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Teaching with Visual Media PowerPoint Presentation
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Teaching with Visual Media

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Teaching with Visual Media - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Teaching with Visual Media. The TENN TLC The Tennessee Teaching and Learning Center November 2, 2010 Taimi Olsen Kelly Ellenburg Dorothy Stulberg. Visual Reflection Activity. Write for a few minutes about what you have learned as a teacher or researcher this past year.

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teaching with visual media

Teaching with Visual Media

The TENN TLCThe Tennessee Teaching and Learning Center

November 2, 2010Taimi Olsen

Kelly Ellenburg

Dorothy Stulberg

visual reflection activity
Visual Reflection Activity
  • Write for a few minutes about what you have learned as a teacher or researcher this past year.
  • Thinking only generally about what you wrote, select an image that is evocative of your thoughts.
  • Reflect on the image and record thoughts about the image itself, its details, and about the connection to your paragraph.
  • Report to your small group about your image and your thoughts.
workshop outline
Workshop Outline
    • Reflection Activity
  • Session1
    • The Visual Process and Implications for Visual Literacy
    • Visual Analysis Activity
  • Session 2
    • Using Visuals to Target Learning Outcomes
    • Exploration of Visual Resources Activity
  • Session 3
    • How Students Create Visually
    • Q &A
  • Listen as if you are students in a class.
  • After a few slides, I will stop and ask you to take visual notes using the handout.

Beyond course content objectives, what learning outcomes do you have for your students?

  • Promote learning and long-term memory.
  • Promote complexity of thinking.
  • Enhance likelihood of transfer of knowledge.

Engagement leading to deep learning is the goal.

pathways to learning
Pathways to Learning

VISUAL perceptions may be our oldest system of knowing about the world and is integrated with auditory, motion, and emotional information.


Vision process:

what are the implications for learning?

What’s my immediate emotional reaction? My motivation?

What are my priorities?

our brains
Our Brains
  • Parts of the Brain
    • Frontal Lobe
    • Occipital Lobe
    • Brainstem


  • Environmental Impacts
    • Changes in the brain etc.

“Again and again…creative minds explain their creative thought generation in terms of visual imagery and their reliance on mental images as springboards for extending their understanding well beyond the parameters of verbal language.”Ann Barry Boston College

visual literacy activity
Visual Literacy Activity

Visual literacy is “the ability to find meaning in imagery. It involves a set of skills ranging from simple identification (naming what one sees) to complex interpretation on contextual, metaphoric and philosophical levels.

Many aspects of cognition are called upon, such as personal association, questioning, speculating, analyzing, fact-finding, and categorizing. Objective understanding is the premise of much of this literacy, but subjective and affective aspects of knowing are equally important."

Philip Yenawine, (1997) “Thoughts on Visual Literacy”

exploration activity
Exploration Activity
  • Take ten minutes to explore links and find four that interest you.
  • In the next ten minutes, talk with a partner at your table about these four links, discussing how you might use the link in a course.
  • We will take a few minutes to hear about some of your discussions.
  • Optional: use the course planning sheet in your folder to record ideas for using visuals to meet learning objectives.

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