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Financial Grant Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Financial Grant Management

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Financial Grant Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Financial Grant Management. Presented by: Lindsey Butorac Accountant Controller’s Office. The grant was funded – now what?. Immediately send the grant agreement and other documents to the Controller’s Office The Controller’s Office will: Review the grant agreement:

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Financial Grant Management

Presented by:

Lindsey Butorac


Controller’s Office

the grant was funded now what
The grant was funded – now what?
  • Immediately send the grant agreement and other documents to the Controller’s Office
  • The Controller’s Office will:
    • Review the grant agreement:
      • For compliance with terms, conditions, and applicable laws
      • With Risk Management for insurance and liability issues
      • With Human Resources for employment related issues
    • Obtain the signature of a Contracting Officer if needed
    • Mail the signed grant agreement to the granting agency
    • Send signed copies of the grant agreement to the Principal Investigator and the Grants & Research Office
authorized officials officers
Authorized Officials & Officers
  • Authorized Official for grant proposals:
    • Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Dean of Graduate Studies – Cynthia Prosen
  • Primary Contracting Officer for grant agreements and contracts:
    • V.P. of Finance and Administration – R. Gavin Leach
  • Only individuals authorized by the Board of Trustees may legally bind the University
post award process
Post Award Process
  • The Grants & Research Office will send you a memo acknowledging your award with a copy of the Request for Grant Organization Number form
    • Form is also available on Grants & Research Website
  • Once the form is complete, return the original to the Controller’s Office and a copy to the Grants & Research Office
  • A meeting will be scheduled for the Principal Investigator to meet with representatives from the Grants & Research Office and the Controller’s Office to discuss any requirements and questions
request for grant org form
Request for Grant Org # Form
  • Complete and submit this form along with a copy of the award letter and most recent budget
  • Make sure line 4 of the form is filled in:
    • Signature of financial manager (usually the department head) is required
    • Normally the department’s main organization number is listed starting with a 2 or 3
    • A grant organization number (starts with 5) cannot be used
  • Must be signed by the Principal Investigator

Post Award Process Cont’d

  • Principal Investigator will be e-mailed an organization number to use for the grant expenses
    • Expenses must be within dates specified in grant agreement
    • Expenses must be in line with the approved budget
  • The Principal Investigator is the Financial Manager of the organization number assigned to the grant and approves all expenses
  • Supervisor approval still required for certain transactions:
    • Personal reimbursements to Principal Investigator
    • Travel of the Principal Investigator
    • Business Entertaining of University Guests paid by Principal Investigator
how do i spend the money
How Do I Spend the Money?
  • University Credit Card
  • Purchase Order
  • Check Request
  • Journal Entry
  • Personal Services Contract
  • University Department Charge
  • Payroll
important things to remember
Important Things to Remember
  • Do not purchase an item and say “bill NMU”
  • Do not personally pay for software, cameras, or equipment – prior approval is needed
  • If the item has a warranty do not purchase personally and request reimbursement from NMU
    • Warranty is held by original owner and will be voided when reimbursed by NMU
    • University credit card or Purchase Order should be used for warranty to be issued to NMU
important things to remember1
Important Things to Remember
  • Purchase order is required for purchases that need to be bid
  • Food Service Policy must be followed for food consumed on campus
  • Hazardous materials must be purchased in accordance with the Hazardous Materials Management Policy:
university credit card concur
University Credit Card & Concur
  • The University credit card issued to you can be used for expenses that need to be charged to the grant
  • Graduate Assistants can be issued University credit cards under special circumstances
  • List the grant organization number to be charged when settling expenses in Concur
university credit card concur1
University Credit Card & Concur
  • The settlement process is essentially the same as other University credit card purchases with the addition of a grant review
  • Principal investigator must approve all grant charges as the financial manager (travel requires supervisor approval)
  • Credit card expenses are NOT charged to the grant until they are completely settled in Concur
purchase order
Purchase Order
  • Frequently used to order supplies or services over $1,000
  • Send completed Purchase Requisition and any supporting backup to Controller’s Office first for pre-audit (only for grants)
  • Controller’s Office will forward to purchasing
  • When goods arrive from the vendor:
    • Indicate that goods have been received on a copy of the Purchase Order, sign & mark “ok to pay”
    • Forward to Vendor Payables for payment
purchase requisition
Purchase Requisition

