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Cuba. By Vamara Traore. Cuba. Map. Flag.

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By VamaraTraore




The largest island of the West Indies group equal in area to Pennsylvania, Cuba is also the westernmost, just west of Hispaniola, and 90 mi (145 km) south of Key West, Fla., at the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico. The island is mountainous in the southeast and south-central area (Sierra Maestra). It is flat or rolling elsewhere.

  • White- peace and honesty
  • Red - hardiness, bravery, strength & valour
  • Blue - vigilance, truth and loyalty, perseverance & justice
  • The economy of Cuba is a largely centrally planned economy dominated by state-run enterprises overseen by the Cuban government, though there remains significant foreign investment and private enterprise in Cuba. Most of the means of production are owned and run by the government, and most of the labor force is employed by the state, although in recent years, the formation of cooperatives and self-employment has been encouraged by the Communist Party. In the year 2000, public sector employment was 76% and private sector employment was 23% compared to the 1981 ratio of 91% to 8%. Capital investment is restricted and requires approval by the government. The Cuban government sets most prices and rations goods to citizens. In 2009, Cuba ranked 51st out of 182 with an HDI of 0.863; remarkably high considering its GDP per capita only places it 95th.Cuba also significantly outperforms the rest of Latin America in terms of infant and child mortality, morbidity, educational attainment and an array of other social and health indicators.
famous actor
Famous actor
  • Évora started out his career in his native Cuba appearing in more than ten movies before moving to Mexico in the early 1990s. He became known for playing minor roles in the seminal Corazónsalvaje and the long-running Agujetas de color de rosa in 1993 and 1994, respectively. In 1995 Évora won his first leading role playing opposite Daniela Romo in Si Dios Me Quita La Vida.
  • Leading roles in Luz Clarita, Gentebien and especially El privilegio de amar soon established Évora as one of the most popular leading men in the industry. He has maintained a high profile after performances in successful productions such as La Madrastra, La esposaVirgen, and Mundo de Fieras. He recently acted in the telenovelaAl Diablo con los Guapos and in En Nombre del Amor.
  • Évora acquired Mexican citizenship in 1999.
  • Cuba was inhabited by Native American people known as the Taíno , also called Arawak by the Spanish, and Guanajatabey andCiboneypeople before the arrival of the Spanish. The ancestors of these Native Americans migrated from the mainland of North, Central and South America several centuries earlier.The native Tainos called the island Caobana.
  • In the 1820s, when the rest of Spain's empire in Latin America rebelled and formed independent states, Cuba remained loyal. Although there was agitation for independence, the Spanish Crown gave Cuba the motto La SiempreFidelísima Isla ("The Always Most Faithful Island"). This loyalty was due partly to Cuban settlers' dependence on Spain for trade, their desire for protection from pirates and against a slave rebellion, and partly because they feared the rising power of the United States more than they disliked Spanish rules.
  • President …… RaúlCastro
  • Vice President ……J. R. M. Ventura
  • President of the National Assembly …… Ricardo Alarcón
  • Communist state.


Things the Celebrate

  • Normally, breakfast for Cuban families start with Cafe con Leche and toasted Cuban bread with butter. Scrambled eggs with cheese is another popular breakfast as well.
  • Lunch is usually in the late afternoon (between 1 and 2 PM). This is the main meal where you'll have your 3-course meal. Start with a tomato and avocado salad, then you may have a traditional black beans with white rice and picadillo. Don't forget a dessert, such as Flan.
  • Dinner time is usually something lighter, such as a sandwich or some cheese and chorizo.
  • New Years
  • Christmas
  • Birthdays
  • Dances
  • Cha ChaCha
  • Rumba