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“Solutions Today for Generations of Tomorrow.”

“Solutions Today for Generations of Tomorrow.”. Green Fuel Technologies Statement Of Qualifications. GreenFuel Technologies 21402 N. 7 th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85027 AZ Local: 602-269-9206 Qualification as DBOM and General Contractor

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“Solutions Today for Generations of Tomorrow.”

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  1. “Solutions Today for Generations of Tomorrow.” Green Fuel Technologies Statement Of Qualifications GreenFuel Technologies 21402 N. 7th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85027 AZ Local: 602-269-9206 Qualification as DBOM and General Contractor Dual Commercial/Residential General Contractor: KB01 #229492 Electrical Commercial/Residential Contractor: K11 #252305 GreenFuelTechnologies is committed to compliance with and adherence to:

  2. Table of Contents: • Company Overview • Vision Statement • Licenses • Awards • Certifications • Associations • Key Personnel • 5 Corporate Organization • Organization Chart • Employment Criteria • Non-Discrimination Policy • 6 Project Management • Budget & Cost Management • Subcontractors • Scheduling & Tracking • Insurance • Project Leadership • 7 Project Controls • Scope of Work • Budget (Contract Amount/Control Estimate) • Contract Reporting • Completion Inspection • 8 Quality Control Procedures • Quality Assurance • Corrective Action Procedures • Rework Procedures • 9 Risk Mitigation & Safety • Risk Mitigation • Health Hazard Control • Statement of Safety & Health Policy • 10 Corporate Capabilities • Recent Public Installations • Includes DBOM/GC/Lease System PPAs • Outstanding MOUs, RFP Submissions & Terminations • Business References • 14 Sample Project Timeline & Sample Rework Checklist

  3. Company Overview • About GreenFuel Technologies: • Established in 1999, GreenFuel Technologies (GFT) is an award-winning alternative energy company that delivers cost-effective, environmentally-conscious building and energy solutions. Since then, the company has completed more than 1250 public, commercial and residential Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Digesters and CSP installations of more than 500+ megawatts. Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, GFT services clients in the western United States from its 11,000 sq. ft. warehouse situated on 1.7 acres. GFT has managed projects from $10,000 to $10,000,000, partners with capital finance companies that have capacity to finance up to $200,000,000 and is well-situated to react with labor, bonding capacity to complete projects up to $20,000,000. GFT has completed numerous ARRA projects, has access to ARRA-compliant material and equipment for every phase of construction, and is familiar with ARRA reporting requirements. GFT makes every effort to support the local economy by using local vendors, workers and suppliers, and when possible purchasing goods Made in the U.S.A. GFT is an Equal Opportunity Employer compliant with American Disabilities Act and adherent to Affirmative Action standards. • Our Vision/Mission Statement • Green Fuel Technologies is committed to building a sustainable future for us and our children. We understand the path to ecological and economical balance lies in the energy and structures we use to expand our world. By making intelligent energy decisions today for our homes, businesses, transportation, and infrastructure, we will responsibly shape the energy footprint we pass on to our future generations. • Our Current Licenses: • Dual Commercial/Residential General Contractor: KB01 #229492 • Electrical Commercial/Residential Contractor: K11 #252305 • Our Awards: • 2012 Named “10 Best Family Owned Construction Companies in Phoenix” • 2010 Sungevity #1 Arizona Installer Award • 2007 Home Depot & BP Solar Outstanding Performance Award • Our Certifications: • APS & SRP Qualified Service Installer • APS & SRP Certified Energy Consultant • LEED Accredited Professionals on staff • Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certified Energy Efficiency Audits • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) Certified Installers • Bonding capacity up to $20,000,000 (recent bond included with Financial Data) • Our Associations:

