varied state expressions n.
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Varied State Expressions

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Varied State Expressions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Varied State Expressions. Allen Lin Caltech iGEM 2008 Brainstorming. Why?. Currently standard to detect the expression of a gene: attach GPF in DNA so that it becomes transcribed and translated as part of a protein. Can we be more creative?

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Varied State Expressions

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varied state expressions

Varied State Expressions

Allen Lin

Caltech iGEM 2008 Brainstorming

  • Currently standard to detect the expression of a gene: attach GPF in DNA so that it becomes transcribed and translated as part of a protein.
  • Can we be more creative?
    • What other types of expressions might bacteria be able to produce?
why ii
Why II?
  • Can we make the bacteria do something interesting when it’s in a particular state?
    • For example, make the bacteria have different phenotypes when
      • It’s in different stages of mitosis ([cyclin])
      • Particular operons are active ([free repressor])
      • Certain enzyme pathways are activated
  • These two goals are the same
for example going off topic
For example….going off topic
  • What about have the bacteria make something when its in a particular state
  • Say, when a bacteria detects lactose, produces another compound
  • And have the bacteria sensitive to the second compound
  • … And migrate to the location to the first compound
compound detector and remover
Compound Detector and Remover
  • Bacteria start out in one location
  • Through random walk, spread across
  • When a bacterium detects a particular compound A, turns red and produces a compound B not normally produced by bacteria
  • Other bacteria in the region have heightened sensitivity to compound B in chemotaxis; when they detect it, turn green. And they migrate to the location of the initial bacteria. When they reach compound A, turn red + green, produce compound B, and digest compound A
  • Exponential effect, until compound A is completely digested. Then the bacteria are no longer red, and disperse through random walk.
no chez stationary cells
No CheZ -> Stationary Cells

Guiding Bacteria with Small Molecules and RNATopp, S. and Gallivan, J.P.J. Am. Chem. Soc., 129, 21, 6807 - 6811, 2007,  10.1021/ja0692480

  • Bacteria are completely non-motile when compound theophylline not present
    • Is there a system in which chemotaxis is turned on by the presence of a compound, and not mobility is turned off by the lack of a compound?
  • Need a high concentration of output compound for it to diffuse and attract other bacteria
having gone off topic
Having gone off-topic…
  • Instead of producing GFP when lac operon is transcribed, produce another compound that the bacteria secretes different phenotype
  • When bacteria sense this second compound, redirect normal chemotaxis scheme
  • Inputs -> different types of outputs
  • So this might be:
    • An efficient toxin clean up system
    • An infectious disease recognizer and fighter system
    • Anything in which don’t need a lot of resources to detect, but need a lot of resources to eliminate
input library of responses
Input -> Library of responses
  • Then that would be okay
    • And highly useful
  • Here, we have
    • Produce signaling compound
    • Produce change in mobility
  • What else can we do?
    • Produce different phenotype (ex. shiny)
    • Interrupt mitosis cycle
    • And more