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Heidy Bordas , Edward Marmol , Joan Santos PowerPoint Presentation
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Heidy Bordas , Edward Marmol , Joan Santos

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Heidy Bordas , Edward Marmol , Joan Santos - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Heidy Bordas , Edward Marmol , Joan Santos. Our Team.

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our team
Our Team
  • We are The Dynamic Sports Team , our group consists of three members which are Heidy Bordas Edward Marmol , and Joan Santos. Our project is to create a baseball page for the Lawrence high school sports website . The projects goal is to inform people of the information that is needed to be known about the lawrence high baseball teams. Also to know about the coaches and other people that are also a big part of the teams.
our costumers
Our Costumers
  • Our Team addresses the baseball section of the Lawrence High School Sports Website. The need that this project is addressing is to know the teams schedules like practices ,games e.t.c. Another need would be giving the information on how to can get in contact with the team coaches. The costumer who's needs we are addressing would be the coaches, players, parents, and any other visitors to the website.
our success for you
Our Success For You

We measure the success of this project by making sure that we have all the information having to do with the baseball teams. Not only senior but junior varsity and freshman. Making sure that we cover who we are playing against in games, what time games will be held, and making sure our website looks good and is neat for our customers .

what have we accomplished
What Have We Accomplished ?
  • So far we have managed to make our index page and to set up the varsity baseball team schedule. Still to accomplish we have to do the schedules for the junior varsity and freshman baseball teams schedules. Also take pictures of the teams and the coaches. This project will save the costumers time because instead of running all around looking for information, they can simply go to our website and get all information needed.
targeted audience
Targeted Audience
  • The target audience for our website would be coaches , the students on the teams and people interested in sporting event such as baseball , and also one who want to know what LHS has to offer involving baseball. The target audience affects the way we are designing our site because with out our audience we would have no where to start. We try to design this website in a way to make things easier for them we want to please the audience.
new skills
New Skills
  • While doing this project we have developed better skills on power point presentations. We learned how to work as a team to make this project work out for others they way they want it. We also learned how to approach costumers the right way which will help us not only for this website but for bigger and better things in the long run.
what do we bring to the table
What do we bring to the table ?
  • Each team member of this team has a different skill that they bring to the table. For example Edwards computer skills come in handy he is the one that does most computer work. Joan does the photography and Heidy would mostly be the speaker in the team