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  1. Agencies Welcome • Overview of Nurse on Q • Compliance expectations • Nurse on Q process • Business benefits to Agencies

  2. Agencies Right Skill Right Staff Right Time Nurse on Q delivers locum nurses & midwives' on cue

  3. Agencies • Ensuring the right staff, with the right skills are engaged with the right location, every time • Key Business Services • Rural & remote nursing & midwifery locum deployment • Nursing agency management services to Queensland Health

  4. 2 Business Drivers Agencies Increasing compliance of agencies and staff to Queensland Health mandated requirements. Providing framework to ensure all staff engaged by Queensland Health via an agency are job ready .

  5. Agencies Business Benefits • Improved Clinical Governance Processes • Streamlined Business Processes • A level playing field for all • Improved delivery of service, with clear communications channels.

  6. Agencies Operational Plan Pilot plan has been completed at The Prince Charles Hospital, Chermside, with phased rollout across Queensland Health throughout 2nd half of 2011. Rollout to be complete by early 2012.

  7. Compliance Ensuring that compliance standards are met by all Nursing Agencies, and their staff, who provide a service to Queensland Health.

  8. Auditable requirementsStructure Compliance Registered and constituted as a Business under state and Commonwealth laws. Registered with the ATO for GST

  9. Auditable requirementsInsurance Compliance Must have public liability insurance of no less than $5 million through an approved insurer. Must have professional liability insurance (which includes provision for midwifery services) of no less than $15million for a single case and $20million overall, through an approved insurer. Workers compensation in accordance with relevant Acts.

  10. Auditable requirementsQuality Standard. Compliance ISO: 9001 or nationally recognised equivalent.

  11. Auditable requirementsEmployment Standards Compliance Commitment to employment equity and equal opportunity. Transparent engagement and recruitment processes.

  12. Auditable requirementsPrivacy and Disclosure Compliance Must collect, store, use and dispose of employees personal data in a method that complies with the Information Privacy Act 2009. Must not transfer personal Information outside of Australia without prior consent of Queensland Health

  13. Compliance – Agency Nurses Providing optimum patient care by staff that are appropriately trained, skilled and covered, ensuring a safe work environment for all.

  14. Auditable requirementsRegistration Compliance – Agency Nurses Current and unrestricted registration as a Registered Nurse, Enrolled Nurse or Midwife with APRHA, with APRAH card to be carried at all times whilst on duty. Post registration endorsements for required areas.

  15. Auditable requirementsAnnual Updates Compliance – Agency Nurses Basic Life Support Competency. Manual Handling. Infection Control. Mandatory reporting by of Suspicions of Child Abuse and Neglect. Aggressive behaviour management (relevant to position). Medications management.

  16. Auditable requirementsUniform. Compliance – Agency Nurses Present for work in a uniform that is consistent with professional standards, infection control, and workplace health and safety requirements. Have appropriate name badge. Carry photographic identification at all times.

  17. Auditable requirementsEvidence to show Compliance – Agency Nurses Each agency nurse to have executed a Confidentiality Agreement meeting Queensland Health policy. Compliance with Queensland Health Code of Conduct. Compliance with Queensland Health Workplace Health & Safety policy. Comply with Queensland Health Infection Control Guidelines - hand washing and hygiene policy Comply with Queensland Health Cultural Diversity policy

  18. Auditable requirementsEvidence to show Compliance – Agency Nurses Participation in professional development programs relevant to field of clinical practice. Commit and abide by smoke free workplace.

  19. Auditable requirementsVaccination Compliance – Agency Nurses Evidence of current immunisation against Hepatitis B, with Queensland Health reserving the right to make other immunisations mandatory as required.

  20. Process. Hospital recognises a short term staffing shortfall.

  21. Details Entered Process. The details of the nursing requirements are entered into the Trinity system, with required qualifications and skills.

  22. Process. Data Matched • The entered requirements are matched against the facilities pool staff, with matches being notified of available shift.

  23. Process. Pool Staff Respond Pool staff who are notified of the available shift are given opportunity to respond and verify availability. If a suitable pool staff is available, message sent to remaining staff to notify of filled shift and process ends.

  24. Process. No matching Pool staff If there is no response from an appropriate pool staff, the option is then available for the workplace coordinator to broadcast the vacancy to registered agencies via email. .

  25. Process. Message sent to Agencies A single email with multiple recipients is broadcast inviting agencies to nominate staff to fill the vacant shift(s). There at times may be a slight time delay from the point of broadcast to when the email passes through the Queensland Health filter, however, as it is a single email, it’s transmission is uniformed to all receiving parties.

  26. Process. Agencies Respond Upon receiving the invitation to respond, agencies will match the requirements against skills and qualifications of staff on their data base. When they make a suitable match, they phone that candidate through to our call centre where our staff will enter the details of the candidate into the Trinity system, confirming their suitability.

  27. Process. Call received Calls are processed in the call centre in the order they are received. Any overflow calls go through to Shared Services Queensland call centre who process the call and email the details to nurse on Q. As this is an internal email, it does not go through the filtering process, so delivery is almost instant.

  28. Process. Calls processed The data entry is an end to end process which means that the processor must complete the task in order for it to be recorded against the job. Any interruption in this process will mean that data is lost and the process will need to start from the beginning. Call centre operators will only process one job at a time.

  29. Process. Process finalised The suitable candidates details are entered into the Trinity system and the facility is notified of who they are to expect to report for the shift.

  30. Business Drivers Agency Benefits Providing fair and equitable framework for Agencies who provide a service to Queensland Health to operate in a level playing field, with all parties meeting equal minimum standard.

  31. Agency Benefits Nurse on Q will only be engaging with agencies that have signed and complied with the Standard Offer Arrangement and are implementing a thorough auditing process.

  32. Agency Benefits This will allow agencies to efficiently calculate their cost of business for supplying Queensland Health, and thereby calculate quotes accurately and competitively.

  33. Agency Benefits Agencies will not find themselves incurring additional costs of a non uniformed compliance regime across various Queensland Health facilities.

  34. Agency Benefits Agencies will not be ‘undercut’ by non-compliant providers who have not purchased mandated insurance, uniforms or staff training.

  35. Agencies Nurse on Contact the Nurse on Q Team Q To find out more email the team Nurse on Q Website The website features Nurse on Q Project; • Background • Overview • Frequently Asked Questions

  36. Agency Benefits Thankyou