Financial manager’s signature required

List organization # to be charged here

Send to Controller’s Office for pre-audit

Itemize items to be purchased and other special instructions here

purchase order1
Purchase Order
  • Make copy of Purchase Order
  • Sign and indicate “ok to pay” when goods received
  • Forward to Vendor Payables for payment
check request
Check Request
  • Frequently used for:
    • Refunds or purchases that require pre-payment such as dues, memberships, and subscriptions
    • Personal reimbursements (other than travel)
      • Must attach original receipts showing proof of payment
      • Supervisor signature required
check request1
Check Request

Personal reimbursements require original receipts showing payment (please look carefully as packing slips and order confirmations do not always show proof of payment)

Attach original and one copy of invoice or other support for dues, subscriptions, or memberships

List organization # to be charged here

List account code here

Signature of financial manager required

(also need supervisor’s signature for personal reimbursement to PI)

common account codes
Common Account Codes
  • 7120 – Office Supplies
  • 7123 – Education Supplies
  • 7128 – Lab Supplies
  • 7135 – Other Supplies
  • 7140 – Room Rental
  • 7141 – Equipment Rental
  • 7142 – Misc. Rental
  • 7155 – Other Fees
  • 7160 – Admin Expense
  • 7161 – Subscriptions
  • 7162 – Memberships
  • 7163 – Advertising
  • 7165 – Stdt Programming
  • 7180 – Repairs & Maint.
  • 7190 – Printing
  • 7191 – Postage
  • 7192 - Prof. Services
  • 7300 – Faculty Travel
  • 7305 – Staff Travel
  • 7310 – Student Travel
  • 7330 – Univ Guest Expense
  • 7340 – Group Expenses
journal entry
Journal Entry
  • A journal entry is normally used to move a charge to the proper organization number
  • Common example: the department paid for supplies that should have been charged to the grant
  • Please contact your department or the Controller’s Office for assistance completing this form
personal services contracts
Personal Services Contracts
  • Used to purchase services from individuals, such as:
    • Contractors/Consultants
    • Presenters/Performers
    • External evaluators
  • Two forms need to be completed:
    • Transmittal Form (internal document)
    • Limited or Standard Services Contract
personal services contracts1
Personal Services Contracts
  • Forms are available in the Warehouse
  • Standard Services Contract is also available in electronic format from Risk Management (2745)
  • Send completed forms directly to Risk Management for processing
  • NMU employees cannot be paid through a personal services contract - must be paid via additional assignment through payroll
university department charges
University Department Charges
  • University departments can directly charge a grant for services – just let them know the organization number
  • Authorized departments include, but are not limited to:
    • Printing Services
    • Mail Services
    • Bookstore
    • Conference & Catering
    • Audio Visual
    • Transportation
payroll related issues
Payroll Related Issues
  • Please see your department secretary to pay:
    • Student Employees
    • Temporary Employees
    • Graduate Assistants
    • Additional Assignments
  • Additional Assignments require an EPS contract to be prepared by the department and approved by the Dean
adjunct replacements
Adjunct Replacements
  • Amounts needed to cover the cost of adjunct replacements for release time are often budgeted when preparing a grant proposal
  • Adjunct replacements cannot be charged directly to the grant
  • Salary and fringe benefits of the person performing the work will be charged to the grant up to a maximum allowed by the grant
  • Funding of adjunct replacements will be handled by the Department and/or Dean’s Office
fringe benefit rates
Fringe Benefit Rates
  • Fringe benefit rates vary based on type of position
  • Common Fringe Benefits Rates (As of 7/1/08)
    • AAUP Faculty – 45.6%
    • NMUFA Faculty – 56.9%
    • Additional Assignment/Overload – 24.2%
    • Adjunct Faculty – 17.6%
    • Temporary Labor – 13.7%
students fringe benefits
Students & Fringe Benefits
  • A student must be enrolled in the minimum credit hours to be considered a student employee and not subject to fringe benefits
    • Undergraduate 6 credits
    • Graduate 4 credits
  • A student who is not enrolled in the minimum credit hours is considered Temporary Labor
    • Temporary Labor Appointment form needs to be completed and submitted to Human Resources
    • Human Resources approval is needed prior to hiring
students fringe benefits1
Students & Fringe Benefits
  • A student must be enrolled for Fall to be considered Temporary Student Labor during the summer. The student will be subject to 13.7% for fringe benefits.
  • A student enrolled in the minimum credit hours during Summer is considered Student Labor and not subject to fringe benefits
  • All students are considered Temporary Student Labor and subject to 13.7% for fringe benefits during August
travel business entertainment
Travel & Business Entertainment
  • Employee travel expenses are reimbursed at current IRS rates
    • Mileage rate ~ Effective January 1, 2009, personal vehicle mileage will be reimbursed at 55 cents per mile
    • Meals with an overnight stay are reimbursed at actual cost up to a maximum of $32 in a 24-hour period
    • Meals without an overnight stay are reimbursed at actual cost
    • Lodging ~ receipts required and reimbursed at actual cost
    • Parking or taxi ~ receipts required for amounts over $75 per occurence
travel business entertainment1
Travel & Business Entertainment
  • Business entertaining of University guests are reimbursed at actual cost with receipts
  • Granting agency may have specific restrictions regarding entertainment expenses
  • University Travel Policy and Procedures can be found at:
cost share match
Cost Share/Match
  • Any cost share/match proposed in the grant application must be documented
  • Documentation needed will be determined on a case-by-case basis and will be discussed with Principal Investigator
  • Common types of documentation:
    • Time & Effort Reports
    • Revenue and Expense Transaction Report with expenses highlighted to support department expenditures
    • Cash transfer to grant
sample time effort report
Sample Time & Effort Report

