Looking for Reliable Freight Shipping Services? ITS and Land - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

looking for reliable freight shipping services its and landstar is the team for you n.
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Looking for Reliable Freight Shipping Services? ITS and Land PowerPoint Presentation
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Looking for Reliable Freight Shipping Services? ITS and Land

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Looking for Reliable Freight Shipping Services? ITS and Land
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Looking for Reliable Freight Shipping Services? ITS and Land

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  1. Looking for Reliable Freight Shipping Services? ITS and Landstar is the Team for You!

  2. Introduction In every industry across the world, some companies rise to the top, while others lag in the background. The trucking industry is no exception, and if you are looking to ship products, equipment, or other goods across the nation, you need to choose a reliable carrier with the tools and experience to get the job done. One such company is none other than Innovative Transportation Solutions, an independent contractor with Landstar Jacksonville Florida. For years, ITS has used its partnership with Landstar to benefit customers large and small. But how do you find a reliable provider of freight shipping services? Let’s find out.

  3. Word-of-Mouth Regardless of which field of work your business is in, you likely have contacts with other members of your industry. These companies have likely dealt with freight shipping services in the past and will be able to provide you with information about the best trucking companies in your area—companies that have proven themselves over the years to effectively deliver goods without damage, on time, and to the right destination. But even if you cannot obtain such information from industry contacts, there are other options available to you.

  4. The Internet Although the internet is a soup of both good and bad service providers, it is simple to find those companies that provide good service. By simply looking up reviews of freight shipping service providers in your area, you can easily spot the best and the worst. Companies whose reviews show consistent provision of quality, customer-oriented service are likely the best to choose from. And if you are looking for an even more reliable source of business ratings than personal company reviews, the Better Business Bureau is the place to go. Companies that rise to the top of the BBB lists do so for a reason, typically because they provide excellent service, respond quickly to customer concerns and charge a fair price.

  5. Industry Associations As a final method of finding a reliable shipping service provider, you should visit the sites of trucking industry associations. While nearly anyone can join such a group, those who want the publicity that comes with such membership will likely furnish higher quality service than a company that avoids such listings. All in all, whatever company you choose, make sure that you select the best of the best.

  6. Innovative Transportation Solutions • Although the methods previously mentioned will help you in your search for a reliable shipper, Innovative Transportation Solutions is your one-stop source for heavy haul, LTL, and dry van freight transportation. Not only does ITS have a capable and effective staff that you can rely on to transport your goods across North America, but its contractual relationships with Landstar Jacksonville Florida allow ITS to offer even more to its customers. If your load requires more equipment than ITS has currently available, it can turn to Landstar Jacksonville Florida for the rest, and as one of North America’s largest trucking companies, Landstar has the tools to get any job done. Trust your next shipment to Innovative Transportation Solutions, and let them put the power of Landstar behind your operation.​

  7. THANK YOU For more details : INNOVATIVE TRANS4475 US1 SouthSuite501Saint Augustine,FL 32086 Phone: 904-213-9858Toll Free: 866-315-1135Fax: 904-213-9868 www.innovativetrans.com