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State of Connecticut Core-CT Project HRMS Users Group Meeting February 27, 2004 PowerPoint Presentation
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State of Connecticut Core-CT Project HRMS Users Group Meeting February 27, 2004

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State of Connecticut Core-CT Project HRMS Users Group Meeting February 27, 2004 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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State of Connecticut Core-CT Project HRMS Users Group Meeting February 27, 2004. Agenda - Welcome. HR Users Group - Welcome. As we move through the day, here is what you should expect. Navigating the Day. Upcoming changes Updates on each module

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State of Connecticut Core-CT Project HRMS Users Group Meeting February 27, 2004

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. State of ConnecticutCore-CT Project HRMS Users Group Meeting February 27, 2004

    2. Agenda - Welcome

    3. HR Users Group - Welcome As we move through the day, here is what you should expect. Navigating the Day • Upcoming changes • Updates on each module • Discussion of areas where there are recurring issues and related corrective actions • Please share with your co-workers • Upcoming activities • Plenty of time for Q&A – please hold until the end

    4. HRMS Users Group - Welcome We would like to thank you for all of your hard work, patience and support. The Road Traveled The Road Ahead • HRMS Support • Respond to Help Desk calls • Streamline processes • Training labs • SWAT teams to continue as needed • Ongoing development of job aids • Continuing efforts to resolve outstanding system problems • Transition to full state support • Core-CT went live on 10/27/03 • First paycheck issued on 11/14/03 • On-demand payroll registers developed in response to agencies’ needs • First W-2s and W-2-c’s for 2003 • SWAT team visits to agencies as needed • Rewrite of check stub/pay advice slated for 3/5/04 check date • Meetings with SEBAC

    5. HRMS Users Group Pay Stub and Advice Redesign Upcoming Changes • Due to much confusion & feedback on Checks and Advices, with the assistance from some 24/7 agencies, the following changes are being made: • Earnings box has been increased to 18 rows • Earnings have been categorized and consolidated – reduces the frequency of “Other” • Regular earnings appear first • No longer printing earnings that don’t add to gross or taxable wage • Changes and stuffer will be included in the 3/5 check • Further changes to consolidate FLSA will follow

    6. Agenda – Human Resources Update

    7. Human Resources Update Longevity Key Steps • Validate the Professional Experience Date on the Employment Data tab (if corrections are made enter General Comments to identify details) • Preliminary report scheduled to run beginning of March • Reports will list employees to be processed • Payment amounts • Employees who are exceptions • Second Preliminary report scheduled to run end of March • Final mode will be run mid-April (date to be determined) • Will load into Additional Pay

    8. Human Resources Update HR Topics • New Job Aid − Temporary Service in a Higher Class • Place permanent employee’s position on leave of absence • Assign employee to a concurrent job for TSHC assignment • Assign benefits, leave plans, general deductions to correct employee record number • Return employee to permanent position • Multiple Employee IDs • Agencies, Central Payroll, and Core-CT will need to participate in the correction • This will involve many steps such as YTD balances, general deductions, garnishments, benefits, additional pay, taxes and leave plans.

    9. Human Resources Update HR Topics, continued • Employee Record Number − 0 vs. 1 • Primary vs. Secondary Jobs • Correct History • Terminations • Cannot pay terminated employees after the pay period closes • Job aid coming soon • Position Data: • Effective date now defaults in the same as the last dated row and you must change the effective sequence or the effective date • Save Error • Workflow • Recycled/Denied • “Mark Worked” pushbutton

    10. Agenda – Time and Labor Update

    11. Time & Labor Update March 2004 Leave Batch Schedule

    12. Time & Labor Update March 2004 Leave Batch Schedule Key Points • Monday, March 1st - Leave Accruals for the month of February will be run. All employees enrolled in a leave plan that accrues time will receive their Full Time accrual • After the February leave accruals have been run, the part-time adjustment for those who received accruals based on scheduled hours will be run • Because the March 1st accrual is run before the payroll containing the last days of February is closed, we have increased the maximum balance allowed in each vacation plan by one month’s accrual to allow for those at max who used time at the end of the month.

