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Printing London

Printing London

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Printing London

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  1. Printing London – Inndus UK LTD Inndus UK Ltd is widely known as Quality Printers of Posters, Banners, Pop Ups and Brochures at affordable prices in attractive designs in London.

  2. Watford based printers offers quality printing for 3d printing, poster printing, flyers / leaflets printing, banners & popupsprinting in London, can also search as printers Bradford, printers Brighton, printers Cambridge, printers Coventry, printers Derby, printers Leicester, printers Oxford, printers St.Albans and printers City of Westminister cities of UK.

  3. Leaflets • A Leaflet is a cost effective and a very strong way of engaging with your customers. The customer can read your leaflet at leisure and come back to you either immediately or when the need arises.

  4. Posters • Do you have a powerful thought, idea, image that you would like to convert into a very vivid picture – full of colour, maybe even black and white, something that will effectively communicate your capabilities to your audience? We can create a poster that can convert your thoughts into powerful images. You can use this to communicate effectively with your customer.

  5. Banners / Wide Banners / Display Boards • Banners advertise and promote your products and services in a very straightforward manner. Good quality banners are aimed at arousing the curiosity of your prospective customer enough to want them to have a dialogue with you. It efficaciously communicates what your products and services are. We can help to maximise the impact on your customers by understanding your company and your needs and communicating that effectively on a banner. 

  6. Showcards • Like Pop- ups and business cards, Show cards need to be high – impact. Your customer would look at it and form their first impressions about your product or service. We can help you create an impressive show card that showcases your products and services designed to target your customer effectively.

  7. Business Stationery • The identity of the business is communicated effectively through the business stationery. Good quality business cards and letterheads convey a professional and affirmative message to your customers. This is a representation of your business to your customers and also the world. We can help you to build on that by making business stationery that suit your budget. We have added some examples of business stationery below.

  8. Business Cards • Your business card is a very powerful marketing tool to sell your brand image. A good quality business card helps to propagate your company’s image to the prospective customer. And this doesn’t have to be expensive. We offer a wide range of qualities to choose from and if you are unsure then we can help you to make a good choice. 

  9. Letterheads • Letterheads are very important because they create a sense of professionalism in the content of your letter. Additionally they reflect your brand image, i.e – logo and colours and also your address and company details. Impressive letterheads tend to have a very favourable response amongst employees and customers alike.

  10. Labels • Labels with company branding and logo gives your consumer the confidence that you are putting your name behind the quality of the product. It is also considered to be a form of advertising your product openly. This can be used in promoting your brand and very simply but effectively on your products. We can help you by making striking labels cost effectively for you.

  11. Menu Cards • Menu cards are very important in a restaurant even if it’s a simple A4 sheet that lists what you can offer your customers. You’d be amazed the kind of menu cards you can choose from – non- laminated, laminated, 1 page folded, a few pages, washable material, with UV varnish, hard bound, soft back etc. The list is endless. The quality of your menu determines your target audience. Whether you are the local takeaway or indeed a Michelin star restaurant we can offer you a bespoke service that will suit your needs.

  12. Tent cards • Are the ‘promotional offers’ speciality. If you would like to bring some information to the attention of your customers, you can display a tent card on top of your table. It is an effective and yet cost effective option to display easily. It can easily be readable on both sides.

  13. Brochures • A brochure is not just a representation of the products and services that you offer but it also reflects your ethos and values. Hence a positive representation of your brochure is very important. The fact that you have invested your time, money and energy in creating this is in itself enough to create a positive thought towards your company, research showed, but you can make it effective with some help.

  14. Induction Packs • Imagine a new recruit starting in your company. They get a starter pack with your company details on it. What better way to start than with a feeling of pride and belonging? A good quality pack with your logo, a few details about your company will create a sense of being welcomed and will go a long way in engendering loyalty. We can suit your needs and budget in doing this.

  15. Folders • Folders complement and are an integral part of induction packs. Noticed the look of pride on the new employee’s face as he gets handed a folder or even the look of admiration on the face of your customer at a conference when you hand him a folder with your company branding on it? The primary purpose of the folder is really to keep loose documents organised together in a professional way.

  16. Bookmarks • Have you been to stationery stores and been given bookmarks to advertise their products? The colourful and unusual bookmarks can help the avid reader and also the curious customer. Need we point out that this is probably the most cost effective form of getting noticed? 

  17. Danglers • Make a professional environment also look a little festive by adding Danglers to your theme. Colourful yet subtle Danglers are used in the room to uplift it and to make it stand out in any ambience. Come to us for suggestions on how to custom make a Dangler to suit your requirement.

