Village of Elwood
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Village of Elwood Position Will County Inland Port July 18, 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Village of Elwood Position Will County Inland Port July 18, 2012. Village of Elwood. population of 2,239 3,800 employees enter the intermodal on a daily basis 17,000 vehicles per day (. 3 % involved in overweight permitting )

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Village of Elwood


Will County Inland Port

July 18, 2012

Village of elwood
Village of Elwood

  • population of 2,239

  • 3,800 employees enter the intermodal on a daily basis

  • 17,000 vehicles per day (.3% involved in overweight permitting)

  • Permits online – offered other taxing districts, similar to all areas of country, Engineering Study

  • Second largest intermodal in nation

  • Village Conducting over $2,000,000 in construction projects for the second straight year with no cost to the residents

  • Reduced staff without reducing services to residents

  • Decreasing outstanding debt in the Water Sewer Fund by 44.83%

  • Gained control of 100% of the plant capacity (50% was controlled by Centerpoint)

  • Reducing operating expenses at the plant

  • Finalized the annexation of the nine hundred and eighty (980) acre Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery (second largest in the nation)

  • Completed the annexation of three thousand five hundred (3,500) acre United States Army 88th Command Reserve facility in the previous year.

Village of elwood1
Village of Elwood

  • All operating funds finished FY 2012 with surpluses

  • $8,000,000 cash balance

  • “A – Stable” Standard & Poor’s Bond Rating

  • Decreased WS principal debt by $14,000,000

  • One of the lowest municipal property tax rates in Will County

Village of elwood2
Village of Elwood

  • 87,500 units of local government in US

  • 19,400 municipalities in US

  • 1,100 governments participate in Government Finance Officers Association Budget Program from USA & Canada

  • 85 units of local government participate from State of Illinois

  • Village of Elwood is the smallest unit of local government in the State of Illinois to receive the award

  • Village of Elwood is one of the smallest units of local government in the nation to receive the award

Village of elwood3
Village of Elwood

  • 3,600 local governments participate in the GFOA Audit Award in US

  • In Illinois 243 units of local government participate

  • Village of Elwood is the municipality with lowest population receiving the award in State of Illinois

  • Village of Elwood is one of the smallest units of local government in the nation to receive the award

Village of elwood4
Village of Elwood

Village of Elwood Management Team

William Offerman, Mayor

Nick Narducci, Interim Village Admin

Max Bosso, Engineer/ PW Director

Fred Hayes, Police Chief

Pat Kerr, Police Commander

Village of elwood5
Village of Elwood

William Offerman, Mayor

Bachelor’s Degree, Southern Illinois University

MPSA, Lewis University

PHD (Candidate)

13 Years IBEW 176, Supervisor

31 Years Fire District, 17 Years Chief

Numerous Boards & Commissions

Village of elwood6
Village of Elwood

Nick Narducci, Village Administrator

BA Economics, Lewis University

17 years Finance & Administration – Joliet, Hazel Crest, Lombard, Oak Park

16 years Finance Consultant – municipalities, manufacturing, agriculture, municipal bonds, economic development

Village of elwood7
Village of Elwood

Max Bosso, Engineer/ PW Director

BS, Civil Engineering, Florida Inst Tech

MS, Civil Engineering, Florida Inst Tech

Florida DOT, Storm-water District, City of Palm Beach Gardens

Served two (2) Engineering Consulting firms

Two (2) development firms

Twenty (20) years experience

Village of elwood8
Village of Elwood

Fred Hayes, Police Chief

BA, Criminal Justice, Lewis University

MA, Public Safety Admin, Lewis University

Patrol, detective gang specialist, supervisor organized crime task force, Sgt. Patrol, Sgt. Tactical Unit, Lieutenant patrol, commander operations, commander investigations, deputy chief, chief

Adjunct professor Lewis University, regional training instructor, various certifications & published works, various commissions & awards

Thirty four (34) years experience

Village of elwood9
Village of Elwood

Pat Kerr, Commander

BA, Lewis Criminal Justice

Patrol, narcotics agent, special agent organized crime, detective, Sgt. Patrol, Sgt. Neighborhood police specialist, Sgt. Tactical unit, Lt tactical unit, Lt. investigations, deputy chief, SWAT team 19 years/ SWAT commander 3years

