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Believe me not?

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Believe me not? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Believe me not?. In a beautiful kingdom named veromina was a king named William, he had anything a man could ever dream of everything but love William was alone he ate alone, slept alone, sat alone he did everything alone .

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Believe me not?

In a beautiful kingdom named veromina was a king named William, he had anything a man could ever dream of everything but love William was alone he ate alone, slept alone, sat alone he did everything alone .

One sunny day he was riding through the town when he spotted a peasant named Sarah their eyes met and the soon got marriage and a few years later they had a daughter named Blair everyone was happy for the new princess everyone but evil witch Victoria she was jealous of the queens happiness with William so she decided to get her revenge using their first baby which she later found out is impossible as the girl was protected in every each way now Victoria decided to wait for that one day.

Then it did came Sarah had her second child Sofia she was beautiful her smile lights up the room, her golden long hair melts your heart, touch her skin and you will start dancing ,her eyes were as beautiful as the sky, literally. now this was what drove the three witches of veromia out they also fell for her beauty and promised to protect the child till the very end. Victoria however was also happy as she had worked up her schemes for the poor girl.


Sofia's now four years old and is her mothers favourite . although she is not what you will expect of a princess. she is quiet playful, For example, she doesn't has much manners on the dinning table, one thing you will except a princess to know, now this is what drove her father nuts but he and Sarah saw that the girl grew beautiful everyday. Sofia sneaked out of the palace one night after hearing a strange noise, which led her near a river where Victoria knocked her out while she wasn’t looking and placed the little girl inside a basket the was made especially for Sofia , the basket floated away into the distance ,Victoria just jump for joy as she had getting rid of her enemies happiness. As anyone would imagine there was a panic in the kingdom as their fair princess was gone, they searched high and low but no sign of the towns beauty and they eventually gave up, which caused huge effects, example Sarah got ill for a little while and Blair couldn’t stop shedding tears as for William he banish the three witches as he thought they hadn't kept their promise to the princess but the three sisters has other plans.


Eleven years passed and in the town of veromina lived a teenager named Jordan she lived with her mother Mary Jordan is known it town for the most beautiful girl in town this is the reason why people caused Mary as there were rumours about the girl being found in the forest as a little girl but Jordan never mind what people said. One night Jordan found herself in a white surface with three figures telling her to it is time she learnt about the kingdoms lost princess. Jordan woke up confused she scurried into her mother bedroom and insisted she was told about the lost princess without being left any choice Mary told her daughter the story.

Next morning Jordan was wakened up on her 18th birthday by the door bell as she opened the door she stared at a tall looking man who handed her an invitation to the birthday party of the lost princess Jordan completely ignored the fact that a lost princesses birthday was the same as hers but she greedily took one more invitation for her admirer James who's mouth was completely opened when he saw her ready for the ball unfortunately sick Mary couldn’t go to the ball. Anyway they set off when they arrived the moment Jordan entered the ball room eyes were all on her the room was filled with gasping's as the most prettiest girl in town was in the room even the king and queen were surprise at her beauty this was what caught princess Blair and queens helper Victoria's attention now princess Blair was a posh girl and assumed Jordan was the same so she decided to make friends with her they chatted for a while and Jordan heard some one saying to her ‘’hurry up girly’ then a pain in the head followed as she turned around to a portrait of lost princess Sofia it hurted her more after laying her eyes at king William it hurts twice that before but an eye contact with Sarah flashed an image of the king the queen princess Blair and Sofia laughing in the garden, then she knew what this was she knew she was Sofia…….


Jordan was confused she ran home as quickly as she can leaving poor James chasing her but she was too quick to keep up with anyway Jordan ran home into Mary’s bedroom and she started asking question at that moment Mary knew the girls found out the truth so she managed to calm her down and told her how she found the girl near the river in the forest but what got Mary surprise was that the girl she had cared for all her life was a princess los princess of her town but jordan made her mind up to face her past. Next morning jordan was ready to visit the palace when she met James who was asking her if she was sick or anything so jordan pleaded him to come with her to the palace she explained what she just discovered to him and he seemed to believe her few hours later the got to the palace James waited outside Jordan entered the throne room where the royal family sat waiting for her there she had Blair throw herself at her Jordan felt an unusual feeling as she knew she was hugging the sister she never knew as Jordan explained her self she couldn’t get her family to believe her the guards were called to throw her out when a dust appeared and three women who pointed their wand at the guards threating them to let her go they did as was told then king William screamed out of range as he knew those were the witches who had failed to keep their promises to his lost daughter ‘’what brings you here?’’ Sarah asked them so the three witches explained themselves happiness filled the room Sarah was over joyed the moment was soon interrupt by the crocking voice of Victoria she revealed her wicked act to the majesties but before they could talk she trapped them in a green bubble that came out of nowhere then the three witches charged toward her but she had been expecting this day so she gain more power while the witches were busy protecting the girl and she was able to defeat them.


As for Jordan she threatened her Victoria does not have a problem with Jordan all she wanted was to see Sarah’s happiness fall so she made a barging with the young girl her mothers soul to let the rest go then Victoria went crazy when the girl disagreed then she zapped a light at her now Jordan wouldn’t be alive at the end of the story if James hadn't protected her with a shield that turned Victoria's power back at her then she disappear in a flash of green dust which also released all the innocent people the villain had trapped as for Jordan and James they shared a kiss underneath the silver shield. The kingdom celebrate as the lost princess had return , they celebrate the marriage of princess Jordan and prince James they also got a surprise about the new prince coming as for Mary she was richer than she was .