  18. Stickers • Have you seen a sticker on a car window and marvelled at the idea of advertising an event or show on a car? Well look no further – stickers are light weight, can be of different shapes, sizes, colours and very cost effective, yet the message conveyed is loud and clear. Stickers can be used on a lot of surfaces – cars, mirrors, walls, on your clothes like a name badge. It can also be used artistically to cover up information that is outdated or not right. Contact us and we can customise your sticker depending on your needs.

  19. Corporate gifts/ Personalised gifts • A corporate gift is a tangible way of engaging with your employees and customers and building on the relationship. It can be anything from rewarding your employees for their hard work to simply reminding your customers of your appreciation for them. It would represent your brand strongly yet subtly. We have a wide range of products to choose from and some examples follow.

  20. Calendars • These allow you to control and customise your schedule. Uplifting images will help you to feel good and yet sad pictures may be motivational. Marked holidays might even remind you of how much fun there is in store for you that month. PersonalisedCalendars will remind you of your loved ones and equally customised ones may be prepared by your company for your corporate clients. Whatever the reason, a good, clear, high resolution image will help to convey your ideas succinctly. Believe it or not, there is a wide range of qualities that you could choose from to make a calendar. 

  21. Diaries and Notepads • Even in this day and age of electronic appointment keeping the importance of a diary cannot be underestimated. A diary is most useful for taking notes, for adding details about meetings and indeed to look at when our electronic equipment ceases to work or has some temporary failures. It is still very ‘in’ to gift your employees and your customers with branded diaries. These can be of different sizes and types depending on your needs.

  22. Cups/ Mugs • Personalisedcups and mugs are a very popular way of celebrating an occasion; whether it is a significant birthday or an anniversary or from an employer to all their employees. 

  23. Pens • Stylish pens with a company or an individual’s details on it, is a great and cost effective gift. Something that the person will look at several times a day and be reminded of the individual or organisation that gifted him this pen. The advantage with pens is that you can choose the price range that is right for you. 

  24. Coasters • Another great way to get your brand noticed. We at Inndus give our customers and our employees’ good quality coasters and the feedback we get never ceases to amaze us. Coasters are used in almost all households and if you use good quality coasters with effective colours they always elicit a response.

  25. Branded Business Card Holders • A simple silver business card holder with your company name written on it goes a long way in getting noticed and in impressing people around you.

  26. Printed T shirts • Would you like a T shirt with your logo, your tag line and your thoughts to convey a sense of pride or belonging to an organisation? Look no further. We can offer you a range of materials and our artwork team can help you to decide the layout and colours in a cost effective way.

  27. Trophies & Plaques • Any awards ceremony (internally & externally) would be incomplete without Trophies & Plaques. Whether you'd like to award, your 'employee of the month' OR 'Customer of the year', look no further. We make bespoke trophies & plaques to suit your requirements.

  28. Certificates • A Certificate of appreciation goes a long way in acknowledging and motivating your employee. It could be a 3 year/ 5 year / 10 year acknowledgement or even an ‘Employee of the month/ year’ etc. They are a simple and cost effective way of saying Thank you. We will be happy to help you create Certificates that fit your budget. 

  29. CD Covers • Ever looked at a plain CD cover and wondered what the music in it was? Branding is very important for any artist and the CD cover design and name is what creates that first impression. Similarly if a company was gifting their employees with CD’s as a corporate gift, imagine what a great first impression it would make to have the company branding on the cover?

  30. Wrapping Paper • Imagine using your Brand image, colour and name in a wrapping paper. How high impact is that! Come to us and we can create subtle yet very striking wrapping paper to suit your needs. 

  31. Branded Bags • When you give an employee or a customer a corporate gift consider giving it in a company branded bag. This can prove to be a low budget form of advertisement. Bags are often reused hence a lot of people have a chance of seeing it and if you have striking colours or messages on it then people will tend to remember your bag.

  32. Cards • How would you like to express how you feel through words and visuals? That’s exactly what a card does. Whether you use a birthday to tell a person how special they are or a ‘Sorry’ card to apologise for something you've done or a wedding or event invitation card, we can help you in creating bespoke cards to meet your objectives. In the corporate world cards for Seasons Greetings, Offers, and Invitations are very popular, where you send a customer a card to remind them that you exist and that you are within their reach.

  33. If you’d prefer to contact us:Inndus UK Ltd 54 Clarendon Road Watford WD17 1DU T:  01923 431 637 M: 07417457555 E :