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Presentation on Software quality

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Presentation on Software quality - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presentation on Software quality. What is quality?. There are generally two major camps W hen discussing the meaning and definition Of quality……. Conformance to specification Meeting customer needs. Conformance to specification According to this….

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Presentation on Software quality

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    1. Presentation on Software quality

    2. What is quality? There are generally two major camps W hen discussing the meaning and definition Of quality……. • Conformance to specification • Meeting customer needs

    3. Conformancetospecification According to this…. Quality is defined as a matter of products and services whose Measurable characterstics satisfy A fixed specification .

    4. Meetingcustomerneeds According to this……… Quality is identified independent Of any measurable characterstics That is it is defined as products or Services capability to meet customer Expectation- explicit or not.

    5. Quality according to crosby According to him The first erroneous assumption is That quality means goodness or Luxury or shininess. The word “quality” is often used to signify the Relative worth of something in such Phrases as “good quality”, ”bad Quality” and “ quality of life” which Means different to each and every Person.

    6. Quality according to deming According to him The difficulty in defining quality is to Translate future needs of the user Into measurable characterstics So that a product can be designed And turned out to give satisfaction At a price that user will pay…

    7. Quality according to feigenbaum Quality is customer satisfaction ,not an engineer’s determination Not a marketing determination, not A general management determ- -ination .it is basically based upon Customer’s actual experience with The product or service measured Against his or her requirements – Stated or unstated ,conscious or Merely sensed, technically operation- -al or entirely subjective and always A moving target in a competitive Market..

    8. Quality according to ishikawa Ishikawa writes the following in his Book “ what is quality control “? We engage in quality control in order To manufacture products with Quality which can satisfy the Requirements of consumers .we must Also keep in mind that consumer’s Requirements change from year to Year and even frequently updated Standards cannot keep the place with Consumer’s requirements

    9. Quality according to juran In “juran’s quality control handbook” Joseph m.juran provides two meaning To quality: • quality consist of those product Features which meet the need of Customer’s and there by provide Product satisfaction. • Nevertheless ,it is most convenient To standardize on a short defination Of the word quality as “fitness for For use”.

    10. Quality according to shewart a.Shewart defines quality in “economic control of quality of Manufactured product “ as follows There are two common aspects of Quality • One of them has to do with the Consideration of the quality of a Thing as an objective reality Independent of the existence of man.

    11. Continued…………… • The other has to with what we think, feel or sense as a Result of objective reality. In other words ,there is as Subjective side of quality.

    12. Mccall’s quality model (1977) This model is primarily aimed towards The system developers and the system Develpoment process. In his quality model mccall attempts To bridge the gap between the users And developers by focusing on a Number of software quality factor That reflects both the user’s view And developer’s priorities..

    13. Mccall quality model has 3 major perspective

    14. Product revision

    15. Product transition

    16. Product operations

    17. Boehm’s quality model (1978) • His model attempts to qualitatively Define software quality by a given Set of attributes and matrices. • He represented high level charac- -terstics ,primitive characterstics- Each of which contributes to the Overall quality level,

    18. Higher –level chracterstics …..

    19. Continued………… Boehm addresses the contemporary Shortcomings of models is the Quality of software. The intermediate level characterstics Represent boehm’s 7 quality factors That together represent the qualities Expected from a software system.

    20. Seven quality factors

    21. Difference between mccall’s & boehm’s quality model

    22. Refernces…….. crosby,p.b. quality is free :the art of making quality Certain , newyork : mcgraw hill, 1979. ishikawa, k. what is quality control?: japanese way ,prentice-hall,1985 juranjm,juran’s quality conrol handbook, mcgraw hill,1988 fiegenbauma.v,total quality control,mcgraw hill, 1983..

    23. Thanku!