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Marine Coastal Biome PowerPoint Presentation
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Marine Coastal Biome

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Marine Coastal Biome - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Marine Coastal Biome

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  1. Marine Coastal Biome By Amanda Olszyk

  2. Coastal Biomes Location on Earth: Tide pools, beaches around the world. Climate: As you get closer the equator, it gets warmer. If you go further, it is cooler. Organisms: Many various species of plants and animals.

  3. Location On Earth….

  4. Location of Coastal Biomes Coastal biomes are located all over the world. Oceans and other bodies of water make up ¾ of the Earths space, and where the land meets the sea is the coast. Coastal biomes can be located anywhere from the United States to Australia. The biomes can either be rocky, like a tide pool, or sandy like a beach. Therefore, coastal biomes are many places in the world.

  5. Location! A beach is a marine coastal biome This rocky area on the coast is also a coastal biome.

  6. Climate of marine coastal biome!

  7. Climate!

  8. The marine coastal biome doesn’t have one climate. The area is so large it isn't possible. Oceans cover ¾ of Earth, and wherever the water meets land is considered a coastal biome. Therefore, there are many different temperatures of the marine coastal biome.

  9. Organisms! There are hundreds of organisms in the marine coastal biome, such as this Linckia laevigata

  10. Many organisms of coastal biomes.

  11. The marine coastal biome is home to many species of organisms. It is full of animals and plants. There are many different Kinds of fish, crabs, Birds, and plants everywhere in the coastal areas.

  12. LIST OF ORGANISMS! Sea Urchin Sea star Sea Anemone Sea Hare Mussel Chiton Limpet AND MANY, MANY MORE!

  13. Marine Coastal Biome As you can see, the marine coastal biome is a very diverse place, full of various organisms, and not one climate. It’s located all over the world, where the water from Oceans meets land.

  14. Quiz. Where is the marine coastal biome located? a) the sun. b) Mrs. Lewis’ classroom. c) all over the world where ocean meets land. d) why would I care? e) the mall. f) all of the above.

  15. Correct Answer: C.

  16. Quiz. What is the climate of the marine coastal biome? a) usually around 80 degrees. b) it is really cold and snowy. c) both a and b. d) Negative 123,456,789 degrees. e) It doesn’t have a clime since it is located over such a great area. f) purple.

  17. Correct Answer: E

  18. Quiz. What kind of organism might you find in a marine coastal biome? a) PUMA! b) Giraffe c) Dinosaur d) Dog. e) Airplane. f) Starfish.

  19. Correct Answer: F

  20. Quiz. What is considered a coastal biome? a) a tide pool b) the jungle. c) a rock. d) a pirate ship. e) the dessert. f) the supermarket.

  21. Correct Answer: A

  22. CONGRATULATIONS! You have learned all about the marine coastal biome!