eric q reynolds vice president atlas medical corporation
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Eric Q. Reynolds Vice-President Atlas Medical Corporation

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Eric Q. Reynolds Vice-President Atlas Medical Corporation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Eric Q. Reynolds Vice-President Atlas Medical Corporation. Healthcare EMR Emergence and Laboratory EMR Strategies for 2009. Eric Q. Reynolds. Currently ATLAS Medical VP of Sales and Marketing Twenty (gulp) years in laboratory industry Survived a gauntlet of positions Toxicologist

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Presentation Transcript
eric q reynolds vice president atlas medical corporation
Eric Q. Reynolds


Atlas Medical Corporation

Healthcare EMR Emergence and Laboratory EMR Strategies for 2009

Eric Q. Reynolds
  • Currently ATLAS Medical VP of Sales and Marketing
    • Twenty (gulp) years in laboratory industry
    • Survived a gauntlet of positions
      • Toxicologist
      • Client Services
      • System Deployments and Training
      • Field Team Management
      • Sales and Account Management
    • Joined ATLAS Medical in Fall of 2007
Webinar Agenda
  • EMR Definition
    • What an EMR Does
    • The Role of the EMR in Outpatient Clinics vs. Hospitals
  • EMR Facts and Industry Trends
  • EMR Market Adoption
  • Physician EMR Adoption
  • Government Gets Involved (Stark, CCHIT, and HITECH)
  • Physician EMR Requirements for Lab Orders and Results
  • Lab/EMR Integration vs. “one off” Interfacing
  • Benefits to Lab/EMR Integration
Outpatient EMR Definition
  • PMS (Practice Management System) for Administrative Use
  • Registration
  • Scheduling
  • Billing
  • May be included as part of the EMR or a stand alone product
  • > 90% adoption nationally *
  • EMR (Electronic Medical Record) for Clinical Use
  • Patient charts
  • Medications, Conditions, Allergies
  • Results (Laboratory, ECG, Radiology)
  • 17% adoption nationally **
  • * Source: Physicians Practice, “IT Enhancement: Time, at Last, for an Upgrade?”author Shirley Grace, February 2007
  • ** Source: The New England Journal of Medicine, “Electronic Health Records in Ambulatory Care - A National Survey of Physicians” July 3, 2008
What Does an Outpatient EMR Do?

Electronic Medical Record

• What was paper, isn’t

• Anytime access to

patient’s charts

• Clinical workflow mgmt.

• Clinical assessment

• Disease management

• Interfaces to/from:

• Labs

• Radiology

• ECG/Cath

• Other EMRs

• Outcomes Reporting

EMR: Outpatient vs. Hospital

Outpatient Clinic

PMS Administrative

  • Registration
  • Scheduling
  • Billing
  • ADT
  • Registration
  • Scheduling
  • Billing

EMR Clinical

  • Patient Charts
  • Meds, problems,
  • allergies
  • Results (Labs,
  • ECG,Rad)
  • Enterprise wide
  • repository
  • Generally labs
  • and documents
EMR Industry Facts and Trends
  • Currently over 350 EMRs are available in North America
  • 32 new EMR vendors have been certified over the past 12 months
  • Quest and LCA investing significant $$ in EMR interfacing and have a head start over hospitals
  • 2009 Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (“HITECH”) will spur significant increases in EMR utilization in the outpatient setting
  • Significant challenges will be placed on independent laboratories and hospital laboratories to integrate with all manner of outpatient EMR systems
EMR Vendor Snapshot
  • Top 10 EMR Vendors (smaller 1-10 Physician practices)
  • (largest growth sector):
          • NextGen
          • AllscriptsMisys (Merger Completed 10/08) (Allscripts purchased A4 Health in 2006)
          • McKesson (puchase Practice Partner 2/07) (PMSI name change to Practice Partner in 2006)
          • e-MDs
          • e-ClinicalWorks
          • iMedica
          • Sage
          • Emdeon Intergy EMR (WebMD)
          • GE Centricity
          • Medinotes
EMR Market Adoption

Source: CDC, Health Affairs, AC Group, MGMA, SFG Research.

