Activity 10
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Activity 10. Respiring Beans.

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Activity 10

Activity 10

Respiring Beans

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Read the introduction
Read the introduction.

  • What do you already know about photosynthesis and cellular respiration?

Challenge activity to test for the presence of an acid.

  • How do various factors affect the rate of cellular respiration?

  • Make sure you: activity to test for the presence of an acid.

    • Select which variable to test.

    • Write out your procedure.

    • Prepare your data tables.

  • Have your procedure approved before you begin.

Analysis 4
Analysis 4 Respiration Diagram.”

  • Summarize the conclusions that can be drawn based on the experiments performed by the class. Include all relevant data that supports your conclusion.

Analysis 6
Analysis 6 Respiration Diagram.”

  • In Activity 3, “Biomes,” you read about the characteristics of the temperate deciduous forest. Some trees in this biome lose their leaves in the fall, and cannot perform photosynthesis without them. Explain, based on what you learned in this activity, why the trees do not die over the winter months.

Revisit the Respiration Diagram.” Challenge

  • How do various factors affect the rate of cellular respiration?

Key Vocabulary Respiration Diagram.”

  • cellular respiration

  • chemical indicator

  • photosynthesis

  • variable