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video app marketing for realtors and business owners l.
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V Clients Video Apps Service PowerPoint Presentation
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V Clients Video Apps Service

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V Clients Video Apps Service
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V Clients Video Apps Service

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  1. Video App Marketing for Realtors and Business Owners

  2. Outside of more clients, what branding solutions does your business need the most? Are you aware of how many potential clients you can reach in your local or expanded market through Video Apps? 10’s, 100’s and more!

  3. V Clients Video App Marketing Services by Bryan Long provides Video Apps for Websites, Video Apps for Email and Video Apps for Mobile in both a Do-It-Yourself Application and 1/1 Planning Sessions or Seminar Settings for Realtors and Business Owners.

  4. AnimotoVideo 1 Animoto automatically produces beautifully orchestrated, completely unique video pieces from your photos, video clips, and musicwith hundreds of ways to share social networks, YouTube, email, even on DVD you can wow all your friends!

  5. AnimotoVideo 2 Animotosyncs with Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, and SmugMug to get your images in a snap. Add text, emphasize specific images with the touch of a button, add Music or choose from our collection of tunes.

  6. AnimotoVideo 3 Watch and Share your video in HD on Animoto.com or share it on Facebook, YouTube, your Blog, Twitter, MySpace, Tumblr, via Email, DVD or with our free iPhone app. It's fast and easy to post to websites or download.

  7. Easy Web Video for Website or Mobile 1 Get professional video publishing without being a techie with our Video for Web and Mobile Apps publishing tool that is easier than YouTube and it's a lot clearer, plus you can include hyperlinks inside the video to auto-responder forms.

  8. Easy Web Video for Website or Mobile 2 You completely control your viewers experience with the click of a button for either private or public settings and you can brand your videos with your company information, not YouTube's.

  9. Easy Web Video for Website or Mobile 3 You can capture potential clients emails right from your video, add buy buttons for direct sales, keep track of how many views your videos are receiving and how long your videos have been viewed.

  10. The e-Business Card Flash App 1 Welcome to the power and effective e-Business Card Flash App. If you are a business professional, you will want what the e-Business Card can give you, a continual word of mouth advertising advantage that keeps your business presence fresh and exciting.

  11. The e-Business Card Flash App 2 And in today’s fast paced business climate it is nearly impossible to survive without a web presence of some sort, but that issue has been eliminated with the patented and powerful e-Business Card Platform.

  12. The e-Business Card Flash App 3 Imagine an e-Business Card that can promote you, your products, services or company where you can create Top of Mind Awareness, so that when people think about your type of products or services, they think of you!

  13. Email Video Branding 1 The world's most successful companies have integrated and utilized Video Email as an essential component of their marketing strategies.

  14. Email Video Branding 2 Every day thousands of users and hundreds of organizations count on this video branding service to communicate and collaborate online.

  15. Email Video Branding 3 You can send 50 video emails at a time, up to 500 a day with unlimited number of contacts and unlimited video storage on our secure servers with drag and drop uploads to the most popular social media sites.

  16. Email Video Branding 4 And last but not least there are 300 + ready-to-use video email templates, plus a Custom Template Builder that you can benefit from.

  17. Each Service comes as a stand alone Do-It-Yourself Applicationor you can hire Bryan to complete your Video Branding Package for you! Skype: BryanLong51  infomercialanything@gmail.com http://bit.ly/vrMUoY