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Are you an accounting firm and looking to expand your business online? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Info CheckPoint offer different types of mailing lists such as accountant, CPA and international accountant email address based on classification at most up-to-date directory that helps to generate sales.\n

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Most Effective Online Marketing Tips

For CPA’s & Accounting Firms

Online Marketing For Accountants


Are you an accounting firm & looking to expand your business online?

I’m often asked by accounting firms, “what’s the best way to market my firm online”?

My stock answer is, “It depends”. Each firm is different & has a different target market, So the marketing approach should be tailored accordingly.

But if i had to name one thing every firm should be doing, it’s email marketing. Why?

Simply because email marketing outperforms every other type of online marketing.

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Why Email Marketing?

If time is limited then it’s essential to focus on what gives the best results.

Three amazing stats about email marketing:

  • Email has an average return on investment of $38 for each $1 spent

  • Email has 2.9 billion users accounts, nearly three times as many as Facebook and

  • Twitter combined.

  • Email get delivered more than 90% of the time, while Facebook post get delivered

  • 2% of time.

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These are single emails, sent to promote something like a new service, product or event

Some Pointers for Email Blasts:

  • Only promote one thing per email. Focus is crucial and by trying to promote everything you do, you’ll dilute the message and it will have little impact

  • Your list is more important than content. An average email to a highly targeted list will always outperform a great email sent to an untargeted list.

Website: | Email: [email protected] | Phone: 800-662-2980


Drip Marketing

If you want more leads from your website, then Drip Marketing is the key.

Here’s a quick overview of how drip marketing works in practice:

  • Someone visits your website.

  • You offer something valuable in exchange for their email address.

  • They give you their email address and you send them the.

  • You send them some emails over the next week

  • The emails are pre-written and the sending is automated.

  • Once the course finishes, you continue to send them one email per month on useful

    business topics.

  • None of the emails is “salesy” and the content is focused on business planning –

    the reason why they signed up. Of course, you include your contact details on every email

Website: | Email: [email protected] | Phone: 800-662-2980


Why Drip Marketing is so great for leads?

  • It increases the conversion rate of your site

  • It happens! Drip marketing is automated so it’s largely set and forget.

  • It nurtures leads – the inertia of switching accountants is hard to overcome

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To grow an accounting firm, you need three things working together:

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