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Help your parents protect their children online. Our Vision. To become a trusted brand for managing safe youth access to new communication platforms. Our Mission.

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our vision
Our Vision

To become a trusted brand for managing safe youth access to new communication platforms

our mission
Our Mission

To protect children from receiving inappropriate content in their emails SMS, Instant Messaging, Voice Over IP and web browsers on any device able to connect to the Internet.

who we are
Who We Are?
  • Operating secure and safe email for children since 2005
  • Incorporated in the USA
  • Created and operated by concerned parents who are passionate about child security
  • We take child safety very seriously, and take every step to ensure children's privacy and security
internet threats
Internet Threats
  • Strangers - Paedophiles and predators
  • Content - Harmful and inappropriate content for minors even from youth sites like
  • SPAM - Harmful and inappropriate spam delivered by adult websites to youth email accounts
  • Free Webmail Email Accounts - (hotmail and yahoo) allow children to set up accounts and instant messaging without parental knowledge
our product
Our Product
  • Fully Featured - eZpZemail is a fully featured email system designed for children as soon as they are able to use the Internet
  • Parental Control - parents control the child’s approved sender list, so only emails from approved senders go to the child’s inbox
  • Easy & Fun To Use - It is designed to be fun, whilst being totally safe for children to use
  • Choice of Emails - We have a wide choice of fun email addresses for children to use
how it works
How it Works

Just like the real world, parents decide who can contact their children and who can't

  • Approved Sender List - Parent decides who goes into child’s approved sender list in child’s address book
  • Parental Alert System - If anyone outside that list tries to contact the child:
    • Parent is alerted by Parental Alert email
    • Parent logs in and checks the source and content of the email before the child sees it
    • Parent decides whether to delete the email, or add that sender to the child’s approved sender list, allowing the child to see the email
protecting against spam
Protecting Against Spam

3 defenses against unsolicited email

  • SPAM Filter - Every incoming email is checked by Spamassassin, industry leading spam filter
  • Parental Alert 1 - Any email that is passed by Spamassasin is then checked against the child's safe sender list and if the sender is not on the safe sender list, parent chooses whether to delete it or allows the child to see it
  • Parental Alert 2 - Any email with an attachment (music, document, music file webpage link) from anyone is treated as potentially inappropriate and parent gets to choose whether to delete it or allow the child to see it
ezpzemail benefits to parents
eZpZemail Benefits to Parents
  • Safe – no more unsolicited e-mails to your child
  • Convenient – use eZpZemail anywhere, at home, at school, abroad, or in an Internet café
  • Easy to use - no special computer skills needed
  • Ad, SPAM & Virus Free – no ads, SPAM, or viruses
  • Time Saving – parents can manage multiple accounts at the same time
  • Flexible – you can back-off as children get older
  • Great Value – from $30 per year for entire family
  • 30 day unconditional money back guarantee – for a full refund if you are not 100% happy
  • you can trust us – we are Thawte secured
  • privacy - all your details will be kept private
ezpzemail benefits to churches
eZpZemail Benefits to Churches
  • Fundraising Opportunity - your church will benefit to the tune of $10 for every account that is purchased through your church website
  • Supporting Safe Internet - your church will be at the forefront campaigning for safe and secure Internet experience for its congregation
what parents are saying
What Parents Are Saying

“eZpZemail has been a life saver for my two sons. They were on a hotmail account and were getting all sorts of spam and horrible ads sent to them. I had no idea until my son showed me one of the emails he got. I am a lot happier now knowing that they can't receive this sort of stuff anymore. Thank you eZpZemail.” K Williams, WA, USA

“Thank God for eZpZemail. My child is safe on the Internet and I can manage their communication when I want wherever I want.” C Stanley, Brighton, UK

“I wish I could have found out about eZpZemail two years ago when my eldest son was 10. Thanks for delivering a great product.” R Thompson, Nottingham, UK

what kids are saying
What Kids Are Saying

“I really like the cool email addresses. I never knew I could be a top ninja and now my friends want to be one too!” Carson aged 10, USA

“eZpZemail is great. Thanks to eZpZemail, I have a really cool email address. I can now stay in touch with my Aunt and cousins in New Zealand and my dad knows I am safe online.” Madison aged 11, UK

“I am learning how to use the email and I don’t have to worry about stangers bothering me in my email and I don’t have my dad breathing over my shoulder when I am on the computer.” Johnny aged 12, UK

signing up is 3 step process
Signing Up is 3 step process
  • Step 1 - Parent sets up parent account

by clicking “Try Out” tab on the home page and completing registration

  • Step 2- Parent pays for eZpZemail subscription

We need parents to pay by Credit Card to verify that only adults are creating accounts. Schools may set up an arrangement to collect subscriptions from parents if they so wish.

  • Step 3– Parent sets up Children’s email account

by logging into “Parents Login” tab on the home page and setting up their children’s unique email accounts

join the ezpz church program
Join the eZpZ Church Program
  • Receive $10 For Every Account that you refer

When you join as a partner, eZpZemail will donate $10 to your church fund for each subscription that a family makes by accessing our site from a link on your church website

  • Support Safe Internet

Your support for a worthwhile Internet email solution could also raise much needed funds for us over time

  • $100 Thank You

As a special thank you for coming on board, eZpZemail will credit your affiliate account with $100 to get you started.

  • 5 Simple Steps

Your church can be part of the program in five simple steps

five simple steps
Five Simple Steps
  • Step 1 - church assigns a point person
  • Step 2 - church creates an affiliate account
  • Step 3 - set up links on your church website
  • Step 4 - create eZpZemail webpage on your church website to refer parents to our website
  • Step 5 - communicate with parents using readymade email, letter, or brochure

If you have not got a church website, or a webmaster, we will create and host an introductory webpage for you

stop press
Stop Press
  • eZpZemail will launch eZpZchat this Autumn making us the first company to provide safe email and chat in one system. The service will be an automatic free upgrade for parents to enable as they see fit.
  • eZpZchat is an instant chat system like MSN that works off the parent controlled approved sender list.
  • Phase one due in November 2006 will enable children to chat securely with other children on the approved sender list.
  • Phase two will enable them to chat to other systems like MSN, Yahoo by end of June 2007, again with the same parental controls that are in place for email.
contact information
Contact Information
  • Tel 1 305 767 4755 USA
  • Safe Email For A New Generation! o secure your pupil's Email, go