Compiled: Susquehanna Financial Group investor report on Allscripts, published 3/22/07

Physician EMR Adoption Profile

Investment (time, tools, etc, …)


Lab Orders are

adopted when

general orders

are adopted

Full Encounter


CPOE requirement

Complete EMR workflow

Lab Results are

required in 90% of

EMR go-lives

Face sheet documentation

E&M Compliance

Billing efficiencies

Disease management





Script legibility

Interaction checks

Formulary compliance

Phone notes

Virtual “to do” list

Office efficiencies

View and


Minimal workflow impact

Populates chart with clinical data; lab results and transcription usually via scanned documents

Chart review from home

EMR Implementation Timeline

2006 – Uncle Sam Gets Involved

In August 2006, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

published rules that provide an exception under the physician self-referral

prohibition law (Stark), as well as safe harbor under the anti-kickback act

(AKA), for the donation of interoperable EHR technology to physicians and

other health care practitioners or entities.

EHR software is “deemed to be interoperable if a certifying body recognized

by the Secretary has certified the software no more than 12 months prior to

the date it is provided to the physician/recipient.”

CCHIT is an officially recognized certifying body

CCHIT = Certification Committee for Healthcare Information Technology

CCHIT Certification Chronology

CCHIT interoperabilityrequirements that impact laboratory

Currently it’s a Low Bar, 32 EMR vendors have been certified


􀀹Transmit the Lab Test Order Electronically


􀀹Receive Microbiology lab results

􀀹Capture co-signatures for orders

􀀹Associated Images with result


􀀹Receive General Text Reports

􀀹Display normal versus abnormal results

􀀹Display flow sheets

􀀹Provider results notification

􀀹Order lab diagnostic tests

􀀹Associate a diagnosis with a test

􀀹Test specific AOE prompts

􀀹Transmit the lab order – ONLY ON PAPER

􀀹Group, or panel ordering

Still Missing Today:

􀀹Electronic Orders

􀀹Auto-update of Orders

􀀹Rules based Routing

HITECH Begins in 2009
  • CCHIT expected to be go forward certification body for healthcare IT
  • $19 billion in incentives and funding
    • $17 billion in physician incentives
    • $2 billion in HHS “discretionary funds”
  • Aims to dramatically drive interoperability standards across healthcare IT
  • 90% physician EMR adoption by 2020?*

*2009 Congressional Budget Office

What Physicians Want for Lab
  • All orders originate from within the physician’s EMR
  • Must be easy to use! Want the fewest “clicks” to order and view lab
  • Dynamically update physicians’ ordering information
  • Make it part of physicians’ normal EMR workflow
  • All results returned to physicians’ EMR and matched to their patients’ record (IP/OP/OR)
  • Inform the ordering provider of pending results
EMR Integration

Physician Office Perception:


Integration…Not the Other “I” Word
  • Integration vs. “One-off” Interfacing:
  • Eliminates costly burden of building, maintaining and supporting “one off” interfaces from hospital IT dept.
  • Eliminates incomplete lab orders: ex) missing clinical, billing, and business information
  • Test and result codes correctly mapped and updated
  • Automatic standardized laboratory requisition and label printing
  • Order routing based on insurance plan
  • Enables EMR to accept unsolicited and/or partial results
Benefits of EMR Integration Platform
  • Improve customer service and client satisfaction
    • Make it easier for your customers to order within their EMR
    • Consolidates inpatient, outpatient, outreach results
    • Perform test and bill correctly the first time, avoid calling for missing clinical and billing information
    • Creates another exit barrier with physician
  • Increase revenue, improve efficiency, reduce operational costs
    • Decrease billing and clinical errors
    • Eliminate data entry at the lab and PSC
    • Reduce costly data correction/retrieval activities
    • Reduce medical necessity denials and write-offs