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7 Things to Consider when Choosing a Responsive LMS PowerPoint Presentation
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7 Things to Consider when Choosing a Responsive LMS

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7 Things to Consider when Choosing a Responsive LMS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A responsive learning management system (LMS) is an important part of a successful learning program. For learners, it means a seamless, flexible learning experience on any device anytime. Use these seven tips to choose the right responsive learning management system for your organization

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7 Things to Consider when Choosing a Responsive LMS

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Presentation Transcript

7 Things to Consider

When Choosing a

Responsive LMS

Here are the top seven things to consider when choosing

a responsive Learning Management System (LMS):


Your Target Devices

Does your target audience use desktops for

learning? Or are they on the go?

Evaluate LMS's based upon how they work on the

screens that your learners use.



Choose an LMS that utilizes HTML5. This feature is useful for

learners who want to learn while travelling.

If your LMS can utilize HTML5, your learners can easily download the

learning material and then access it offline.


Ease of Navigation

A responsive LMS should support common

mobile device features such as touch, swipe, and


An intuitive and user-friendly UI goes a long way

in retaining learners’ attention and making

enjoyable learning experiences.



An LMS that cannot adapt to emerging

technologies will quickly make your

learning material uninteresting and


Opt for an LMS that is fully customizable to adapt to the

requirements of the changing technology landscape.


Information Security

Make sure your LMS safeguards learners’ personal

data such as email ID, passwords, phone numbers,

and course content.

A safe LMS safeguards sensitive information

through encrypted coding and secured

server/cloud data storage.


Support Services

Does the vendor provide 24-7 support? What is the turn-around

time? Is the support staff easily accessible? Do they provide

support via toll free numbers, emails, and live chats?

Ask these questions before choosing an LMS, or better yet, ask if

you can try the LMS and test their support services.



If you’re looking for a fully customizable and

responsive LMS, take a look at GnosisConnect.

We even have a free trial available so you can test

how responsive the system is before buying.

P: (609) 606-9984