invisalign vs traditional braces a comparative n.
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At Corpuz Family members Dentistry, Dr. Sarah Kluver and Dr. Ralph Corpuz offer you the best dental care service to individuals. As well as getting invisalign dentists, they specialize in other cosmetic procedures at the same time. As a result of the most beneficial service they grabbed the 2017 Preferred Provider of Invisalign therapy in Omaha. They continue to offer not only the most effective education, but in addition the most effective remedy to their individuals to right their smiles employing this most up-to-date innovation to relieve pretty much any kind of orthodontic condition. With the most effective dentists and educated employees members, they provide the most effective customer service with utmost care and compassion towards addressing the issues of their patients.

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invisalign vs traditional braces a comparative

Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces – A Comparative Study

If you wish to compare Invisalign and traditional braces, most people have a doubt. They

think whether they should be compared just by their covers or whether a deeper

comparison is essential. When it comes to Omaha orthodontics, they feel all

treatments are the same. The reason is that they have the expertise in handling any

type of treatment, but the preference comes into the picture with patients. Here is a

comparative study to help you choose one:

How About the Cost?

Of course, the first question most patients ask is the cost as compared to any other

factor. When it comes to price tags, both are more or less the same. However, costs

differ on the basis of upgrades like selecting invisible braces as compared to

conventional braces or other improvements. Invisalign braces are more aesthetically

appealing and they are almost unnoticeable as compared to traditional ones.

Are You Concerned About Aesthetics?

It is true that the look is an important consideration as you are actually thinking about

getting Invisalign for a better look. Invisalign, as mentioned earlier, is completely

unrecognizable to others, while braces are easily identifiable. Even, braces these days

are concealable. They can be placed on the backside of the teeth as against the front.

But, they cause some irregularities to the speech.

Invisalign aligners are clear plastic ones that snap over the teeth. They are not

noticeable, but they can turn awkward when you dine in public. You will have to get rid

of the aligners when you are eating as you cannot consume foods with the aligners on.

Is It Essential To Consider Maintenance Aspect?

Of course, you will have to consider maintenance aspect. To keep your Invisalign and

braces clean, you will have to properly maintain them. You should use a cleaning

solution that your Invisalign dentist will give you at the time of treatment. So, regular

cleaning is important in both cases to avoid bacteria buildup.

What to Consider In The Case Of Results?

Results are the easier points to consider when it comes to invisalign and traditional

braces. For intermediate tooth misalignment, both these treatments take the same time

to bring results. Based on the level of care you need, the treatment might take

anywhere from around six months to even two years.

Braces are the ideal choice for more severe misalignments. However, you can move to

Invisalign after correcting the misalignment to a certain extent with the help of

traditional braces.


The treatment time has greatly reduced these days due to the development in this field.

With the help of digital images, your dentist can provide images of what he can provide

and he will also explain the time required for treatment. Your dentist will show how your

smile will improve after the treatment.

In the case of Invisalign, many hassles associated with conventional braces are

eliminated as it is the latest. When you choose the best dentist for Invisalign Omaha, it

can turn out to be the best choice to improve your smile.

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