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Things To Look For While Hiring Magento Developers PowerPoint Presentation
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Things To Look For While Hiring Magento Developers

Things To Look For While Hiring Magento Developers

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Things To Look For While Hiring Magento Developers

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  1. Things To Look For While Hiring Magento Developers

  2. Overview This is a typical scenario when you set out to get built a Magento project. You have all of this ready: your website’s intended layout, the list of its key features, the choice of technology, the product line and your approximate budget. And this is the easy part. Now the difficult part: who’s going to take care of the entire website development? How will you find the right team of expert Magento developers who’ll deliver the right stuff, on time, within budget? Essentially, it’s imperative you have the right set of questions to ask. Engage further with only those names that check all the boxes. Here’s a set of 8 things you should be looking for when are short listing Magento developers for your project: Hire Magento Developer

  3. Our Process Ý START GO LIVE ! TEST DESIGN DEVELOP RESEARCH Once approved, Infigic began to proactively collaborate with client on the development of their ecommerce store. As a team we take pride in delivering projects that bring with them genuine cause and our focus is to deliver a 100% satisfactory solution for client requirements. Hire Magento Developer

  4. 1. Support and Maintenance Let’s begin with the end in mind! Believe it or not, Magento projects aren’t instances where developers can bid goodbye once they’ve written the last line of the code. All Magento projects require support and maintenance of varying degrees. You’ll want to assess the capability of the developers to offer the right support after the project is formally completed. You’ll benefit by asking the difficult questions first, since it will eliminate unfit contenders at an early stage. Hire Magento Developer

  5. 2. Accountability and ownership You don’t want developers who do the minimum to just get by. Try to understand the degree of involvement the developers can develop. Do they display a sense of ownership or are projects one more name in their list? Get professionals who hold themselves accountable; they’ll carry your project through. They will invest themselves and will identify with the project. If they think of themselves as your partners and not just vendors, you are onto something right. Hire Magento Developer

  6. 3. Previous projects Naturally you’ll want to see what sort of projects they’ve done in past. Assess the kind of brief they’d been given and how they went around building it. True professionals should be able to share, confidently, some of the slips they made in previous projects – very few serious projects go from start to finish without a hiccup. Try and understand the learning they could garner out of their past projects. Hire Magento Developer

  7. 4. Certifications and Skills You’ll want developers whose claim to expertise can be borne out by their certifications. The flip side is it’s the skills that can be proven, not their ability to actually manage the project during its development life-cycle. Dig deeper to find if your so-called expert developers can deliver and have the right skills to manage their own resources. Your project will be only as good as the resources managed, not the resources deployed. Hire Magento Developer

  8. 5. References provided The confidence of developers is reflected in the range of references they can provide. The bigger the number of references, the better. Often it’s not necessary (or feasible) to cross-check all the references. Interacting with a just a handful of them should work: is the proficiency shallow or does their ability to comprehend translate into good work? Keep some room for subjectivity in the feedback you receive but look for the important components like confidentiality and integrity. Hire Magento Developer

  9. 6. Organic traffic and SEO skills In the modern marketplace, your website is only as good as the kind of traffic you can drive to your website; you need to rely a good deal upon organic traffic. Ongoing SEO activities isn’t really the developers’ job, but smaller areas like fitting in 404 redirects for potentially broken links or ALT tags for images most certainly is. Your developer must provide the right platform on which you build stronger SEO tactics going forward. Hire Magento Developer

  10. 7. Conversant with Cloud The data your store is likely going to expand at a rapid pace. That makes storing all that on a cloud a strong option. Your developers must be conversant with the goings-on in cloud technology and carry a good understanding of why cloud is the way to go. That means your developers should be able to build for scalable ideas, since it’s a great deal easier to expand when you’re on cloud. Hire Magento Developer

  11. 8. Sense of Aesthetics The developers are not just coders; they’re your designers too. They must fully appreciate and exploit the role of good designs for your project. For instance, do they exhibit the right understanding of UI? Does their expertise and imagination stretch beyond the run-of-the-mill ready-to-use templates that are dime a dozen? If your UI/UX is no better, there will be serious questions on why (and whether) users will want to engage with a website that is little more than a clone. Hire Magento Developer

  12. About Infigic Infigic is a full service B2B and B2C focused Digital Agency serving clients globally ranging from Small Businesses, Start-ups to Large Enterprises. We are an all-round agency with tremendous experience in Ecommerce Application Development, Mobile App Development, Web Application Development & More.

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