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Business Presentation. Agenda – Overview2. About Vmukti Solutions Pvt Ltd Opportunities /Market Drivers Video Streaming Business Drivers What does VMukti have to offer Seeking Partnership Future Our customers - Cases. About VMukti.

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Agenda overview2
Agenda – Overview2

  • About Vmukti Solutions Pvt Ltd

  • Opportunities /Market Drivers

  • Video Streaming Business Drivers

  • What does VMukti have to offer

  • Seeking Partnership

  • Future

  • Our customers - Cases

About vmukti
About VMukti

  • VMukti was conceptualized in 2005 as a venture of Adiance Technologies Group and was spun off in October 2007 to form a new company.

  • VMukti has developed a disruptive offerings with years of research from 7 countries which is required by educational institutes, enterprises, government and all kinds of businesses one can think of…with support from CIIE @ IIMA and investors including TDB fund.

  • VMukti Operates in $ 50 billion Mass Video Communication (Video, Voice and Content) industry driven by cost, time health and pollution issues involved in travel, lack of skilled professionals and huge costs of bandwidth and hardware for video infrastructure.

Business presentation

India Organization

Niru Mehta



CEO & Promoter Director

Grew Avaya revenue in India to over 700Crs, 44% CAGR over 9 Years

He has been Chief Architect and Mentor to many of the VMukti’s path breaking products and strategies like interactive broadcasting besides serving organization through the excellence of his Business Development Skills. Had Worked with Global giants like TCS & Xerox, US before founding this venture and holds BE – EC degree.

Gaurang H. Dalal



CMO & Promoter Director

Portfolio Management Consultant, Chairman – Regional Stock Exchanges, 30 Years experience

Led VMukti Sales team to achieve a staggering 12 big deals of 2-5 years contracts in only first 180 days of commercialization. Holds MBA degree from prestigious Gujarat University.

Vaibhav Shah


Shrenik Shah

Vice President - Sales and Marketing - West

He carries more than 17 years of exp in Capital market. Highly Networked person in BFSI Industry

Having 11 years in Multinationals like AGC and have handled assignments at AGC Networks like Business Development Manager – Teleconferencing, and National Sales Head

Sameer Gandhi

Vice President - Sales and Marketing - North

IIM-Ahmedabad and IIT-Delhi Alumni with 5 years of experience. Has been instrumental in early success and acceptability of VMukti packages in the Market.

Opportunity market drivers
Opportunity /Market Drivers

Business Mandates for Enterprise

  • Grow Revenue

  • Reduce Cost

  • Improve Productivity

  • Customer Responsiveness

  • Go Green

Video Streaming Uses

  • Training of all types

  • Exec Communications

  • Distance Learning / eLearning

  • Corporate communications

  • Event – Recording and Streaming

  • Sales / Marketing communications

  • Project Communications

Drives Video Applications

  • VOD Library

  • Webcasting

  • Virtual Classroom

  • IPTV

  • Tele-forensic

  • Tele-Healthcare

  • Security Surveillance

What are the choices
What are the Choices ?

  • Option 1: Audio conference

    Not as effective as video communication

  • Option 2: Video over Satellite Communication

    High Capital and operating expenses; High “Go Live” time; Lack of Mobility

  • Option 3: Hardware based solutions

    Not suitable for mass communication; Lack of Portability; High Lead Time for live sessions

  • Option 4: Web based Conferencing Solution

    Appropriate for one-on-one and few-to-few communications but not for communication with larger groups

  • Option 5: Other Streaming Solutions

    Not suitable for Conditions of developing countries; Requires very high bandwidth and infrastructure

What made this possible key areas of innovation
What Made This Possible? Key Areas of Innovation…

  • Distributed Architecture That Enables Very High Scalability Without Incurring High Capital Expense On Host Or Client Side

  • Motion Estimation Algorithms That Enable Lower Bandwidth Consumption Even For High Quality Full Screen Video

  • Integration With Smart Phones To Enable Ease Of Use For Mobile Workforce

  • High Definition, IPv6 and APIs for the next generation needs of the Industry

Vmukti packages
VMukti Packages…

  • 1VC.TV

  • Webcasting Social Network

  • CampusIn

  • Virtual Classroom Social Network

  • VMukti for Enterprise

  • Private Interactive Web Channel(s) for Corporate

Live streaming on intranet internet
Live Streaming onIntranet/ Internet

Vmukti campusin
VMukti CampusIn

Seeking inputs
Seeking Inputs

  • Have you used something like this before?