Various published works

Various recognitions

33 Years experience

Village of elwood10
Village of Elwood

  • Largest resource in the Village of Elwood

  • Important that all residents, agencies and businesses be heard on this important issue

  • Elwood has all necessary resources to manage the facility from a municipal perspective

  • All agencies and businesses in Elwood opposed to district

  • Port “no benefit” to Village, residents or businesses

Village of elwood11
Village of Elwood

Elwood is a home rule community and agreed to take on the construction of an industrial park which would one day benefit the community. Now that the facility is near completion there is an effort to take control.

The Village of Elwood “did not ask” for any assistance we are doing fine managing our own Village.

Bridge “no benefit”

Tolls additional cost to consumer

Promote Route 66 as destination

Village of elwood12
Village of Elwood


  • September 2010 Will County Center for Economic Development recommends inland port authority to control intermodal activity

  • October 2010 Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) 2040 Plan recommends inland port authority to control intermodal activity (Intermodal Corridors Rt53, Manhattan Rd, Hoff Rd – Village Board apposed)

  • 2011Centerpoint approaches Village with plan to maintain Elwood industrial park roadways, but wants 50% of overweight truck permit money

  • February 9, 2011 Senator Martin Sandoval (D) 12th District Cicero proposed Senate Bill 1732 limiting authority of Elwood set overweight permit fees passed Senate Trans Committee

  • March 24, 2011 Meeting County Executive, Senator Wilhelmi, Representative from Representative McGuire’s Office, Mayor of Channahon,

  • April 15, 2011 Senator AJ Wilhelmi (D) 43rd District Joliet in Elwood

  • June 21, 2011 Senator large meeting in Joliet

  • July 4, 2011 Will County gets grant from State of Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity to study the inland port, hires CDM Smith

  • Scope of study: DCEO grant, Part II, Page 6 – “This Inland Port Study will establish boundaries of the Port; address issues concerning multi-jurisdictional control of the Port’s transportation assets, traffic management of commercial vehicles, public revenue generation from port activities, and review of public and private agreements regarding port’s development; assess the projected traffic demands and related costs of maintenance and expansion of infrastructure in the Port; and assess the impact of the solutions to issues and concerns identified within the study on the Port’s ability to compete in the global marketplace.”

  • CDM requested twenty minute (20) meeting with Elwood to discuss Inland Port Study

Village of elwood13
Village of Elwood

  • November 28, 2011 CDM interview: Elwood, BNSF, Midewin, US Army, DSC Logistics, NFI Industries, Clearwater, Maersk, Partners Warehouse, Fire District, School District (forty-five minutes, did not want to meet with all businesses in industrial park)

  • December 12, 2011 meeting with Wal-Mart


  • January 31, 2012 Inland “DRAFT” Report completed (Elwood formally requested copy)

  • May 17, 2012 CDM presents results of Inland Port Study to Will County CED (Elwood formally requested copy)

  • June 21, 2012 CDM Inland Port Study released and formal presentation made (Elwood formally requested and received copy)

Village of elwood17
Village of Elwood

  • PROPOSED INLAND PORT TOLL DISTRICT is shown in the shaded region above. The district would encompass properties south of Laraway Road, east of Interstate 55, west of Illinois 53 and north of New River Road. The district would cover nearly all of the village of Elwood, leaving only a few properties east of Route 53 outside the proposed Regional Authority.From CDM Final Report Page 21.

  • A little-known draft senate bill could signal big changes for Jackson Township residents. Promoted by CenterPoint Properties, the proposal seeks to impose an oversight district for proper-ties in the “Inland Port” region of Illinois. The targeted region is south of Laraway Road, east of Interstate 55, west of Illinois 53 and north of New River Road. From Senate Bill Page 6, Paragraph 4.

