A Guide To Oil Skimmer
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Oil skimmer is a device which is used to remove the oil particles present in water or floating on the surface of the water. if you are going to choose an oil skimmer, you need to take care of many things such as: operating condition, the temperature of solvent at the time of in and out, removal capacity, etc. To know more about the Oil skimmer, check this Presentation, hope it will guide you a lot.

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A guide to oil skimmer

What is Oil Skimmer

Oil skimmer is a device, which is used for removal of

oil particles present on the surface of liquid. They are

also used for oily water treatment system. However,

there are different types of Oil skimmer, designed on

the basis of their flow rate.

A guide to oil skimmer

Choosing an Appropriate Skimmer

Basically there are three things to consider, before

choosing an oil skimmer.

 Operating Conditions

 Tank or Sump Characteristics

 Removal Capacity

A guide to oil skimmer

Operating Conditions

The performance of oil skimmer depends on many

conditions such as: temperature of liquid at the time

of in and out, PH level of the solution, solvents and


A guide to oil skimmer

Removal Capacity

Oil skimmer measure removal rate per hour. The

rate of oil skimmer depends on the viscosity of

oil. Usually, there are two main factors, on which

removal capacity of oil skimmer depends, i.e.

Water Content and Residual oil.

A guide to oil skimmer

Tank or Sump Characteristics

Before choosing an oil skimmer you should also

take care of the size or design, shape and location,

where oil skimmer is going to be installed. You

should also consider the variation in water level and

possible emulsions present in the water.

A guide to oil skimmer

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