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Online Libraries

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Online Libraries - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An insight to Online Libraries demands increasing with the exponential increase of internet users and electronic reading devices.

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Online Libraries

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online libraries

Online Libraries

Present & The Future


internet users
Internet Users

There are 1.8 billion internet users at the end of Dec. 2009, using the internet for numerous things.

world stats
World Stats.

As on 31st Dec. 2009

  • The roots of Online libraries are from the millions of people doing their general surfing to research, exhaustively over the web each day.
  • The penetration of Internet is exponentially getting deeper and find a place in the man’s basic requirements.
  • It has come up with endless possibilities but also its own obstacles …


what is online library in brief
What Is Online Library - In Brief
  • There are websites which contains loads of data and information in form of journals, research papers, white papers, references, books, etc..
  • This then keeps on increasing its volume with new things and adding other copyright materials in various ways.



Online Library also known as Digital Library are the 21st Century’s learning tool. It’s a window of opportunities.

  • World wide universities, researchers, experts journals provide valuable information to the world. The online library are providing a compilation of these for faster share of the information.



  • The distance learning libraries are becoming key factors to the distance learning educations.
  • The quick reference from the electronic forms of materials and books have always been of great help.
  • The online libraries gives access to lots of books together in few clicks
  • The future of Electronic Reading Pads (like the ones from Apple) will soon replace the contemporary form of reading & thus making Online Libraries more prevalent.
electronic reading devices9
Electronic Reading Devices
  • These devices are making the reading directly from the electronic screens more comfortable, thus gradually eliminating past forms of paper books.
  • Further they are becoming more & more sophisticated and affordable too.
  • The prevalence of this trend seems ever increasing….


about infonet library
About InfoNet Library

Infonet library is a true library with read only capacity. It covers a diversity of subjects from all aspects of Business and Money-Making to dating, Gardening, Painting for children and even how to stop snoring. It really offers something to everyone from all walks of life across the globe.

Here no information of the Library can be downloaded and this allows us to bring to you a very affordable and wider range of information without the concern off copyright infringement.


thank you
Thank You