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ATM Case Study

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ATM Case Study. A Discussion. Case Study.

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ATM Case Study

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atm case study

ATM Case Study

A Discussion

case study
Case Study

A Bank wishes to introduce ATM service to provide limited facilities to her customers. Customers may get ATM cards on request. Users may view their balance or transfer or withdraw money using these cards. Cards may be used to access many accounts and an account may be accessed using different cards. A card may be blocked temporarily or permanently (e.g. If it is lost) by the Bank. A PIN is associated with each card to verify the authority of the user. There is an OD limit associated with each cheque account. Theoretically, any amount may be withdrawn from a cheque account at any time (provided it is less than the balance+Odlimit). There is no OD facility for a savings account.

case study cty
Case Study (cty)

The personal information of the customers and their account details are already maintained by the Bank’s main system. A subsystem is required to handle the ATM’s functionality. Two hardware systems Card reader and Money dispenser will communicate with this subsystem. The card reader reads the Card’s ID and passes it to the system. It is also able to eject the card when an eject signal is received from the system. Similarly the money dispenser is able to dispense the required amount of money.

case study 3
Case Study-3

The Limited ATM system is required to provide at least the following operations.

  • Enter a new card / new account detail
  • Block /Reactivate/Cancel a card
  • View the balance of the account
  • Withdraw money from the account
  • Transfer money from one account to another
  • Change the PIN of a card

The validity of the card and the authority of the

User will be checked for each transaction session.

  • ATM Card -
  • Withdraw -
requirement list
Requirement List
  • Client shall view the balance
  • Client shall withdraw money within a limit
  • Client shall change the PIN
  • Bank Clerk shall store a new CARD detail
  • Bank Clerk shall add another account to a CARD
  • Shall check the CARD’s validity
  • Shall verify the PIN
grouping the candidate requirements
Grouping the Candidate Requirements


  • Clerk store a new CARD detail
  • Clerk add another account to a CARD
  • Clerk & Client shall fix new PIN first time
  • Client shall change the PIN


  • Client shall view the balance (within 2 minutes)
  • Client shall withdraw money from savings/ current account within the limit
  • Client shall transfer money within the limit
complete other usecases
Complete other Usecases!
  • View Balance
  • Transfer
  • Add Card
  • Add Account
  • Change PIN
  • Change Status
  • Check PIN