    13. Time & Labor Update March 2004 Leave Batch Schedule Key Points, continued • Monday, March 8th -- prior to the two batch processes that adjust the accrual for those who have exceeded LAW limits and those PT employees whose time is pro-rated based on hours worked, two reports are available under “My Reports”* • Thursday, March 11th -- the processes that adjust the March 1st accrual for those who have exceeded the LAW limits and for those employees who are part time will be run • Thursday, March 11th -- the leave process that adjusts leave balances for time used or adjusted during the February 20th through March 4th pay period will be run • Thursday, March 25th -- the leave process for the pay period ending March 18th will be run.

    14. Time & Labor Update *Reporting Key Reports CTTLB353 – Shutoff Leave accrual Report – shows those employees who have used the accrual during the period 3/1 – 3/4/04 and whose leave balance will now go negative CTTLB359 – Part Time Employee Leave Accrual Process Report - shows the adjustment that will be made to the 3/1/04 accrual for those PT employees whose accrual is based on hours worked See also, the Daily Mail of January, 13, 2004

    15. Time & Labor Update Adjusting Time Key Points • In order for leave balances to be adjusted the entries must be part of a confirmed paycheck • Any changes or corrections to PL, sick or vacation time that are sent to Central Payroll via the Pay Corrections spreadsheet or a Petty Cash request must specify the time that is being adjusted using the appropriate earn codes • Use of the PLAD, SKAD and VAD TRCs to adjust time does not create an error message nor an exception if the amount of time entered is greater than the employee’s leave balance. This can result in a negative balance!

    16. Time & Labor Update Adjusting Time Key Points, continued • Discussion of Handout Scenarios • Additional information on adjustments can be found in: • Job Aids – Performing Prior Period Adjustments and Making Payments after Time and Labor Closes • Daily Mail for 12/9/03, 12/12/03 and 1/23/04

    17. Agenda – Payroll Update

    18. Payroll Update Deduction Effective Dates and End Dates Key Points • General Deduction Menu Path - Compensate Employees>Maintain Payroll Data(US)>Use>General Deduction Data • Effective Date • Should always be the pay period begin date • For example, to stop a deduction for Check date 03/19/04: • Pay period begin date 02/20/04 • Pay period end date 03/04/04 • ENTER Effective Date 02/20/04 • ENTER End Date 02/20/04

    19. Payroll Update Additional Pay Key Points • Additional Pay Menu Path - Compensate Employees>Maintain Payroll Data(US)>Use>Additional Pay • Effective Date • Should always be the pay period begin date • Always enter an end date even if a goal amount is entered. • For Check date 03/19/04: • Pay period begin date 02/20/04 • Pay period end date 03/04/04 • ENTER Effective Date 02/20/04 • ENTER End Date 03/04/04

    20. Payroll Update Employee Tax Data Key Points • Compensate Employees>Maintain Payroll Data(US)>Employee Tax Data • On the Employee Tax Data page, do not use the “Do Not Maintain Taxable Gross and Do Not Withhold Tax” radio button. • If employee claims to be exempt from Federal or State withholding, select the “Maintain Gross” radio button. • Other State’s taxes – When employee is hired, employee’s address is entered on HR personal data page. If an out of state address is entered the state (e.g., MA) is defaulted in on the employee’s state tax data page. This needs to be corrected on the tax data page. • To correct, delete out of state tax row and add CT tax row.

    21. Payroll Update Adding or Changing Union Deductions Key Points • Employee’s union code can be found: Administer Workforce > Administer Workforce > Use > Job Data > Select the Job Labor tab • If an employee’s job change puts them in a different union the first union deduction is ended automatically and it is your responsibility to enter the new union deduction. • Find list of union deduction codes that the employee is eligible for based on the employee union code (Job Labor tab on the Job Data page)

    22. Payroll Update Employee/Employer Deductions Table Excerpt • Employer’s Share of Retirement • When setting up an employee’s retirement deduction you are prompted to enter the corresponding employer deduction or vice versa.

    23. Payroll Update UNCER – Employer Unemployment Compensation Key Points • You must capture the State Share Deduction for all Employee Classes except: • GA: Graduate Assistant UConn • GR: Graduate Assistant CSU • GU: Graduate Assistant UCHC • IP: Inmate/Patient Employee • LS: Student Laborer • CO: Contractor No Benefits • If an employee has multiple jobs and an Employee Class of one of the above, UNCER would be excluded from the UNCER exempt job and assigned to the non-UNCER exempt job.

