i nduce l abor n aturally l.
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Induce Labor Naturally

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Induce Labor Naturally in a Safe Way... “How to Induce Labor Naturally” "Imagine Having Your Little Baby On Your Arms Within 48 Hours From Now!" Maternity Acupressure Helps You To Induce Labor Naturally Without Risking Your Baby’s Health Maternity Acupressure is safe for mother and baby.

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Induce Labor Naturally

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i nduce l abor n aturally
Induce Labor Naturally
  • Induce Labor Naturally in a Safe Way...
  • “How to Induce Labor Naturally”
  • "ImagineHaving Your Little BabyOn Your Arms Within48 HoursFrom Now!"
  • Maternity Acupressure Helps You To Induce Labor NaturallyWithout Risking Your Baby’s Health
  • Maternity Acupressure is safe for mother and baby.
no previous experience absolutely not necessary
No Previous Experience? Absolutely Not Necessary!
  • Acupressure is a very simple hands-on technique. Because it is merely about putting pressure on the relevant body points, and nothing more, you don’t need any experience or specific aptitude in order to treat acupressure points effectively.
  • With basic instructions you will be able to locate the labor acupressure points. The technique involves merely applying firm pressure on the acupressure point for a moment.
  • If you can PRESS A SPOT on your skin with your thumb, you can do acupressure too.
  • You can treat the acupressure points on your own. Or your partner or another support person could massage the acupressure points for you.

25 techniques and 52 pages of clear step-by-step instructions, photos, and charts thatyou will not find anywhere else!

Here's just a fraction of what you will discover inside the book:


how to induce labor at home and avoid the risks and discomforts of chemical labor induction in a hospital

  • the amazing acupressure points that help your cervix dilate and significantly decrease your chances of a Cesarean delivery
  • very simple techniques to speed up an extremely slow early labor
  • how to help your baby descend better into the pelvis and help him or her to make the most important journey into this world
  • techniques to stimulate onset of labor contractions to start and to strengthen contractions during labor when necessary
  • how to use the maternity acupressure method to prime your body for labor and delivery
  • proven acupressure point combinations that help you to make better progress in labor
  • two simple acupressure techniques that help a baby in a posterior position turn into an optimal anterior position for easier birth
  • which maternity acupressure techniques which will help in cases where the cervix is fully dilated, but it's difficult to push the baby through the birth canal
  • technique that will help ease into the transition phase

So, if you are looking for a safe and effective way to induce labor naturally at home, then don't waste your time trying to find something else.

  • This knowledge is powerful and could make a huge difference! You can gain the power to induce labor naturally and easily by your self and have a normal childbirth experience. You deserve to have the baby in a beautiful way without fear of excessive amounts of medical interventions.
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