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Most Effective Ways to Overcome the Headache of Water Damage Repairs

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Most Effective Ways to Overcome the Headache of Water Damage Repairs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Most Effective Ways to Overcome the Headache of Water Damage Repairs

If you or someone you know has recently experienced water damage, you know

how difficult the situation can be. The situation itself can be extremely stressful,

but the outcome after it’s over shows the real damage. Flooding in a home can

destroy countless items in you belonging. Many of them may be irreplaceable

such as family heirlooms, photos, videos or more. The devastation can be

overwhelming. However, while some things may not be able to be replaced,

your home can almost always be saved.

If you have insurance, your worries may not be quite as bad, although waiting

on a check for your claim could feel like it takes forever. But instead of using

that time for worrying, you should try to mitigate the damage done in the first

place. Follow these tips for keeping your home as dry as possible after a flood

or burst pipe.


Stop the Water Source

Floods may be disheartening as you can’t simply “turn them off,” however, if

your problem is water leak from a pipe or other source, shut off the flow of

water as soon as possible. If not, a hidden leak may continue to flood your

home without you even realizing it!

Removing Standing Water

If any considerable amount of water has built up, removing it is the next

before you can even start the restoration process. The longer the water sits in

the house, the worse the damage will become. The old bucket approach will

not be very effective nor fast, therefore, is this best done with Shop-Vacs or

similar equipment to suck the water out in as little time as possible.

Removing and Documenting Damaged Property

Once all of the water is completely gone, the damaged property must also go.

Even if it wasn’t damaged by the water, it should still be removed to make

room for the restorations. Everything that does seem damaged should be

documented for your insurance claims to ensure you get all your money back.


Finding a Restoration Company

After the entire affected area is cleaned out and ready to be restored like new,

you’ll need to find a construction company that has experience in repairing

water damage. A safe bet for water damage repair is IPC Restoration and

Renovation. They do all types of restoration project for clients suffering from

recent disasters. Whether the water damage was only a small leak or ruined

the entire home, IPC can fix the problem even if that means replacing the

entire structure! Their services and examples can be found listed here

Adjusting After the Experience

Flooding or general water damage can be extremely stressful. At times, it

may be difficult to see thing going back to normal in the future but they will

with time. By the time the restoration work is done, the insurance should

have replaced your lost belongings with all new ones and you’ll be back to

living life in your home once again as usual.

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