  • From Senate Bill Page 25, Paragraph 1.The measure would impose a regional authority within the “Inland Port” district. Among the responsibilities granted to the regional authority would be the ability to impose tolls on existing roadways within the district. From CDM Final Report Page 14, Paragraph 1.Tolls would be enacted on a “Share the Pain” policy wherein every vehicle on the roadway would pay for its use. Toll collection would replace the current permitting policy which re­quires overweight vehicles alone to pay for the extra wear and tear they impose on the road-ways. The proposed toll system would charge vehicles on a graduated scale; however, the technology required for such a system is still under development. From Senate Bill Page 27, Paragraph 1.

  • In addition to transportation responsi­bilities, the regional authority would act as gov­erning body in matters of police protection and public works within the outlined region. From Senate Bill Page 24, Paragraph 1.The Inland Port Authority would take over these government operations within the village of Elwood.

  • The legislation would mark the first time in Illinois history that a constitutionally established, incorporated municipality would be forcibly governed by an appointed committee. From Senate Bill Page 11, Paragraph 2.The regional governing authority would be comprised as follows: 5 members appointed by the governor of Illinois, 2 members appointed by the mayor of Joliet, 2 members appointed by the mayor of Elwood, 2 members appointed by the Will County Board. From Senate Bill Page 15, Paragraph 2.The district would appoint an executive director with a salary not to exceed $200,000 per year.

  • Elwood residents living east of Route 53 would have to contact the regional governing authority to address roadway maintenance, From Senate Bill Page 24, Paragraph 4.police and From Senate Bill Page 17, Paragraph 4.public works concerns, since their own elected officials would be excluded from those operations.

  • The regional authority would be funded through the toll system, which would collect $3.50 to $12.00 per trip, depending on the type of vehicle. From Senate Bill Page 27, Paragraph 4.The regional authority would be granted the power to assign toll roads and truck routes within the district. The authority would also take over the Special Service Administration (SSA) line item of the Jackson Township property tax system.

  • From Senate Bill Page 17, Paragraph 5. The regional authority would have the power to sell the entire district, its roadway systems and public operations to a private investor, thereby eliminating resident input and inquiry.

  • To say the village of Elwood is opposed to such a measure is a vast understatement. Although small in numbers, the village is steadfast in its commitment to govern its own boundaries. Elwood has done an exemplary job of policing and maintaining the inland port within its boundaries. The municipality’s policy of making this development pay its own way has yielded well-maintained roads, reserve funds for future projects and a safe relationship be- tween residential and industrial partners.

  • Elwood leaders see this meas­ure as a means of siphoning overweight funds into other state and county projects and back into the pockets of CenterPoint Properties.

  • From Elwood’s perspective, it is unthinkable to turn over operations and funds to a committee with no accountability to voters. Elwood isn’t alone its opposition. The village is joined by employers and agencies in the area which would be forced to take a hard look at the feasibility of operations in Elwood should such a measure be enacted. By the Illinois legislature.

  • Where does it stand?

  • The Illinois Transportation District Authority Act was introduced as a Senate Bill by former State Senator A.J. Wil­helmi early this year. The proposed Sen­ate Bill was in the committee stage when it was amended then postponed. From DCEO Grant, Part II, Page 6, Paragraph 3. Since that time, the Will County Board has financed a study to bolster support for the Senate Bill.

  • The county recently presented its com­missioned report to a group of interested stakeholders. The report offers anecdotal comments and statements indicating that area residents and business owners favor a new “Share the Pain” From CDM Final Report Page 14, Paragraph 1.approach to area truck traffic concerns.

  • The study discusses the inadequacy of state motor fuel tax funding even though Illinois has one of the highest MFT rates in the Midwest. Furthermore, although Illi­nois local permits are among the lowest in the country, From CDM 2012-06-21 Power Point Presentation Page 24.the study cites confusion over permitting regulations and difficulty in compliance.

  • The study recommends the following:• Create a formal stakeholder group to begin a transparent, credible dialogue From CDM Final Report Page 72

  • • Take immediate steps to create a regional overweight permit From CDM Final Report Page 73

  • • Move toward an equitable weight- distance user fee system From CDM Final Report Page 74

  • • Provide incentives for heavier trucks with more axles From CDM Final Report Page 74

  • • Invest in weight data collection technology From CDM 2012-06-21 Power Point Presentation Page 25