    24. Payroll Update Key Points • Review employee union deductions – • Review employee retirement deductions –

    25. Payroll Update Payroll Support Key Points • Call Central Payroll whenever − • A time-critical payroll change is needed • A W-2 error is found • Call the Help Desk with questions on – • System response time • Ability to run reports • System navigation

    26. Agenda – Benefits Update

    27. Benefits Update Key Points • Event Maintenance • Benefits Billing • Retroactive Processing • Reports • Miscellaneous

    28. Benefits Update - Event Maintenance Key Points • Event Maintenance • Job Data Events • Manual Events • Enrollment & Confirmation Statements • Correct History

    29. Benefits Update - Event Maintenance (cont.) Key Points • Job Data Events • Automated processing of additions/changes made to an employee’s Job/Personal Data • Hire • Leave of Absence • Transfers • Termination • COBRA

    30. Benefits Update - Event Maintenance (cont.) Key Points • Manual Events • Entered on the BAS Activity Page • Family Status Change - Medical/Dental Plans only • COBRA • Loss of Coverage - Medical/Dental Plans only • Voluntary Termination - Medical/Dental and Life Plans • Beneficiary Change - Life Plans only

    31. Benefits Update - Event Maintenance (cont.) Key Points • Enrollment Statements • System Generated • Personalized for each employee • Employee has 30 days from the date of the event to return the completed statement • Applicable to both Health and Life Insurance • Default is to waive coverage • All events commencing on or after November 1, 2003 require the use of Core-CT Enrollment Statements • Annual Benefits Base Rate - must be entered prior to printing

    32. Benefits Update - Event Maintenance (cont.) Key Points • Obsolete Forms • CO-1048A Health Insurance Enrollment Form • Health Carrier Change Forms • ML9009S - Life Insurance Enrollment Form • ML9200 - Beneficiary Change Forms • CO-1022 COBRA Form • CO-1022-1 Cigna Dental COBRA Form

    33. Benefits Update - Event Maintenance (cont.) Key Points • Confirmation Statements • System generated confirmation of employee’s benefit elections • Permits employees to verify that elections were entered as intended

    34. Benefits Update - Event Maintenance (cont.) Key Points • Correct History • Correct History transactions are not processed automatically through Benefits Administration • Corrections made to HR data may require reprocessing of the event • Determine whether manual intervention is required

    35. Benefits Update - Benefits Billing Key Points • Benefits Billing • Enrollment is automatic • Process by which employees on leave without pay are billed and carriers paid

    36. Benefits Update - Retroactive Processing Key Points • Retroactive Processing • Retroactive premium deduction determined automatically • Arrears/Deductions not taken • Employee must be properly enrolled in a Plan • No processing of deduction overrides through the payroll system without prior approval from Central Benefits

    37. Benefits Update - Reports Key Points • Reports • Running reports regularly will identify employee records that require attention • See the Benefits Job Aids for a list of reports and their functionality • Examples: • Benefit Terminations • Missing Elections • Overage Dependent Report • Base Benefit Audit by Agency • Life Insurance Invalid Report

    38. Benefits Update - Misc. Key Points • Semi-Annual Life Insurance Update • Run Life Insurance Invalid report prior to April 1st • Correct errors • Annual Benefits Base Rate will be adjusted on April 1st • Compensation Rate as of April 1st • Retroactive wage increases made subsequent to April 1st are not contemplated • Compensation Rate field is required for all employees enrolled in Life Insurance. Failure to comply will result in inaccurate coverage and premium deductions

    39. Agenda – Key Messages

    40. Key Messages Some common areas to watch out for: Support Integration • Read your Daily Mail messages • Library exists on Core-CT web site • Use the Help Desk • Please don’t leave two messages and call the Help Desk • For time-critical Payroll changes, call Central Payroll • Integration means that agencies must continue to review and adjust business processes • When there is a job action, always consider cross-modular impacts: • Human Resources • Time & Labor • Benefits • Payroll

    41. Agenda

    42. Questions/Discussion Questions? Concerns? Feedback?

    43. Next Steps Thank you for your participation today. We look forward to continuing our work together to make Core-CT a success! • Look for this presentation on the Core-CT website ( • Next meeting – Friday, April 23, 2004 in Room 1002A and 1002B - 101 E. River Drive