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Which is Best? Inveraray Hotels or Guesthouses? PowerPoint Presentation
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Which is Best? Inveraray Hotels or Guesthouses?

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Which is Best? Inveraray Hotels or Guesthouses?
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Which is Best? Inveraray Hotels or Guesthouses?

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  1. Which is Best? Inveraray Hotels or Guesthouses? Anyone who has planned a visit to somewhere like Inveraray has likely researched some of the local Inveraray hotels and guesthouses who offer quality accommodation. However, most people don’t know the differences between a hotel and a guesthouse, many aren’t even aware that there is a difference! Below we’ll take a look at some of the differences between Inveraray hotels and guesthouses to show the advantages of both. 24 Hour Access One way that Inveraray hotels and guesthouses can sometimes be distinguished is by when they are accessible. Hotels almost always tend to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows visitors to come and go as they please and check in when they feel like doing so. Naturally this is much more convenient for every guest as you don’t always know what time you’re going to come and go. In contrast, a guesthouse sometimes is only open while the small number of staff are still there, unfortunately, this is not always 24 hours a day. In the case of accessibility, an Inveraray hotel most certainly outclasses a possibly restrictive guesthouse.

  2. Dedicated Staff Another way in which Inveraray hotels may differ from guesthouses is the number of staff present who are dedicated to a specific role. An Inveraray hotel will likely have more staff that are in uniform who perform specific duties, such as receptionists, waiters, porters, chefs and more. A guesthouse, on the other hand, may not have much staff, and they may be less likely to have specific roles. Instead, there may be a handful of staff who help in performing whatever roles need to be taken care of. Again it would seem that an Inveraray hotel is a better choice when considering staff. If this is a particularly important aspect of accommodation for you, then an Inveraray hotel is for you. Alcohol Licensing A lot of people like to enjoy their stay with a drink in hand, especially at an Inveraray hotel where there’s a terrific selection of traditional Scottish whiskeys and ales. However, you may have to consider your accommodation carefully if you want to be served drinks at your accommodation. Inveraray hotels almost always tend to have a license to sell alcohol on their premises, whereas guesthouses tend not to have. While it’s usually safe to assume a guesthouse will be able to serve you and your companions alcohol beverages, always double-check to avoid disappointment.

  3. Once again, an Inveraray hotel is your best choice for drinking when it comes to being served drinks at your accommodation. Ensure you get the stay you are looking for, check that your Inveraray hotel or guesthouse has the services you are looking for. If there’s anything you’d like to know about staying at the Brambles Inveraray Hotel, give us a call on 01499 302 252, or fill out or contact form online. This article originally published at http://www.inverarayhotel.com/which-is-best-inveraray-hotels-or-guesthouses/