Welcome to esl global business spring 2013
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Welcome to ESL GLOBAL BUSINESS SPRING, 2013. Instructor Contact Information. Instructor Name: Mrs. Yolanda Mathews Email Address: ymathews@hotmail.com Office Location: ESL Institute/Student Hall. Course Objectives.

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Welcome to esl global business spring 2013


Instructor contact information
Instructor Contact Information

  • Instructor Name: Mrs.Yolanda Mathews

  • Email Address: ymathews@hotmail.com

  • Office Location: ESL Institute/Student Hall

Course objectives
Course Objectives

  • Provide ESL students with key business concepts and developments, and an understanding of how business works in different cultures.

  • Explore news, current trends and the latest ideas from around the world.

  • Focus on exercises and practical activities to enhance key grammar and vocabulary for improved workplace communication.

Class requirements
Class Requirements

  • Attend and participate actively in all general class sessions.

  • Complete all required readings, pronunciation exercises, and any related assignments.

  • Complete the mid-term and final exams.

Required materials
Required Materials


The course syllabus, presentations, and announcements may be accessed at:


Grading policy
Grading Policy

  • Your final grade will be based on the following:

  • Homework 10%

  • Quiz 10%

  • Attendance/Behavior/Participation 30% Midterm 25%Final 25%Total: 100%


  • Based on a RELATIVE SCALE

  • A’s: 20% (+/-10%)

  • B’s: 40% (+/10%)

  • C’s/D’s/F: 40% (+/-10)

Welcome to esl global business spring 2013

BEHAVIOR ACCOUNTS FOR up to 30% of your total grade.

What is Good Behavior?

  • Being On Time

  • Not Talking While I’m talking.

  • Not Using Your Cell Phone in Class Unless I Say It’s OK.

  • Paying Attention and Following Directions.

Attendance policy
Attendance Policy

  • More than 4 UNEXCUSED absences will result in a grade of FAIL.

  • Students late for more than the first 15 minutes of the class hour = 1 unexcused absence.

  • 3 times late = 1 unexcused absence.

Missed exam p olicy
Missed Exam Policy

This class has a total of two exams :

  • Midterm

  • Final

    a) Missing any exams (even one exam) results in

    an automatic F for the class.

    b) Makeup exams should be allowed in case of

    excused reasons for missing an exam, but ten points will be deducted.

Student attendance at department a ctivities and school e vents
Student Attendance at Department Activities and School Events

  • You must always have an original notice (red stamp/names in ink) No copies will be accepted!!

  • a) An official notice from the department must be submitted to the ESL office in advance. The notice should contain the department head’s signature.

  • b) Any impromptu event shall not be excused, other than an official request by any responsible person, including a professor or teaching assistant.

Student attendance at department activities and school events
Student Attendance at Department Activities and School Events

c) If you are involved in any Student Council activities:

  • A notice with the PRINTED participants’ names is needed.

  • Participants’ names written in handwriting shall not be admitted.

  • d) Any extracurricular activities including Spring Festival are not acceptable.

Esl class policy
ESL Class Policy Events

* Medical Reasons , (including doctor appointments) are no longer acceptable excuses for missing class.

  • Excused absences Include:

  • a) Physical exam for joining the Army.

  • b) Death of immediate family members within the first cousin.

Esl class policy1
ESL Class Policy Events

  • For all excused absences, students must submit confirmation documents to the ESL

    office within ONE week from the date of absence.

  • d) Reasons for absence other than above are unexcused including membership training!!

  • Prescriptions are not valid!!

Esl class policy2
ESL Class Policy Events

2) Tardiness

  • a) Late for more than the first 10 minutes of the

    class hour = 1 unexcused absence.

  • b) 2 times late = 1 unexcused absence.

    ***Students are expected to contact the ESL office for administrative tasks including changing class, and obtaining documents for excused absences.

Conversation classes for english majors
Conversation Classes for English Majors Events

  • 1) Classes that will be offered this semester:

    3 Advanced / 4 Intermediate / 4 Beginning

  • 3) The office of the English Department will assign students to each class according to their student ID number. If you have any questions, please go to the ESL office.

Class assistant
Class Assistant Events

I will need a classroom assistant this semester.

The Duties of a classroom assistant include:

1. Bring and set up a projector and speaker before the start of class when needed. Equipment will need to be disassembled and returned after every class. Projector equipment may be obtained from the Lecture Hall, 2nd Floor.

2. Obtain contact information from all students in the class and relay any important announcements made by me, such as last minute class delays or cancellations.

3. Erase whiteboards at the conclusion of each class.