  • What were the problems you faced, if any?

  • Where do you see VMukti in your organization ?

  • How do you plan to utilize it ?

  • How do you think this would add value to your organization ?

  • We have a patented Architecture – which could be customized to your requirement


Why Partnership ?

  • Mutually use professional expertise – know how

  • Increase Customer Base through existing networks

  • Collaborative and strategic alliance

  • Garnering boundary less Relationships

  • Untapped business opportunities

  • Jointly leveraging advantages of cost-efficient infrastructure, invaluable knowledge-power and quality resources.

Business presentation

Future Business

  • Expected to clock 4 fold increase in Sales as compared to last year

    • 70% business through partners as against 30% last year; Increase in customers from 6 to 55

  • 2Mn viewer minutes served through 1VC Webcast Network in last 30 days

  • and launched in beta

  • Continued R&D to maintain the technological dominance in Interactive Streaming Space

    • At least One Provisional Patent in place; Plan to apply for at least 2-3 more patents in coming months/years

Business presentation

Future - Business

  • Numbers to be Tracked (1VC & CampusIn)

    • Viewer Minutes Served

    • Number of registered students

    • Number of registered faculties

    • Number of Course Minutes Served

  • Maintain 4 fold increase in sales for at least next 2 years.

    • Sales target for 2011-2012 INR 5Cr to 6Cr

      • Few Govt and large orders may materialize in coming months

Business presentation


  • Provisional Patent for HQ video at bandwidth as low as 100kbps

  • Real-time streaming algorithm enhanced to support highest latency becoming one of the top interactive streaming solutions in countries like India.

  • Inclusion of social media tools with native support for facebook and twitter.

  • Launch of next generation portals in beta: 1vc – broadcasting social network; CampusIn – Education social network

  • Support for 30 fps

Business presentation

Future Technology

Mobile View

HD Support

TV View

Mobile broadcast

Client name indian institute of management ahmedabad iim a
Client Name: Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad (IIM-A)

Key Message

Reached Thousands of Participants Across 110 locations and 70 countries

“This technology provides all features to give a real classroom type environment to both the students as well as the faculty hence it can be very well said it's a complete food in one Meal”

Case study monitoring surveillance
Case Study Monitoring & Surveillance (IIM-A)

Key Message

Monitoring 1000s of sites through webcams and low cost datacards

Client iifm institute
Client – IIFM Institute (IIM-A)

Key Message

Effectively Reached Agents in Far Corners of India from UK (away faculty and remote users)

“It was an excellent session being done very easily with no downloads & Constant interactivity with the viewers and answering their queries instantly it was as if a face to face talk between the pulpit & the pews.” - Mr. Aaron Gill Faculty IIFM - & NY Stock Exchange Commodity Head

Competitive analysis
Competitive Analysis (IIM-A)

VMukti Proprietary - Must not copy without Permission.

How good is this innovation this product vmukti
How Good is This Innovation??? This Product??? (IIM-A)VMukti

We Will Let The Experts Speak for Us…

And it s also endorsed by media
And, It’s Also Endorsed By Media… (IIM-A)

VMukti Has Been Covered By Who Is Who Of Indian Media

Clients (IIM-A)

40 Partners - 55 Customers - Approx200000 Users

In summary
In Summary… (IIM-A)

  • We have developed a disruptive technology which is required

  • Technology which is built to cater specific problems of India makes Video Communication accessible & affordable

  • Technology is Proven; Enough Empirical Evidence

  • Risks are low and gains are high