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Lowering Utility and Telecom Expenses through Refunds and Rate Reductions. Presented By:. Three Critical Facts. ▪ Utilities are one of a company’s top three operating expenses.

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Lowering Utility and Telecom Expenses through Refunds and Rate Reductions

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Three critical facts
Three Critical Facts through Refunds and Rate Reductions

▪Utilities are one of a company’s top three operating expenses.

▪ According to one study, "4 out of 5 commercial or industrial customers are over billed by the utility at some point"

“These systemic, chronic-type billing problems, they exist all over the place,”said the director of

auditing at TeleTruth, a New Jersey telecommunications watchdog group, and former member of the

FCC's consumer advisory committee.

- The Washington Post  

▪The end user is responsible for selecting the best rate for their level and pattern of usage

“A utility does not automatically give and industrial or commercial customer the best rate when more than one rate is available.”

- The Wall Street Journal

Why tenurgy
Why Tenurgy? through Refunds and Rate Reductions

Over 10 years of Telecom and Utility auditing experience

▪ On average, 90% of our customers save money

▪ Ability to service clients nationwide

▪ Dedicated to reducing telecom and utility expenses through real savings,

refunds, and credits

▪ Negotiates best-in-class contracts and identifies favorable rates, terms and


▪ Significant savings can be generated through careful management of utility expenses

Areas of expertise

Scope of Services through Refunds and Rate Reductions

▪ Natural Gas

▪ Electric

▪ Water/sewer

▪ Local & Long Distance

▪ Internet Access (T1’s)

▪ Trash Removal

Areas of Expertise

Audit Functions

▪ Billing Errors

▪ Alternative Rates & Carriers

▪ Discounts & Promotions

▪ Reduction of Contractual Charges

▪ Incorrect Surcharges

▪ Disconnection of Unused Services

The audit process
The Audit Process through Refunds and Rate Reductions

Initial Meeting

▪A meeting is coordinated to review your history, utility spending and

decision-making process

Document Collection

▪A signed agreement and letter of authorization is needed

▪Plus one current copy of gas, electric, water, waste and telecom bills

Analysis(6-8 weeks)

▪Extensive research, audit and analysis to present a savings strategy

▪Second meeting to discuss savings options and how you would like to proceed

Ongoing Audit and Analysis

▪ After activating your savings and refunds, we continue to search for additional

savings opportunities. We handle all follow-up to ensure all refunds and savings

are processed correctly and stay in place.

Additional benefits

Performance Contract through Refunds and Rate Reductions

▪ Nothing is owed to Tenurgy if the audit does not uncover the opportunity for

savings, refunds or credits.


▪ The client always has the choice of activating savings, refunds, or

credits. If savings are not activated nothing is owed to Tenurgy.

Realized Savings

▪Tenurgy will only invoice the client after the savings, refunds or credits have been

activated or received.

Additional Benefits

Refunds credits
Refunds & Credits through Refunds and Rate Reductions

▪ The Hylant Building in Toledo, Ohio recently received an electric refund in the

amount of $160,894 and is estimated to have $100,000 in annual savings going


▪ Northern Michigan Regional Hospital received a refund in excess of $72,000 on

past electric charges.

▪ Concept Industries received $25,000+ in refunds within two weeks and

an in depth review found future savings in excess of $200,000.

▪ Greektown Casino of Detroit received over $180,000 in natural gas refunds and

was presented with $460,000 in annual utility savings.

▪ Shoreline Fruit, an industrial food processor with facilities in Michigan and New

York, received refunds totaling $56,945 and is saving more than $12,000 a month on

their utility expenses.

▪ Zehnders of Frankenmuth was pleasantly surprised to receive $27,000 in telecom

refunds and is saving over $150,000 annually on their telecom and utility expenses.