  4. Key Personnel • John Casey, Founder & CEO: With over 20 years’ experience in building construction and 10+ years’ solar installations, John founded GreenFuel Technologies in 1999 from a vision to deliver affordable, reliable, and customized energy solutions to his clients. He has hand-selected a coordinated team of talent to meet our diverse clients’ needs. • Dave Brooks, COO: Dave has been a bottom line driven, operations management professional for over 15 years. Starting out his career as an engineer in New England at a small contract manufacturer, Dave was instrumental in the organization’s operational ability to grow from $5M to over $50M in less than 6 years.  The last 10 years, Dave moved out to Phoenix in 2004 and enjoyed successfully managing UHW estate automation projects and commercial AV operations for small to mid-size local companies. In joining GFT, Dave is committed to steering GFT to performance excellence in customer satisfaction, efficiency and maintaining the highest of quality standards in everything we do. • Jiggs LeMieux, General Manager: Jiggs joined GreenFuel Technologies with over 28 years hands-on experience in sales and operations in the financial services industry.  He provides overall support to ownership, as well as oversight for all areas of the company to ensure that all departments work together to attain corporate goals for customer service, growth, and sustainable profitability. • Bruce Werner, Accounting: Bruce came to Green Fuel in March of 2014 after 20+ years as Controller with Kraus Anderson Construction in Minneapolis and 4 years as Controller with Royden Construction in Phoenix.  Bruce worked closely with all levels of management to ensure the financial success of those companies.  His time and efforts spent working with project managers and field personnel was instrumental in controlling the project costs.   His continuous improvement in the financial reporting processes meant that upper management could depend on and make decisions based on timely and accurate information.  He now continues his efforts to help GFT move forward. • Phillip Ramsey, Superintendant/Chief Electrician: Arizona-born Phillip Ramsey is the qualifying party for GreenFuel Technologies’ dual commercial and residential electrical-with-solar license. Phil has more than18 years of experience in commercial construction electrical installations including multi-story buildings and several schools. His solar PV experience includes projects ranging in size from 2 kWh to 400 kWh running installation crews, electrical estimating and solar design checks. Since 2008, Phil has lead GreenFuel Technology’s commercial installation crews and is in charge of site project management. • Chris Leach, Operations Manager: Chris Leach has more than 22 years of project management and supervisory experience in the residential building and commercial construction industries. His residential experience includes multi-million dollar home building for high-profile construction companies in Phoenix. He joined GreenFuel Technologies in 2007, and has since managed residential and commercial PV projects including initial on-site surveys, documentation for engineering design, securing permits, purchasing materials, scheduling, construction supervision, staffing installation crews, managing warehouse and inventory.

  5. Corporate Organization • Employment Criteria • GFT is operated by a core executive staff full time and maintains a part-time independent workforce of highly skilled professionals that remain on-call • All independent contractors, subcontractors and project personnel not already full-time employees are fully vetted and, when necessary, bonded and licensed. • Project workers are subjected to background checks and drug screening • Non-Discrimination Policy • GFT is an Equal Opportunity Employer • In order to provide equal employment and advancement opportunities to all individuals, employment decisions at GreenFuel Technologies will be based on merit, qualifications and ability. GreenFuel Technologies does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or disability. • GFT makes reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with known disabilities unless doing so would result in undue hardship or safety risk. This policy governs all aspects of employment including selection, job assignment, compensation, discipline, termination and access to benefits and training. • Employees with concerns about discrimination in the workplace are encouraged to bring these issues to their supervisors without fear of reprisal. Anyone found to be engaging in unlawful discrimination will be subjected to disciplinary action, including termination of employment.

  6. Project Management • Budget & Cost Management: Our method for managing material & equipment costs is to re-estimate any changes to design or field conditions that could impact material or equipment costs and compare the revised costs against the control estimate. If the revised costs cause a cost impact above the budget amount the first effort will be to determine the cause and validity of the change and try and revise the scope to meet the budget. If hidden conditions or outside design review that are not easily changed are causing the cost impact the issue will be brought to the attention of the Owner’s representative for direction and possible assistance in revising the scope to avoid the cost impact. As a last resort, if the revised scope is necessary and approved by the Owner’s representative, a change request will be generated and submitted for approval. Green Fuel works diligently to avoid change orders. It is our experience that they are not worth the time to generate, negotiate, or execute. We strongly prefer to earn our revenue by quickly executing the scope of work, completing the project with a zero punch list and progressing to our next opportunity. • Subcontractors: Our primary method for managing subcontractors is to subcontract as little of the work as possible. Green Fuel Technologies is a licensed commercial GC and commercial electrical contractor and we prefer to self perform all work within our capabilities. If there are specific scopes of work that require subcontracting (structural steel, paving) our method of managing subcontractors is based upon strong relationships, clear scopes of work, and defined schedule requirements all of which are clearly documented in our subcontractor contract. Our contract is based upon the AIA format and content found in the agreement between a contractor and a subcontractor. All subcontractors are fully vetted, licensed, bonded and insured. • Scheduling & Tracking: Our tools for ensuring that we meet schedule are to pre-plan out work, pre-purchase materials, self perform installation, and track all these efforts against a detailed schedule that is updated weekly at a minimum. Please see our Sample Schedule P.14. Because we have been designing and installing PV solar systems since 2001, and have purchased millions of dollars in PV components from several vendors, we have strong working relationships with PV and inverter vendors and we are constantly aware of lead time issues with our vendors. It is a priority in our design process to determine the types and counts of long lead items and pre-purchase these items to ensure the project schedule is not impacted. • GFT employs Critical Path Scheduling–integrated software and CRM communication applications to ensure punctuality, transparency and accountability, and accurate completion of client projects • Insurance: GFT shall procure and maintain all required insurance policies, indemnifications and bonds required by City of Phoenix jobs performed, and shall name the City of Phoenix as an additional insured in each policy required. GFT maintains, as a general policy, liability coverage, commercial general liability, builders risk, workers compensation and other industry specific insurance policies. • Project Leads/Management: For Valley Metro design/build efforts we propose the following staff (see Key Personnel P.4 for qualifications): • Project Executive: Dave Brooks, COO • Project Superintendant: Phillip Ramsey

