, minds, voices and faces of others to social media, they’re more inclined to make a donation. • According to Anthony Sicola of, an integrated approach to fundraising produces greater gains. • In other words, nonprofits that used an integrated approach and combined social media with more traditional tools experienced as much as a 40% increase in donations.

  5. Unique Fundraising Ideas • Facebook • As the perfect tool for allowing the nonprofit’s participants to spread the word, Facebook is all about reach. • Getting the word out to friends and friends of friends is quick, easy and very effective. • Participants can also post unique fundraising ideas, individual fundraising goals and update statuses regularly. • If set up, they can integrate with the organization’s corporate page to show overall fundraising goals and status.

  6. Unique Fundraising Ideas • Twitter® • Although a lot can’t be said in 140 characters, Twitter still is one of the most unique fundraising ideas around. • It’s perfect for making announcements, sending event reminders and more. • Like Facebook, participants can use Twitter for fundraising updates. • They can incorporate links to donation pages and make it as simple as possible for people to give.

  7. Unique Fundraising Ideas • YouTube • Using visuals help convey messages much more than text. • And videos help get a message across in a very personalized way. • Videos provide tremendous impact and can move a person to donate like no other medium.

  8. Unique Fundraising Ideas • Using social media tools can create unique fundraising ideas for every nonprofit. • As long as charities use an integrated approach and continue to combine social media tools with traditional channels, the campaign results should be greater than if either media were used alone. • Nonprofits must always remember to engage with their audiences directly. • Building relationships and trust will never go out of fashion, regardless how much technology evolves.

  9. About the Author Edward Phillips, MBA, is Chief Creative Officer of IPM Advancement, a leading non profit fundraising company. Visit us at or call 623-687-3908for more information about Unique Fundraising Ideas.