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REDIRECTION PROGRAM. Portland Public Schools. MISSION STATEMENT. At Redirection, we strive to: Utilize ISD to support all students Reduce overrepresentation of minority students who are referred to special education.

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redirection program


Portland Public Schools

mission statement

At Redirection, we strive to:

  • Utilize ISD to support all students
  • Reduce overrepresentation of minority students who are referred to special education.
  • Reduce overrepresentation of minority students with disabilities who are suspended and/or expelled.
  • Build capacity of schools to more effectively intervene with Tier 2 & Tier 3 general education students across all grade levels.
students with disabilities incidence of long term discipline
Students with disabilities incidence of long term discipline
  • 4.0 or higher deemed “significant disproportionality” by ODE for specific groups.
  • Black students had an incidence of 4.43 (or 4x more likely to be involved in long term discipline than other groups).
  • As a result of an ODE penalty for this, we must spend 15% of our IDEA dollars on interventions for at-risk, general education students (ISD).
components of program
Components of Program
  • Supports offered defined by location of service:
  • Neighborhood School

- BAST team (detailed description on next slides) support for Tier 2 & 3 general education students.

  • Columbia Site (Redirection Center)

- Evaluation / Stabilization

- Interim setting for SPED students

- District wide Home Instruction (gen. Ed & students with disabilities).

bast support behavior analysis supports team
BASTSupport(Behavior Analysis & Supports Team)
  • Team of 10 highly trained para educators.
  • Goal is to build capacity of schools to more effectively intervene with Tier 2 & Tier 3 general education students prior to SPED referral.
  • Will work with school/teacher to develop a simple FBA & Behavior Support Plan for referred student.
  • Parental permission is required for support.
  • Duration of support individualized to each referral, but typically around one week with follow up at 2 week and 6 week intervals.
  • Although we recognize these students present challenging behaviors, this team is not 1:1 support for referred students.
  • It is:

- a “collaborative” effort to provide ISD supports.

- utilized after building level interventions are

exhausted (BSC, etc.)

- employed prior to SPED referral

bast team what s it look like in your building
BAST Team: What’s it look like in your building?
  • Schools identify a Tier 2 or 3 general education student needing additional support beyond current building capacity.
  • School completes referral form (found online) and submits to Building Liaison, along with supporting documentation.
  • Building Liaison will then submit to Redirection program.
  • Member of BAST team contacts referring person to schedule planning meeting at school.
  • Plan developed collaboratively between BAST and school around supports needed/desired and expected outcomes.
  • A period of observation & data collection by BAST staff person.
  • Simple FBA/BSP developed collaboratively between BAST & school.
  • BAST provides follow up support to schools (2 & 6 week intervals).
how do schools access bast team
How do schools access BAST Team?
  • Fill out “Request for BAST Team Support” referral form.
  • Attach additional documents indicated at the bottom of referral form.
  • Submit to Building Liaison for referral to Redirection.
  • BAST team member will contact sending school designee within 48 hours of receiving referral to initiate process.
redirection supports located at columbia site location

Redirection Supports located at Columbia Site location:

Evaluation / Stabilization classrooms

(significant safety concerns only)

Interim setting for SPED students

expelled or removed for a period of


what is evaluation stabilization
What is evaluation & stabilization?
  • Process for determining eligibility for students to receive special education services.
  • Must have parent permission to initiate.
  • Location change to Redirection @ Columbia only if student is deemed significant safety concern.
  • Redirection school psychologist will complete evaluation collaboratively with sending school psychologist.
  • Must be initiated during discipline process if we suspect student may have a disability (manifestation hearing, consent, etc.).
  • Completed in 45-60 school days.
  • Outcome of evaluation will determine placement options for student:

- SPED: placement determination by IEP team

- non SPED: returned to sending school probably with a Safety

Plan, Behavior Support Plan, possibly BAST team


what is the interim setting
What is the “Interim” setting?
  • Located at Redirection: currently at Columbia Site (NE Marine Drive)
  • 3 classrooms:

> K-5: separate entrance

> 6-8

> 9-12

  • Students with disabilities who are expelled or removed for a period of time (manifestation of disability).
  • Temporary location for students deemed “significant” safety concerns (SPED & Gen. Ed) for a period to not exceed 45 days.
  • Redirection assumes no Case Management responsibilities for students with disabilities placed at Redirection.
  • In prior years, “Interim” students were spread throughout Pioneer Special School Program locations. This year, students are provided services at Redirection.
  • General education students who have accessed support from Redirection team, but require more intensive services to address lagging skill deficits (parent consent required)
How do I access supports located at Columbia site (Redirection Center)?Interim, Evaluation/Stabilization Support
  • Complete the Referral form indicating services required at Columbia location and supporting documentation indicated on form.
  • Submit to yourProgram Administrator for referral to Redirection.
  • Complete TD-7 for transportation. Please add transportation to IEP.
  • Sending school must gather curriculum for student to use while at Redirection.
quick facts about redirection
Quick Facts about Redirection
  • Redirection Program does not “case manage” students with disabilities placed at Columbia location (sending school case mgr. will be responsible for the IEP process).
  • Most of the students referred to Columbia location will be returning to their neighborhood school.
  • Redirection support at your site (BAST) is designed to build capacity of your staff / teams to better meet needs of Tier 2 & Tier 3 kids.
  • The recommendations from the BAST team may not be what the sending school expected as an outcome.
  • We are an evolving program and welcome/encourage feedback around quality and equity of services provided.
how will we measure our success
How will we measure our success?
  • Data collected indicating number of students who remained in general education versus special education referrals for students supported by BAST team. Compare with numbers of SPED referrals from prior year (goal: 3% or greater reduction).
  • Satisfaction survey completed by referring school indicating effectiveness of intervention/support from BAST.
reality check
Where we are right now?

- serving many Tier 3 students awaiting referral to SPED or involved in expulsion procedures (puttingoutthe fires support)

Where we are going?

- Proactive support to schools to address students struggling academically & behaviorally (building school capacity).

- Work to support schools around IPBS (Intensive Positive Behavior Supports) implementation.

Reality Check