  7. Project Controls Project Controls: Project controls within Green Fuel are managed by tracking the project against three primary components: Scope, Schedule, and Budget. The GFT Project Manager has primary responsibility for establishing the budget and tracking cost against the budget. Scope of Work: For design build efforts, the scope of work will initially be tracked against the original RFP and the GFT qualified proposal. This scope of work will be memorialized in the contract between the Owner, and GFT. The scope of work memorialized in the contract becomes the baseline scope of work and will be broken out to an agreed upon schedule of values. Schedule for the Work: For GFT’s design build efforts, the projects will initially be tracked against the GFT schedule provided in our proposal. This schedule will be clarified and memorialized in the contract between the owner and Green Fuel Technologies. The schedule will also be broken out into tasks that correlate to the schedule of values delineated in the contract scope of work. The appropriate tasks are also resource loaded in the schedule. Budget (Contract Amount/Control Estimate): GFT design build estimates will initially be tracked against the proposal amount. As the scope and schedule of values are determined and memorialized in the contract, the proposal amount will be broken out to the appropriate schedule of value line items. Within the GFT job cost accounting system these amounts per line item will be further broken out to the following cost categories: labor, material, equipment, subcontractor, and other (overhead, fee, tax, permit fees etc.). These break outs are recompiled by schedule of value (cost code) and cost category to create the “Project Cost Control Budget” which serves as the baseline control mechanism for tracking costs to date, committed costs (contracts) and projected costs against the control budget. No expenditures are approved without prior justification against the budget, and the control estimate and schedule are updated monthly or upon change in scope or schedule. The project control estimate is tracked in Quick Books. Contractor Reporting: Contractor Production Reports are required for each day that work is performed and shall be attached and submitted in conjunction with the Contractor Quality Control Report prepared the same day. Account for each calendar day throughout the life of the Contract. The reporting of work shall be identified by terminology consistent with the construction schedule. Contractor Production Reports are to be prepared, signed and dated by the project superintendent and submitted to the Project Manager. Completion Inspection: As we near the completion of this project the QC Manager will conduct an inspection of the work and develop a “punch list” of items that do not conform to the specifications and drawings. The QC Manager will then notify the Owner’s representative that the facility is ready for “Final Punch List Inspection” and will send notification to the Owner’s representative 14 days before scheduling the “Final Punch List Inspection.” At final inspection in attendance will be the QC Manager, superintendent, project administrator, and Owner’s representative.

