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Safety. Airbags and anti-lock breaks are now standard on all cars, so the SX steps up the game, keeping driver and occupants safe. Tire-pressure monitoring Run flat tires Adaptive cruise control/collision mitigation Blind-spot detection/side assist/collision warning 

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Airbags and anti-lock breaks are now standard on all cars, so the SX steps up the game, keeping driver and occupants safe.

  • Tire-pressure monitoring
  • Run flat tires
  • Adaptive cruise control/collision mitigation
  • Blind-spot detection/side assist/collision warning 
  • Lane-departure warning/wake-you-up safety
  • Rollover prevention/mitigation 
  • Occupant-sensitive/dual-stage airbags 
  • Emergency brake assist/collision mitigation
  • Adaptive headlights
  • High intensity discharge headlights
  • LED taillights
  • Rearview camera
  • Emergency response system
  • Hands Free SX
tire pressure monitoring
Tire-pressure monitoring
  • Sensors at the wheels are able to alert you if the air pressure is too low by an audible warning, a light on the instrument panel, or both.

Run flat tires

  • Allow a vehicle to continue to run at a relatively high rate of speed for 50-plus miles with no air.
adaptive cruise control collision mitigation
Adaptive cruise control/collision mitigation
  • Thanks to sensors and the use of radar, cruise control can now adjust the throttle and brakes to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. If the system senses a potential collision, it typically will brake hard and tighten the seatbelts. Once it knows the lane is clear or traffic has sped up, it will return your car to its original cruising speed, all without your input.
blind spot detection side assist collision warning
Blind-spot detection/side assist/collision warning
  • This technology is designed to alert you to cars or objects in your blind spot during driving or parking, or both. Usually it will respond when you put on your turn signal; if it detects something in the way, it may flash a light in your mirror, cause the seat or steering wheel to vibrate, or sound an alarm.
lane departure warning wake you up safety
Lane-departure warning/wake-you-up safety
  • This can alert drivers if it determines your car is wandering out of the lane.This could come in the form of a vibration through the seat or steering wheel, or an alarm. Lane-departure warning is able to monitor body posture, head position and eye activity to decide if the driver is falling asleep and the vehicle is behaving erratically. At that point, the system is capable of slowing the car down and engaging stability control.
rollover prevention mitigation
Rollover prevention/mitigation
  • Most automakers offer an electronic stability control system, and some offer a preparation system (seatbelts tighten, rollbars extend). The SX has includes those features but with a step above the competition. If the system senses a potential rollover (such as if you whip around a corner too fast or swerve sharply), it will apply the brakes and modulate throttle as needed to help you maintain control.
occupant sensitive dual stage airbags
Occupant-sensitive/dual-stage airbags
  • All humans are not created equal, and airbags have evolved to compensate in the form of low-risk, multistage and occupant-sensitive deployment. Technology can now sense the different sizes and weights of occupants as well as seatbelt usage, abnormal seating position (such as reaching for the radio or bending to pick something off the floor), rear-facing child seats and even vehicle speed. While driver, passenger and side curtain airbags are nothing new, sensing airbags keeps the SX top of the class.
emergency brake assist collision mitigation
Emergency brake assist/collision mitigation
  • This brake technology is different from an antilock braking system, in that it recognizes when the driver makes a panic stop (a quick shift from gas to brake pedal) and will apply additional brake pressure to help shorten the stopping distance. It may also work in conjunction with the smart cruise control or stability control system if it senses a potential collision.
adaptive headlights
Adaptive headlights
  • Adaptive headlights follow the direction of the vehicle (bending the light as you go around corners). They are also speed-sensitive (changing beam length or height), to allow further vision while driving at higher speeds.

High intensity discharge (HID) headlights

  • HID headlights offer higher visibility for users than normal halogen headlights. It produces a light spectrum that is comfortable to the driver’s eyes avoiding any stress and providing further safety to all drivers on the road. HID headlights also reach 3 times the width and length of halogen bulbs and reduce glare.
led taillights
LED Taillights
  • LED taillights are considerably brighter than your typical taillights. They can often double or triple the range of standard lights. The light color they emit lights up the environment better than standard lighting. Drivers behind your vehicle will see you much sooner than they otherwise would with normal lights. From a safety standpoint alone, LED taillights greatly improve ones overall night driving experience. 
rearview camera
Rearview camera
  • Rearview cameras not only protect your car, but also protect children and animals from accidental back-overs. Backing up your car has graduated from side mirrors tilting down or causing chirps and beeps to real-time viewing. The SX involves a camera that works with the navigation system to provide a wide-open shot of what's happening behind you to help with parking or backing out of driveways.
emergency response system ers
Emergency response system (ERS) 
  • The ERS detects a collision and turns on interior lighting, unlocks doors and shuts off fuel when airbags deploy. It also switches on the hazards and disconnects the battery terminal from the alternator. In addition, the ERS alerts response centers of the accident and make crash details available to emergency personnel. It also connects the drivers cell phone with 911 services through Hands Free SX.
hands free sx
Hands Free SX
  • Hands Free SX makes it easy to take advantage of your phone's available features. Just connect your Bluetooth®-enabled phone and you can make calls, browse your phonebook, see your call log and more. Say a simple command and Hands Free SX will use your connected phone to make the call hands-free. You'll hear the person you are calling through your stereo speakers, and speak as if that person were sitting right next to you.Answer an incoming call with the push of a button. Make a call with the sound of your voice. Browse your phonebook, view your call log, place a call on hold - without ever touching your phone.
hands free sx1
Hands Free SX
  • With the touch of a button, Hands Free SX will read incoming texts to you in an easy-to-understand voice. Hands Free SX is even smart enough to translate commonly used phrases and emoticons such as "LOL" and :). If you're in the middle of a call as you enter your vehicle, there's no need to hang up and call the person back. When you enter your vehicle, Hands Free SX can instantly connect to your phone.
hands free sx2
Hands Free SX
  • It's never been easier to control your media library. Just plug in your compatible MP3 player or USB drive, and Hands Free SX does the rest. Browse your MP3 player by artist, genre or title, or listen to audiobooks and podcasts - all with simple voice commands. No need to take your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road. Hands Free SX even charges your MP3 player.
  • Hands Free SX with Turn-by-Turn Directions make it easy to get the information you need, right when you need it. With advanced vehicle sensors, integrated GPS technology, and comprehensive map and traffic data, you'll have the info you need whenever you need it.

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