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Budget Proposal Project

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Budget Proposal Project. “Piecing It All Together”. The Budget Process. The Library Budget. Each LRC is given the same amount of money-the budget is NOT based on student population An exception was made in 2008 when Barnsdale opened

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budget proposal project

Budget Proposal Project

“Piecing It All Together”

the library budget
The Library Budget
  • Each LRC is given the same amount of money-the budget is NOT based on student population
  • An exception was made in 2008 when Barnsdale opened
  • Amount has remained the same forover 10years but was reduced by over half in 2011
  • Most often, the building principals or district can support the needs of the library-ONE JUST NEEDS TO ASK!
  • If the LRC does not spend its budget, any remaining funds will NOT be forwarded to the next school year
selection policies and procedures
Selection Policies and Procedures
  • No formal policies
  • Procedure for ordering materials for the LRC (Learning Resource Center) is DIFFERENT than all other areas
  • Budget comes from the district level rather than building-In other words, the principal does NOT have a line item for materials for LRC
  • Principal signs PO as a formality but not for approval-TRUST is placed on director
5 steps to placing your order


5 steps to placing your order

Step 2

Call the Admin Office

for purchase order


Step 4

Purchase items

online or over

the telephone.

A monthly letter will inform the librarian the total expenditures and show any encumbrances.


Step 1

Choose a vender and create a list of the

items you want to purchase.

Step 3

Fill out purchase


Step 5

Submit completed order to

Ms. Boxell for signature.


Order for Payment (pink form)

To be filled out with every purchase made from the Activity Fund

Purchase Order

To be filled out with every purchase

2012 2013 budget
2012-2013 Budget

Total $3,500.00

things to remember
Things to Remember

Budget Overview

  • Budget is handled at the district level, not building.
  • Fill out a PO for EVERY purchase, even for self reimbursement.
  • For any purchases made from the Activity Fund, an Order for Payment form (pink) must be filled out and submitted with invoice (if sent to you) and packing slip.
  • Technology equipment is purchased by district with district funds. This even includes small items such as batteries and headsets. The technology team will make all decisions and allocate equipment to schools and personnel.
  • ALL purchases must be made from LRC budget or Activity fund. This includes any big ticket items such as shelves or furniture. (However, be sure to check with principals before purchases to see if they can help with the cost from one of their line items or if the district can help with the cost. They also might ask the PTO to help purchase these items.)