  8. QC Procedures • Quality Assurance: The key components of GFT’s quality assurance program are outlined as follows: • Prior to start of design the GFT Design Manager will review the RFP and proposal to define, consolidate and document the design scope of work. Design scope of work will be reviewed with and confirmed by the Owner’s rep and GFT Project Manager. Owner sign off required. • Design progress documents will be reviewed by the Owner’s representative at 30%, 60%, 90%, 1st City Submittal, and any revised City plan review submittals. Applicable material and equipment specifications will be reviewed and confirmed with design review. • Final permit drawings will be sent to the Owner’s representative for their reference and records. • Submittals will be reviewed by the GFT Project Executive, then submitted to the Owner’s representative for review and approval. Re-submittals will be required until submittals are approved, or approved as noted. • Quality assurance will be addressed during installation by performing quality inspection audits following these three phases; 1) Preparatory, 2) Initial, and 3) Follow Up. • GFT maintains current and complete records of on-site and off-site QC program operations and activities. Contractor production reports are required for each day work is performed. These include checklists, QC validations available to project Owners, testing and plan logs, rework items and as-built drawings and deviation logs to document any changes made to original plan. • Corrective Action Procedures: When the materials being used do not comply with the specifications or workmanship is not satisfactory, or any work is not as shown and/or detailed on the plans, the QC Manager will make immediate written notification of noncompliance on the part of either the Superintendent or a Subcontractor. Action will be coordinated by written notification and communicated in the weekly project meeting. • The corrective action process begins with the detecting non-conformance work. The QC Manager or field technician discovers the non-conformance. The Non-Conformance Report (NCR) and the resolution of the problem are assigned to an engineer by the PM. • Corrective action is implemented immediately, to minimize any impacts to work schedules. Once the problem has been corrected, it will be inspected by the QC Manager to ensure that the corrective actions were made and are adequate. The NCR is then assigned as “Corrective Action Complete.” • Rework Procedures: Following is a list of procedures to identify record, track and sign off rework items. The QC Manager will include any remaining items on the rework items list. The punch list will include an estimated date for correcting the deficiencies. All the work identified in the “punch list" shall be completed prior to “Final Inspection”.It will be the QC Manager’s responsibility to follow on inspections to assure all deficiencies have been corrected. Follow Rework Items List to review whether that specific item qualifies to be reported in the “Rework Items Report”. • Verify that the material, labor, etc. meets or exceeds the specified standards and concur with approved submittals. Most rework items will be found during the Preparatory Phase Checklist. • Use the Rework Items Checklist (see sample on P. 14) to track all deficiencies and follow-up to ensure they are completed. • Follow-up to ensure that all deficiencies are acceptable and note the date completed.

  9. Risk Mitigation & Safety • Risk Mitigation: • Our method for mitigating risks related to sub-contractor performance is to minimize sub-contracting by self performing design, interconnect approval, demolition, excavation, concrete foundations and slabs, roofing and roofing repair, masonry, carpentry, plumbing, electrical (AC & DC) and PV panel & equipment installations. GFT Superintendent is also the Site Safety & Health Officer (SSHO) for each project, trained to identify hazards and responsible for expending resources to correct any hazards. The SSHO will manage the on site safety program through appropriate management controls, maintain a log of safety inspections performed, observe the general work practices of each crew member and equipment operator, and enforce safe. • Health Hazard Control: • Physical hazards associated with each project are identified and addressed to prevent accidents and personal injury to the work force as well as operational problems. Prior to each project, GFT performs Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA) and conducts orientations to familiarize personnel with potential job hazards. Individual craft workers shall be briefed on potential hazards in accordance with the project Activity Hazard Analyses (AHA’s), and trained in proper tool and equipment use. Craft workers will be empowered to stop work and correct unsafe acts and conditions. AHAs will be posted on a conspicuous location at the job site readily available for all personnel to review. As a minimum, AHA will define the activity being performed, sequence of work, specific hazards anticipated, control measures to eliminate or reduce each hazard to acceptable levels, training requirements for all involved, and the competent person in charge of that phase of work. • Statement of Safety & Health Policy: • A current copy of GFT’s Safety & Health Policy manual will be kept on all job-sites at all times. Applicable equipment manufacturers’ manuals will be maintained by GFT and kept at applicable job sites as well. Additionally, GFT personnel are required to comply with all OSHA orders as specified in the 1999 Edition. All GFT personnel will adhere to the procedures outlined in this plan. • GFT’s Site Specific Health and Safety Plan has been developed with accident prevention as the primary goal. In order to accomplish this, GFT follows the three steps to hazard reduction as outlined by OSHA. Those steps are: • To engineer the project so as to create as few hazards as possible. • To follow strict work practices using safe methods to perform all tasks in order to further reduce hazards. • Finally, where hazards cannot be eliminated by either engineering or work practices, to provide our employees with the appropriate personal protective equipment to allow them to perform their duties safely in a hazardous environment. • GFT requires that employee activities conform to requirements of Federal, State and local safety and health laws and regulations. In order to minimize physical hazards, GFT has developed standard safety protocols, which will be followed at all times. Failure to follow safety protocols or continued negligence of these policies will result in expulsion of a crew member from the site as well as possible termination of employment.

