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Case Report “Cooties”

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Case Report “Cooties” . Aldair Cabra Ryan Howe Kiana Smith Keishmari Vega. Patient- Daniel Stevens . 21 year old, Caucasian male reports symptoms of fever, chills, and sweating profusely and an inflammation of the stomach. He also reports having nausea and diarrhea.

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case report cooties

Case Report“Cooties”

Aldair Cabra

Ryan Howe

Kiana Smith

Keishmari Vega

patient daniel stevens
Patient- Daniel Stevens
  • 21 year old, Caucasian male reports symptoms of fever, chills, and sweating profusely and an inflammation of the stomach. He also reports having nausea and diarrhea.
  • Patient reports noticing symptoms for a week, but thought that it was a common flu.
daniel stevens
Daniel Stevens
  • A college student at Ohio State University majoring in Journalism.
  • Reported that he recently lost his mother to Breast Cancer.
exam at local hospital
Exam at Local Hospital
  • Patient was seen by Physician Assistant
  • History and had physical exam
  • Medical history: Jaundice, has herpes (prescribed antiviral tablets to reduce outbreak)
  • Family history: No record of family history
  • Allergies: bees and amoxicillin
  • Patient Medication-Pseudoephedrine
physician assistant pa
Physician Assistant (PA)
  • Practice medicine under the supervision of a physiscian
  • Work in inner city clinics
  • Medicine doctor
  • Vital Signs
  • Ht 77” Wt 186 T-98.9°F, P-86, R-19
  • HEENT: Autraumatic, Pupils are equal
  • CN Exam: WNL
  • Palpation shows minor inflated spleen
  • Normal Reflexes
  • Muscle Strength in lower/upper extremities, graded as +3 bilaterally
  • Normal lung sound
  • Heart Sound: Murmur detected
exam cont
Exam (cont)
  • Abdominal exam shows pain, hernia detected
  • Diagnosis (DX)- Viral Gastroenteritis
  • Treatment (RX)- Check up with doctor weekly and get blood work done
patient in crisis
Patient in Crisis
  • Patient has diarrhea, panic attacks, vision disturbances and depression
  • Other disturbing symptoms are vivid dreams, nausea, and headaches.
  • Sent to the doctor after 2 weeks of these constant symptoms
patient is admitted to hospital
Patient is admitted to Hospital
  • Normal vital signs
  • Pulse ox is at 95%
  • Physician asks about traveling
  • Daniel says he went on a trip to South Africa a few months ago
  • Lab tests are admitted
attending hospital physician
Attending Hospital Physician
  • Doctor of Medicine MD
  • Doctor of Epidemiology EO
  • Specializes in detecting diseases
getting the patient stabilized
Getting the patient stabilized
  • Several tests taken
  • ECG- normal results
  • Physical/Neuro exam results WNL
  • Complete blood count, HIV, Urine Sample
  • Since he traveled he also got a parasite test
lab results
Lab Results
  • Plasmodium in the blood
  • RBC 4.3M cells/mcL
  • White blood cells 5K cells/mcL
plasmodium infection
Plasmodium Infection

infectious disease specialist id
Infectious Disease Specialist (ID)

An ID diagnoses and treats infectious diseases.

An ID is an internal medical doctor, they use specialized tests to diagnose reoccurring infections. Antibiotics are also prescribed by an ID or an arrange for vaccination.

They are contacted when there is a risk in traveling to hazardous infectious areas.

  • Artesunate is a type of plant, belongs to category of antiprotozoal agents drugs.
  • Artesunate acts rapidly, stopping parasite development and preventing subsequent cytoadherence and rosetting
the goal of treatment
The Goal of Treatment
  • Cure the disease by getting rid of all the parasites.
  • Make a vaccine (shot) for this disease.
  • Patients that plan to go to this country must get a shot before going.
  • Ronald Ross discovered mosquitoes transmitted malaria (1889)
  • An infectious blood disease that is caused by an infected Anopheles mosquito
  • Transmitted from one human to another
  • The parasite in Malaria (plasmodium) attacks the red blood cells
more about malaria
More about Malaria
  • This disease killed 655 thousand people in 2010
  • 91% of those 655 are young children from Africa.
  • Curable

Anopheles Mosquito

disease transmission
Disease Transmission
  • Only transmitted from mosquito to human
  • Mosquito makes a cycle and infects anyone that comes into its path.
controlling the disease
Controlling the Disease
  • Disease is more controlled now, than it was before
  • Adults traveling into a very infected area are advised to take a antimalarials prophylactically (shot to prevent infection)
  • Use insecticides, to prevent bites from mosquitoes in general
daniel stevens1
Daniel Stevens
  • Spent 4 weeks in South Africa researching for a journalism class
  • Researching the living environment of South Africans
  • He slept in a hotel but its believe that he caught the disease by spending most of the time living in their environment.
living conditions he visited
Living conditions he visited

daniel stevens2
Daniel Stevens
  • Reported that he could see a small inflammation in his stomach and had a high fever
  • Immediately was drove himself to the hospital
  • Traveled with other classmates, none of them had this symptoms

A hematologist is a doctor that specializes in the treatment of blood disorders.

Common blood disorders that a hematologist checks for or detects are anemia, sickle-cell, and hemophilia. These diseases are detected by the doctor giving blood and function tests.

They consult with their patients and understand their symptoms in order to diagnose them with the blood disorder.

  • Infection: Not life long (curable)
  • Symptoms: High fever, chills, headache, muscle aches, tiredness and nausea
  • Complications: coma, low blood sugar, if untreated it will lead to death
http factsanddetails com media 2 20110306 leishma 20cdc 20 20vl enlarged spleen jpg

Complications of Malaria


How’s Daniel Doing

  • His malaria was cured
  • Plasmodium parasite is gone
  • Graduated college and majored in journalism

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references cont
References (cont)

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