Complete actual effort column (must total 100%)

Signed by both employee & supervisor

how do i view my budget
How Do I View My Budget?
  • Controller’s Office will provide access for you to view University Finance Reports through MyNMU
  • First time users will receive an e-mail with setup instructions – please call the Controller’s Office (2054) if you have difficulties
  • Current Balance Reports - choose the “Financial Statement for Grants & Projects” to see the summary status for the entire grant period
  • Transaction Reports – “Revenue and Expense Transactions for Projects & Grants” to see all transaction details for the entire grant period
summary report
Summary Report

Balance of Grant Available to Spend

Click on: Administrative Reports Finance Reports Current Balance Reports Financial Statement for Grants & Projects

detail transaction report
Detail Transaction Report

Click on: Administrative Reports Finance Reports Transaction Reports Revenue and Expense Transactions for Projects & Grants

budget suggestions
Budget Suggestions
  • The University Finance Reports only contain information that has been processed by accounting
  • Suggested method to determine what has and has not been processed:
    • Keep a file with copies of invoices and receipts related to the grant
    • Regularly verify with the detail transaction report what transactions have been processed and move processed invoices/receipts to a paid file
how do i change the budget
How do I change the budget?
  • Budget modifications generally require prior approval of the granting agency
  • Budget requirements are usually stated in the grant agreement and vary by agency
  • Some agencies allow a 10-20% deviation per category in the budget while others are not so lenient
  • Please contact the Controller’s Office to discuss your budget situation before contacting the granting agency to modify the budget
financial reporting
Financial Reporting
  • The Controller’s Office will generally prepare and submit all financial reports and cash requests
  • Any financial data prepared by the Principal Investigator, including data in the program report, must be submitted to the Controller’s Office for approval PRIOR to submission to an external organization
important phone numbers
Important Phone Numbers
  • Grants & Research
    • Andrew Smentkowski – 2456
    • Sandra Gayk – 2440
  • Controller’s Office – 2054
    • Lindsey Butorac – 1076
  • Purchasing - 2360
  • Human Resources – 2330
  • Risk Management - 2745
have further questions or need help
Have Further Questions or Need Help

Contact Me!

Lindsey Butorac


Controller’s Office

1406 Hedgcock

Phone: 227-1076

Fax: 227-2167