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Adventurer of the Lost Wand PowerPoint Presentation
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Adventurer of the Lost Wand

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Adventurer of the Lost Wand

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  1. Adventurer of the LostWand Start Created by Marie-Louise Turcotte & Stéphanie Hudon

  2. Adventurer of the LostWand A fairy is in trouble! She stumbled into a house to hide from the rain when she met a dwarf living in the basement. The dwarf was causing trouble in the house and he was not happy to see the little fairy.

  3. Adventurer of the LostWand The dwarf fumed and yelled. He decided to steal the source of all the fairy’s power: HER MAGIC WAND! Now, the fairy cannot remember who she is. This is where YOU come in!

  4. Adventurer of the LostWand You have to help the fairy find her wand back by solving the riddles and troubles that the dwarf is causing in the house.

  5. Who are you? GIRL BOY

  6. Once upon a time… in a dark room…

  7. You heard a strangesoundcomingfromoutside. Whatwillyou do ? Open the window. Open the door.

  8. Is there someone here? You should be SLEEPING! Yes!

  9. Oh! Hello little one. I am sorry to bother you. May I come in please? Yes! No!

  10. You should be asleep puny human! I cannot cause trouble if you see me! I should still cause it and blame you! I will try to stop him.. I will do nothing. I will open the window.

  11. PLEASE! It is very important . May I come in? Yes!

  12. Please, I need your help. An evil dwarf cursed me! I cannot remember my name. All I have are those words that I cannot read. Can you help me unscrambled them? Yes! No!

  13. Let’s play! Start the activity.

  14. What is my name? Mab Sab Yab Nab


  16. I will play loud music to wake up everyone in your house. I will try to stop him.. I will open the window.

  17. Let me in! I will help you! Yes! No!

  18. If we can quickly unscramble these words, I will be able to stop the dwarf. Help me! I cannot do it alone! Let’s play! No!

  19. GAME OVER! Try again.

  20. Adventurer of the LostWand CHAPTER 2...