stem k 12 outreach formerly pre college n.
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STEM K-12 Outreach formerly Pre-College PowerPoint Presentation
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STEM K-12 Outreach formerly Pre-College

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STEM K-12 Outreach formerly Pre-College - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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STEM K-12 Outreach formerly Pre-College
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  1. STEM K-12 Outreachformerly Pre-College RAC IV Meeting Web Conference Wednesday, 12 December 2012, 16:00-17:00

  2. Highlights Five sections appear to be active. Only ONE sent in a comprehensive report • Houston: • Mars Rover Model Celebration Teacher Training: 46 teachers were trained in using the first module offered by the new Educator Academy • Southwest Texas • Texas Hill Country Summer of Innovation: With the support of a NASA Summer of Innovation mini-grant, the Section has facilitated 3 STEM Camps for students in elementary and middle school so far. The fourth camp will be held this Saturday. Each camp has a different theme: Mission to Mars, Robotics Unplugged, Aviation Camp and Exploring our Solar System. Each camp contains a full day of hands-on STEM activities including: designing a Mars Rover model, creating a Mars features map, designing a team mission patch, exploring robotics using hexbugs, calculators and solar cars, designing end effectors and robotic hands, designing model gliders and rotorcrafts, experimenting with gravity, drag, weight and thrust, exploring with wind bags and wind tunnels, using on line simulators to learn how things fly and calling out maneuvers with model airplane experts during a model plane air show. Each camp also includes a guest speaker to encourage students about aerospace careers and STEM fields: Section officer and Aerospace Educator Brian Ewenson presented an interactive presentation entitled “Houston, We have a problem!” during the Robotics camp, Boerne Model Airplane Society Members taught kids about how things fly and the four forces of flight using model airplanes and on Saturday, Edward Patrick, Sr. Research Scientist w/SWRI, will demonstrate the principles of atmospheric pressure to participants. • SWTX AIAA Student Scholarship: The SWTX AIAAA Student Scholarship will be announced soon! The application period recently closed and members of the scholarship committee will soon convene to review the applications and essays and award their scholarship. • San Antonio BEST Competition San Antonio BEST (Boosting Engineering, Science and Technology) sponsors an annual robotics competition to introduce teenagers to the exciting potential of a technical career. This year's competition season (the 19th hosted at this location) extended from early September to mid October, with 6 teams advancing to the state competition in November. AIAA Southwest Texas Section donated $300 towards competition expenses, and AIAA members participated as volunteers and mentors, including Jon Cutshall and WiedeCutshall who also are on the competition organizing committee. In 2012, SA BEST hosted 29 area teams (5 middle schools, 1 home school group, 6 private high schools, 17 public high schools) and reached over 600 students. • 50th Anniversary Celebration & National Engineers Week: The section is currently making preparations to host an evening social and dinner at a local area restaurant with a guest speaker, possibly Gen. Charles Duke to celebrate its 50th anniversary of forming AIAA. In addition, the section is looking to team with the Experimental Aircraft Association to host a family event at the San Geronimo Airport in February to celebrate National Engineers Week. Section STEM K-12 Best Practices Manual draft issued. A three year old commitment met.

  3. Issues Common themes of successful programs: • Partnerships with community (local school, local NASA, engineering company, science fairs…) • Repeat events • Often include hands-on activity Issues, Problems, and Action Items • Development of Section-hosted AIAA branded programs remains slow • Mechanisms to make proper use of Engineers as Educators graduates just starting • In general, Region IV lags far behind the rest of the country in STEM K-12. Future: • Need to develop activities in more sections. • Consider developing a Region IV STEM K-12 Web page Region STEM K-12 Goals: • Programs in all Sections, with 100% reporting. • Start to apply the Section STEM K-12 Best Practices Manual

  4. Region IV, 12 December 2012 QUANTITATIVE APPENDIX

  5. Regional Summary

  6. Section Summary: Houston Section

  7. Event Summary: Mars Rover Teacher Training, I Replicate as necessary. Only for events where AIAA participation is well publicized

  8. Event Summary: Mars Rover Teacher Training, II Replicate as necessary. Only for events where AIAA participation is well publicized

  9. Section Summary: SouthWest Texas Section

  10. Edgar A. Bering, IIIDeputy Director Region IV STEM/K-12 University of Houston Physics Department 617 Science and Research I Houston, TX, 77204-5005Telephone: (281) 216-0442 (cell)