  10. Corporate Capabilities • Financing & Project Funding • Established solutions to capitalize on the current renewable market financing tools including PPA, and residential, and commercial leases • Projection models for renewable ITC and new-market tax products • Project Financing ranging from $10,000 to $10,000,000 and strategic partnerships with industry-specific institutional investors with financing capacity up to $200,000,000 including: • Round Rock Partners, LLC, Tax Capitalization and Debt Financing • United Missouri Bank, Banking Partner • Clear Energy Brokers, International REC & Carbon Broker • Sungevity, Residential Leasing • Sun Edison/Eco First, Commercial Utility Financing • Seminol Equity Partners, Commercial Utility Financing • SunWize Technologies, Commercial Utility Financing • Spear Point Energy, Commercial Utility Financing • Design and Engineering • Over 50 combined years’ experience crafting customized, mission-critical projects • Municipal, Commercial, Utility, and Residential scale with focus on customized, turn-key projects • We’ve developed construction designs for new power distribution facilities and renovation of existing power distribution facilities • GFT has created, trained, and managed corporate teams for turn-key installation • Our state-of-the-art design process ensures that projects have the capacity to embrace new technologies, such as Smart Grid and battery storage • Project Development • We offer comprehensive solutions from initial consultations to point of project turnover to post-completion support and maintenance • Our vertically-integrated business model provides a single-point resource for everything related to solar and energy efficiency • Vertically-integrated business allows us to pass savings directly to clients to improve return on investment • Project Management • Critical Path Scheduling–Integrated software and CRM communication applications to ensure punctuality, transparency and accountability, and accurate completion of client projects • Complete suite of General Contracting services including fully-vetted designs • Products, Technology & Procurement • Best-in-Class quality and assurance of satisfaction through established supplier relationships • Continual in-house design and system improvements, including beta-testing of new products • All-inclusive handling of procurement matters for each project • Manufacturer-direct purchasing capabilities enable us to offer the best products at the most competitive prices • Commitment to ARRA and Made in the USA products when available

  11. Corporate Capabilities • Site Audits • Specialized inspection and research for top-quality, project-specific data • Over 50 checks and balances to ensure accurate and thorough project completion, including: • Photos • Solarmetric readings • Site measurements and drawings • Truss audits • Utilities Administration • Prior experience with and vital understanding of the various utilities’ application, review, and approval processes • Organization and timely attention to detail, including thorough follow ups • Building Efficiency Services • Complete Building Energy Evaluations • Comprehensive Recommendations for Energy Saving Solutions • Building Maintenance and “Green” Janitorial Services • Project Management and Contracting on ALL Energy Efficiency Upgrades • Industry-leading models allow us to create specific and accurate, analysis of PV production, bill impact, array degradation, and long-term cash flows • Public, Commercial and Residential Projects • Solar / Thermal Power Installations in Public Institutions • Large-scale Civic Power Generation Installations • Solar Photovoltaic System Installations • Solar Thermal Hot Water Installations • CSP up to 280 mW • Digesters • Large-scale Solar Installations • Energy Management • Lease Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) • Sound Environmental Practices • Removal and recycle of all project materials from each job site that can be repurposed • Replacement of outmoded items with energy-efficient products to enhance cost savings • On average, we recycled 60 tons of construction materials from job sites annually • Client Care • Quick customer response with sense of urgency for all of our clients • Site visits within 24 hours; on-call service 7 days a week • Service Entrance Evaluation • Risk Assessment • Roof Condition Evaluation • Building Energy Audits

  12. Recent Public Installations

  13. Other Recent Installations • Other Recent Installations • Paradise Village - 14X 2KW Solar PV systems, 7 solar hot water systems • Tamarisk - 3X 3 KW Solar Systems • City of Phoenix Project #09016851 ,33 E. Ruth ,Phoenix, AZ - 4X solar Hot water systems • Balstarious 2121 s 6th Ave. - Solar Thermal system • First Christian Church – 250 kW Solar PV; Lease System PPA (Technology Credit Group) • Best Western Green Valley – 250 kW Solar PV; PPA (Freetricity) • Sungevity – 1 mW PV Portfolio; PPA • Sun Edison/Eco First – 300 kW PV Portfolio; PPA • Solar PV Products/System Equipment Most Frequently Used: • Scheuten, Suntech, and selection of many other solar modules • PowerOne Inverters – Made in the America • SMA and Kaco Inverters - ARRA & non-ARRA approved • ProSolar Racking Systems, and selection of many other roof/ground mounts • Outstanding MOUs and RFP Submissions and Terminations: • As of the date of this response to RFQ, GreenFuel Technologies has no existing incomplete or outstanding projects • No contracts have been prematurely terminated • Business References: • Spear Point Energy (Regarding San Luis Project) • ELS (Regarding Bethany Bible Church Installation/Lease System PPA) • Technology Credit Corp (Regarding First Christian Church Installation/PPA)

  14. Sample Project Timeline Sample Rework Items List

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