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English Flash Cards. Madison Miller. Dilapidated. ADJ. In disrepair, partly ruined or decayed. The old, haunted house was dilapidated. . Ambiance. http://www.ihomee.com/scholl-2-awesome-aspen-residence-by-studio-b-architects/scholl-photo-09/. NOUN. The mood or atmosphere of a place.

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english flash cards

English Flash Cards

Madison Miller




The mood or atmosphere of a place.
  • I much enjoyed the ambiance of the lodge as I sat and sipped hot, black coffee.
agreeable friendly
Agreeable, Friendly

I was being congenial and shook the man’s hand.

grasping or covetous voracious

Grasping or covetous, voracious

I was rapacious and took the toy.

gate door or boundary

Gate door or boundary

I stepped through the threshold of the house slowly watching for crumbs and dirt.

possessing a quality that causes interest or desire

Possessing a quality that causes interest or desire

The tantalizing thought made my mouth water; I wanted ice cream so badly.

to emit come out from

To emit, come out from

I saw the worm emanate from the apple and forcefully threw it to the ground.

reimbursed paid back

Reimbursed, paid back

I compensated my mom by making dinner because she always does work around the house.



neat and stylish in appearance

Neat and stylish in appearance

I saw Tori in her dapper wedding gown, and I cried with tears of joy from seeing her so beautiful.

noisy rowdy

Noisy, Rowdy

The cat let out a boisterous meow.

summoned or signaled

Summoned or signaled

I beckoned the passing plane while on the

Titanic, but it did not see me.

shaking or waving in a threatening manner

Shaking or waving in a threatening manner

Brandishing my sword, I faced my opponent in a duel.



dirty unclean

Dirty, unclean

I walked into the dingy house that was covered in filth.

dug up or discovered

Dug up or discovered

I unearthed and old bone from 600 BC.

solitary hidden from society

Solitary, hidden from society

I seemed to have fallen into a reclusive hole; I was so lonely all by myself.



It is unseemly to talk while the teacher is talking.



I tenuously clung to my diet plans after I shoved one bite of a Big Mac in my mouth. I used all my willpower to not eat the rest of the burger.

violently twisted

Violently Twisted

I felt as contorted as a pretzel after I tried being a contortionist.